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  1. I realize cycling has become very popular in Philippines lately. Have you considered joining a local club? On the other hand the dangers are real. We lost a very well liked member some years ago to a cycling accident.
  2. Can't make this stuff up folks. More fun.
  3. Have no doubt that safety inspections are done often.
  4. Old55

    I Am Back

    Welcome back. What is a BGC? I'll be staying at a hotel next to Greenbelt Mall complex shortly if that's helpful. I'll let you know how crowded those malls are. Frankly if you and your wife expect to avoid crowded areas is Philippines is a good choice?
  5. Here you go; https://www.amazon.com/Officers-Wives-Thomas-J-Fleming/dp/0446325570/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1656123022&sr=1-1 I like biographies and novels like the one you listed in book format like God intended. LOL
  6. Your wife has very little to worry about visiting the US Mike. There are in fact few hate crimes against Asian Americans or Asian visitors. Now a days basically any attack on an American minority is reported as a hate crime by the so called media. Very few cases are truly a hate crime. In most cases its a mentally deranged druggie with a very long criminal record acting out. The condition of most Left Coast US major cities is despicable but going into those facts are not in the best interest of our forum or necessary to debate here.
  7. PUV's are still necessary but it would benefit traffic if many were eliminated. Efficient affordable bus service would reduce traffic congestion pollution and noise.
  8. Give me a real Filipina any day. Oh wait. Never mind I already have one.
  9. Google is your friend; https://doh.gov.ph/node/33591
  10. This must be incredibly frustrating and somewhat frightening. Hopefully you will find a way through this stupidity.
  11. OUCH! Sorry to hear that Dave. Premium was right at $6.00 and I got ~13 gallons or so.
  12. Expensive here as well. Got a tank of premium the other day nearly $75.00!!!!
  13. US to drop COVID testing requirement for international flyers Sunday International travel is about to get a whole lot easier. The Biden administration announced Friday that the United States will no longer require a pre-departure COVID-19 test to enter the country starting Sunday. The requirement will be lifted at 12:01 a.m. ET, according to a senior administration official. The rule change comes more than a year after the country started requiring a negative test for entry and more than two years since the pandemic began. Under current entry requirements, air passengers must take a negative viral coronavirus test no more than one day before boarding their flight into the U.S. The rule applied to all travelers, regardless of vaccination status or citizenship, but grants exemptions to travelers 2 and older who had recently recovered from the virus. The decision came, according to the official, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has determined based on science that the requirement is no longer necessary. The decision will be reassessed in 90 days and the health agency plans to evaluate it on an ongoing basis. If it becomes necessary to reinstate the pre-departure test requirement (in case of new, concerning variants, for example), the official continued, the CDC will plan to do so. A number of other countries, including the United Kingdom, have already dropped pre-departure testing requirements for fully vaccinated visitors. Requirements for travelers entering the U.S. by land or ferry remain unchanged: non-U.S. citizens, nationals and permanent residents can only enter if they are fully vaccinated. There is no testing requirement for land ports or ferry terminals. Edit by poster; The article goes on to praise President Brandon and his cabinet adding no facts to the actual testing requirement changes.
  14. My wife was suggested to me by her cousin in 1998 so I knew she was from a good family and a decent person. She was also listed in a Mail Order Bride magazine called Cherry Blossoms. My wife and I exchanged letters and agreed to meet briefly in Cebu City while I was on my way to Sequior to SCUBA dive. A coworkers wife suggested her niece who was smoking hot and sweet so I was more interested in the niece. After first meeting the niece I knew she was not for me. As soon as I met my wife I became aware she was very special so I remained in Cebu getting to know each other. After returning to Cebu in 1998 I knew she was worth taking a chance on. We got married in 1999 and have been very happy.
  15. The regime in power here now is despicable. Agree Don the money will be spent on some woke foolishness.
  16. Exactly right Joey. Curious the real numbers of food poisoning from food sitting out for hours in the tropical heat. My dear mother in law used to cook the entire days food in the morning and leave it sit out the entire day. Now (at least when we visit) she will put prepared food in the refrigerator.
  17. Funny thing that. My wife has never viewed those fun & happy endings Pea will do sometimes.
  18. We watch Pea often. Her content is fun and informative.
  19. Pappa Carl was a good man and loved his family very much.
  20. Not sure if Robert was a Troll or simply asking sex tourist questions. He could have returned as a non member/guest and viewed this topic.
  21. In the southern US traditionally coleslaw is served on the side for fried chicken or in a bun with the chicken filet. I think a mixture of cabbage and lettuce would be perfect for a chicken sandwich.
  22. Sorry for you loss Ken that's frustrating. Last ten years or so we've shipped with Atlas Shippers International. A team member photographs the Balikbayan box when they pick it up and at delivery in Cebu.
  23. Ken, I would post this on the LBCExpress Facebook page. It may get some attention.
  24. What you're looking for is not a Girl Friend.
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