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  1. I didn't mean to put you on the spot and appreciate your comments. At age 65 I am signed up for Medicare but am still working. I've been studying add-on plans that would cover visiting or living in Philippines.
  2. Thank you for that. What supplemental policies should one be looking for to cover or help cover living or visiting Philippines?
  3. Good to hear you recovered fully and did not ruin your visit. Without sharing personal information I would be curious to learn how Medicare deals with those bills.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Something I want to learn more about. https://www.alivecor.com/kardiamobile/
  5. Well Heeb is from Spokane…. so there's that.
  6. I think you did great. The suggestion was because you are good at detailing topics.
  7. No problem sir well done!
  8. Sorry Don. Like usual my post is unintelligible and my math is wrong. Ballast Point Sculpin IPA my favorite is $10.00 a six pack. ~500 pesos. I don’t often have time for a beer no clue what Bud or Coors lite is now.
  9. A high quality craft IPA here in Washington State is 150 pesos each per six pack or 250 poured in a tavern. SM Pilsen here is ~50-100 Pesos each per six pack. What are bottles of 18 year Tanduay rum going for now?
  10. Tommy, you brought up a great point. Could you please start a new topic something like home medical care equipment? Blood pressure gage and what ever else others have found useful? Even could include emergency OTC medicine?
  11. So Dave - Jack.... writing “License” on a one thousand Peso bill isn’t going to fly now? Asking for a friend 🤔
  12. Glad you feel better now for sure what you experienced must have been frightening. We all know Philippines lacks effective EMS services and dependable medical emergency care. It’s a risk all Expats live or die with.
  13. You have visited Philippines and not met any successful highly educated professional women? Frankly I’m surprised! What areas were you and you’re husband visiting? Philippines is a matriarchal society. For the most part Filipina’s run the place. There are very few Foreign female expatriates living in Philippines. If you are asking if you may make friends with educated successful sophisticated Filipina’s the answer is yes but it will take time and depend on you. My wife and I live in the States visit Cebu yearly. I have Filipino friends and family in Cebu who are well educated and successful. They keep to their own small circle of friends but it’s not impossible to network some of them. Hope this helps
  14. Go into hiding now Steve. 😎 It will all go wrong and you’re the one who will be blamed. 🇵🇭
  15. Wishing the best for those who will soon experience that storm. It's not looking good.
  16. The most common hunting are the ladies hunting for a wealthy Foreigner.
  17. Have even read one word written the past few days? Or do you have another reason to post this question?
  18. Exactly. I think we all went through that. Its important you understand and accept it. Some guys can’t and living there was difficult even dangerous in their case.
  19. No, you’re not giving up freedoms or rights. Why would you say that? As a visitor to a foreign country you must obey the laws of that country. What you need to understand visiting Philippines 🇵🇭 requires you to understand all the rules a visitor must adhere to. For example if the taxi you are a passenger in is hit by a truck that ran a red light you could be held accountable. An extreme example but.
  20. No, as a visitor Foreigner we can not own guns. Yes, there are ranges that you may rent or borrow guns to shoot a target at that range. Rough rules about guns. As a Foreigner you are not allowed to own shoot or protect yourself with a gun.
  21. Don $1150 .00 USD is half the price of cut rate implant clinics here in Washington State. All in from a quality dental expert $2500 min would be expected. Mark, I have read and heard from those who have it done that Thailand is an affordable location for high quality dental implants. I do not know any clinics perhaps you can find something online? I also know some wealthy Filipinos fly to Japan, Hong Kong or US for implants.
  22. I was going to say "Converting" virgins. But that would be off topic.
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