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  1. Sounds like a new topic to me Steve!
  2. Without delving into your personal business to deeply It would be interesting to know how your life is living so simply.
  3. I find what Viking said to be true in my case. In addition 5mg Melatonin to reset your body clock. Going to bed and waking up at about the same time for the first week is helpful as well. First three or four days are a bit rough.
  4. Wishing everyone living in Kammuri's path a safe experience.
  5. Suggestions? Here ya go Kid.
  6. Western Union in Cebu has favorable rates.
  7. Old55


    Steve, what you felt was normal. When we first arrive very tired and stressed out we have very little patience for any BS upon arrival.
  8. I have procedures done in Cebu because its cheaper than here even with my not bad company insurance. I had no idea an examination and cleaning is $300 now. OUCH!!!! Don, I agree with you 100%! It's robbery simple fact.
  9. Your plan A, B and Rx plan is $300? Good value. My estimated cost will be ~$450.00 a month. It's a basic program to what my employer provides now. Blue Cross Franciscan it will cover me while in Philippines.
  10. Not a problem. ASEAN games preparations are already a disaster typical Filipino cluster……..
  11. Is the lease fixed or renewable for inflation over how many years? My thinking is the land value now and over time. What environmental affect would the tower have? Would you be living in near proximity?
  12. Old55

    Gut feeling

    I'm a big fan of peas and mashed potatoes the pie is sure to be a treat as well.
  13. New Your Times covered the story too.
  14. Theres a cultural obligation in that well off or better off family are expected to "help" those that are less fortunate. I have no clue the intricacies of this expectation. Supporting elderly parents basic needs is understandable. The reminder were able to survive without monthly "support" before we met our wife or GF. When dating turns serious we all should have had "that talk" religion children and support to family. Not that it would make much difference in most cases.
  15. Has your wife while living in your home country ever met a Filipina or Filipino close friend or Neighbor? Our local DMV has a Filipina worker who my wife Ann always deals with renewing our car tabs. Today was slow so they had time to talk. Found out she and her husband bought a home in the small development my folks live in three or four houses down. It's a small world. Over the years there have been other chance meetings as well. I think all Filipinos know each other somehow.
  16. Three Island Rule comes to mind Steve.
  17. Respectfully, Steve don't do it. Are you sure you want to open this huge can of worms considering Emma's family history? If you must proceed only do so with a good attorney.
  18. If the shed is in place on your family's land it would simply be a "renovation". You would name it a dormitory or bed let. To be safe because you're a rich Kano building permit may be a good idea. Gary and other Expats would know best. Our family owns two dormitories on a property they own near a noodle factory. A real money maker.
  19. To answer some questions. That 777 was fully loaded it lost one engine during take off. Did it crash? No, it continued take off and turned around to land safely. All commercial aircraft must be able to continue take off safely in the event of engine failure. A 737, 777, 787 can fly very long distances on one engine, thousands of miles. PAL lost their heavy maintenance certification many years ago. It's contracted outside of Philippines. Engines are very reliable and undergo rigorous inspection. Still there is a risk. Engines do fail in flight and aircraft are designed to safely fly if that occurs. Recently during an in flight catastrophic failure part of a turbine entered the aircraft cabin causing depressurization the aircraft had to drop quickly to 10,000 feet. I think some passengers were injured by debris. We are at much higher risk of being injured traveling to the airport than flying.
  20. I know Ems loves you Steve and she is a good person maybe this will open her eyes. I do hope the money is returned.
  21. A fully loaded 777 lost it's starboard engine on takeoff from LAX bound for MNL. Was able to turn around and safely land. https://ktla.com/2019/11/21/plane-safely-returns-to-lax-after-experiencing-mechanical-problem-shortly-after-takeoff/
  22. Don, when you say fresh you mean unpasteurized?
  23. Be the only one who has access to funds so this situation will never occur again. You’ve shared it’s happened before on a regular basis. If you don’t stop it now what’s the end game?
  24. So when she learned she wasn't the first how did that conversation go for you?
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