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  1. Welcome to the forum John. If you have any follow up questions please feel free to ask by making a new topic.
  2. Welcome to the forum Northbird. I can't answer your question but someone will have the answer or a link. In your case perhaps you should simply wait until Philippines opens up once more later this year. Nothing is sure but this ccp virus lockdown can't go on forever.
  3. If you're not treading water then the dangers pasted by Jim.
  4. WOW congratulations Brett!!! Finally after all you've waited through and been through you will return to be with your wife once more.
  5. Got an cell phone emergency alert for tsunami warning here in the Seattle area from an eruption explosion near Tonga of all places. Not sure how that may affect Philippines hopefully not. Video is amazing.
  6. This question comes up once in awhile. Never been a clear answer of a place to fish. Just like here in my home the good fishing spots are closely held secrets until enough beers are had. Yes you may fish in Philippines. I don't remember anyone finding a reliable source for a license or rules. To hire a small boat and experienced fisherman for the day would not cost much. It's said you can fish from the shore in Naga City Cebu. Don't remember who told me that. BUT..... There is a law that states "No public official, not even the President, has “the authority to grant foreigners fishing rights” in the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ). exclusively to Filipino citizens.”Jul 24, 2019." This law has to do with the ccp Chinese fishing in Philippines traditional fishing grounds EEZ. This statement is well known to Filipinos. It could be you would have Filipinos getting into your face about it pertaining to any location in Philippines. A PADI instructor I dived with often had a story. He and his partner took several grooper spear fishing on a dive and once they got to shore some locals were angry. I know of another Foreigner on Bantayan Island who goes snorkeling with two Filipino buddies spear fishing all the time no worries. Most likely you will have some curious friendly Filipinos watching asking questions and sharing stories.
  7. No. You must have a motorcycle endorsement shown on your license.
  8. Wishing you the very best luck Brett that everything works out reasonably well for you. You've waited a long time for this.
  9. Philippines like most nations follows the Golden Rule. Marcos family is far above any Filipino laws.
  10. Yes, ten day waiting period. We met some Barangay official to "review" the mater same day and came to an agreeable arrangement for all parties. That was in 1998.
  11. If you don't mind sharing... What AirBnB do you recommend there? I enjoy Bantayan Island and plan to spend some time there this summer if all the madness calms down.
  12. There will not be much news about it as "Foreigners" are providing the aid. But the recipients will be highly appreciative of the aid.
  13. And the daughter of the thug in power now is likely to be Vice President.
  14. https://www.amazon.com/Jackery-Portable-Power-Station-Generator/dp/B07D29QNMJ/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1J9XGU03UMKR7&keywords=jackery+portable+power+station&qid=1641751791&sprefix=Jackery%2Caps%2C163&sr=8-3 https://www.jackery.com/products/explorer-240-portable-power-station?variant=19479246864471 Not cheap but it seems a quality product. I see a number of YouTube campers and van life types using this brand.
  15. My sister in law an RN in Seattle is now in quarantine for Omicron. She said several of her coworker nurses tested positive last night.
  16. Omicron is highly active in the US now it's real and should be taken seriously. When it spreads through Philippines we would hope the effects will be mild. My son was exposed at work Wed. About a dozen coworkers he was in close contact with tested positive for Omicron. None of us have symptoms. He will be tested tonight or Sunday and again late next week. I know the vaccine is a controversial subject but we are glad to have it.
  17. I agree Guy, although I prefer "ccp virus". I think it's Mayor Rama of Cebu City?
  18. This is about any flights Steve. I was just using my search as an example. Yes, trying to find a direct flight cheap is not easy. One of the cheapest flights we found was SEA to SFO to SIN to CEB!!! So many stops and the hours!
  19. Me too! Poor memory and I had hoped to spend at least three months in Philippines this year. Not so sure that's gonna happen.
  20. Geoff, you may have been the one who suggested skyscanner to us. There was a great thread on airline tickets here about two years ago. Things are so unpredictable not sure if I'll go this year or not. My wife will go once more virus or no virus.
  21. Not an expert but we use; https://www.skyscanner.com Expedia travel Airline website
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