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  1. $$$$$$$ Same reason certain places in Angeles City operate.
  2. Like Viking we will wait until sometime next year to visit once things settle down.
  3. What you say is exactly right. In many cases a surcharge could be reasonable and fair. Often here in the States a surcharge is an underhanded way to pad a bill.
  4. Thanks for the heads up JJ. If a business were to increase prices to cover expenses I would understand and probably not even be aware but I find a surcharge unacceptable. I know it's essentially the same thing but the idea of a surcharge just seems sneaky, underhanded and wrong.
  5. Life sentence in a Filipino prison is much too good for that scum.
  6. Don is correct. It's true many poorer US citizens are overweight or obese. There have been a number of studies and findings that support this fact.
  7. Take care of yourself and hope you recover soon.
  8. One of my wife's close friends works at a PNB Remittance center south of Seattle. Very busy long lines she said.
  9. There must be thousands employed producing government Facebook images daily.
  10. Great idea to cool off during those hot evenings.
  11. I use a pizza stone for baking bread. Heat the stone as the oven comes to temp then place the bread pan or pans on it to bake. This tip came from YouTube I think America's Test Kitchen channel?
  12. I find the NW carpenter ants will hatch after a rain here. Or maybe because it rains so often it just seems that way?
  13. Don, just be thankful your local Monkeys don't grow wings.
  14. BerlinBoy, sorry you were taken advantage of. In the future keep your money đź’µ in your wallet. If someone is asking for money online move on.
  15. We quit watching TV “news” last year. We both feel 100% better and haven’t missed anything that affects us.
  16. I think you just answered your own question rather nicely.
  17. I will miss Big Jim, he was a kind hearted man. We planned to met Jim in Samar when he lived there in the late 90's. Mike, yes I remember he had a large number of videos online. Some can be found today at YouTube under his name Jim Sibbick
  18. Kitchenaid stand mixer. Game changer! I put off buying one for years due to the cost. Money well spent IMO.
  19. Tommy, tonight when I get home from work I will send you a recipe if ya like.
  20. Jack is the truly knowledgeable forum member to do with dogs here. I agree with him dogs are part of our family. Many years ago my family had a German Shepard that we all loved. He was well cared for fed fish and some rice but got heart worm and passed. Quality food will cost money. I remember buying ProPlan bagged food in Cebu City it was priced about 30% more than in US.
  21. Thanks for understanding I was not being critical of you or how UK was supporting it's citizens.
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