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  1. I'm sure you worked very hard and invested well. I've been very open and honest with my wife about "our" financial situation. If you are dating someone that person has no need to know anything about your finances. Clearly she could see how you live and what you spend day to day that's enough IMO. We all know how Filipina's like to share details with anyone who will listen.
  2. Off topic a bit... You have an exit plan and money to support that? Also an emergency fund?
  3. I've seen others who drank Red Horse and what you say is true. They were a hazard and wasted.
  4. Jack, don't take those comments personally. I'm sure they were well intended. My wife and I signed some time ago. As a once a year Philippines visitor IMO we have little to fear from that little tyrant.
  5. It's a type of SARS virus if I understand correctly Marvin. Hope it's quickly contained.
  6. Two island rule my friend. We know you love Em’s very much and she loves you. Take the family out of your day to day life and start enjoying Philippines and a happy marriage.
  7. Welcome to the forum Brian. Lots of retired or ex service here. Appreciate your serving too. I suggest you ask specific questions in a new topic thread. Find a topic that best matches your question or opinion then start a new one. I will give some input. PADI DAN Diver myself. We visit Cebu every year I know some of the better dive sites there as well as Leyte. I think Southern Leyte along the northern coast of Sogod Bay would nicely meet your needs. World class diving reasonable accommodations some Expat community. A small number of dive resorts too. Anyway start some new thread topics for your specific questions and welcome aboard!
  8. Pleased you have found a happy life style Bows00. The remainder of us should set up a 100 Peso and entry "Pool' for your upcoming wedding date. I say you don't last a year!
  9. The fact is we have no idea the structural construction quality it could be very good.
  10. Welcome to the forum Kieth. Questions about properties are very common here. Accurate definitive answers are nearly impossible to provide. The market in Cebu City area is hot and many factors are at play there but there is no public records of sales or available units. As a buyer you are in the dark. We assume you have spent time in the Cebu City Mactan area? We have looked at one or two bedroom condos in Cebu City & Mactan over the past three years. We visit once a year. Several multi tower condos are about to open this year. Same thing took place last year. They are selling and have been the past ten years. People talk about a bubble but units are still selling. Prices. We looked at one and two bedroom mid tier units. What appealed to us cost approximately around 10 million pesos a few less many more than that. Quality was not par with US. Important factors. Safety, if an upper unit were to catch fire the tower would be lost. I would not want to be in a Filipino constructed tower during a powerful quake. Traffic, in the 90's traffic was bad during rush hour. Five years ago traffic often became gridlocked nearly all day and every year after that has noticeably become worse. We had thought to buy a unit to live in part of every year and rent out during the remainder. Some members here have done well with this in fact have a nice income from it.
  11. I think your onto something with that Tommy! Yummy.
  12. I'm not so sure how many Expats live in Baguio. I have read it's become crowded and the air is often polluted. But it's much cooler than much of the Philippines. You could always visit as see how you like it there.
  13. Each of us are responsible for our own happiness. Being married is a partnership and each individual must work as a team for success. It's up to you Steve to make your feelings and expectations very clear to your wife. It's also your responsibility to truly listen to your wife and her needs keeping in mind Filipinos don't always say what they mean so learn from Emma and her family's actions.
  14. Sadly this is one more good reason not too deeply invest in Philippines. Durte is like a yappy mop dog. Although occasionally even a yappy dog may bite.
  15. Respectfully, I strongly completely disagree. If you knew Scott and his wife you would understand what special people they are.
  16. Was clear for the first half in Cebu City then the clouds moved in.
  17. Rice, Lapu Lapu, chicken adobo, some kinda odd sandwich, pork soup, Baboy and pecan pie
  18. There are no traffic rules. Generally larger vehicles have the right of way because they may kill you.
  19. If it’s Ben he knows it’s just a matter of time. Justice here is swifter an final.
  20. I don’t think so Dave. Cappa or one of his Ladyboy sock puppets.
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