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  1. Could you link to the product please? Not exactly sure what you mean Steve.
  2. Tim’s YouTube channel is linked below every post he makes. It’s very entertaining showing simplicity of life in rural communities.
  3. Have you contacted Smart Pocket in this regard? Maybe a good start.
  4. How much bacon went with him I wonder?
  5. Especially if a member of their own family is married to a rich Foreigner. Not always but often.
  6. I don't know if the average Filipino can smell spare cash but they will immediately recognize a soft target and take advantage of it.
  7. I would agree with all you have shared here Tommy. Especially the last bit.
  8. As I understand it Steve you are no longer working. Is that correct? If so you have your reply to all the "requests".
  9. I’ve brought back Tanduay 18 year in the past for friends who drink liquor. They were pleased with it. We looked for some last November and couldn’t find any.
  10. Sadly I sold the SRT8 last September Don. Truly miss dusting off Corvettes what a fun ride. My son is getting his drivers license so need something more practical.
  11. This topic came up awhile back. The consensus was buy all local lines connectors valves and so on. Expect to use an adapter to attach the above items to your grill. Then good to go.
  12. Any Expats know of someone who visited Philippines for vacation and just stayed?
  13. I'll be visiting Philippines during Christmas for the first time. A reliable source informed me I would be in danger of rouge Filipinas "pursuing" me for Christmas money. Am I in danger? Have Expats experienced this phenomena, any tips or suggestions? Not sure she's yanking my chain or warning me.
  14. "They" will without exception go through the house regardless or whatever staircase you may have provided.
  15. YOLO massage spa. Archbishop Reyes Ave, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines near to Ayala mall. Korean owned and managed very highly recommended.
  16. If you don’t buy more than you can comfortably walk away from simply live in Cebu for awhile you can always return to the States. As others have stated don’t burn your bridges. Also if you have children you may choose to move back.
  17. Perhaps you could find a Filipino citizen willing to swap with you?
  18. Interesting topic please keep us posted. Price quoted including the pole and labor?
  19. There are gold chains specifically designed that individual links can be taken off or added. They come in many sizes. Geoff, I would think your suggestion is the safest. Known ingots or coins from recognized mints.
  20. The island of Cebu has all your asking for. An international airport also a large very congested city with okay hospitals. Honestly the only way you guys will know what locations are most suitable is to spend time there.
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