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  1. My wife and I were totally cracking up, what a great story!
  2. I remembered this it was very well done. Unfortunately the previous two owners were uninvolved for the most part simply seeing the forum as an income.
  3. https://www.philippineairlines.com/en/~/media/files/coronavirus/accredted doh hotels cebu_03jul.pdf?la=en
  4. As an American tourist you may use your US license no problem. Eventually you will require a Filipino license and it's not difficult to get.
  5. During your first visit you will come to understand how things are there. Edrigo don't be put off Philippines can be a wonderful fun place to visit or live.
  6. I agree with Joey. Disregard what the experienced Expats here have to share and go for it. You will have interesting experiences and stories to share. Word is Mindanao has many rural areas you could explore and friendly muslim people to meet.
  7. I'm glad no one was offended by my using the Pope absolutely no disrespect was intended. We live within a three or four minute drive from two pot shops but sadly I can't help you out John! Sorry
  8. I know how you must feel Tim. We thought about visiting the entire summer this year but that's not going to happen. It's unfortunate times now best to stay home you wouldn't want to become stuck over there unable to return.
  9. It's OK to question their sanity.
  10. Be without sin therefore not spam the forum
  11. Peter I think some of it depends on your age and health. In life there are no guarantees we should live each day as it's our last and enjoy.
  12. LOL, I'm getting much too thin up there to pull off dreadlocks.
  13. A second phone is like those guns I "sold" years ago.
  14. I don't know what's going on Tim but I'm concerned. Our extended family has some nurses on the island so this information is from them. I pray for the best.
  15. I simply say something along the line "you have to ask my wife first". End of conversation as they scamper away.
  16. Nurses are quitting their jobs on Cebu due to the increased number of ccp virus cases and lack of necessary PPE. Cebu Hospitals now require an appointment to ER there are no outpatient admissions at all now. It's not looking good.
  17. Welcome to the forum Polchasa. I moved your question into its own topic so you will get specific answers.
  18. Our home in US has roof vents and an automatic thermostat controlled attic fan. This reduces the temperature of our house significantly during the short summer months here. I know of attic fan/roof vent fans that are photocell powered. Those could be a good choice for Philippines.
  19. The local PNB and Remittance center has long lines every day. One wonders how the average Filipino gets by.
  20. Thanks for the first hand account. Glad you arrived safely and all is good.
  21. Dave you have good insight and a well thought out plan. IMO you and your wife will do just fine.
  22. What could possibly go wrong with that?
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