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  1. I've read it's possible to be asymptomatic some time after the inoculation. Not sure they really know one way or the other.
  2. Don't do that Snowy. Otherwise I'd become more confused than I already am now.
  3. What do you think? Harmless joke? Truth? Another media troll? “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” Oscar Wilde Reuters 1-14-2021 Philippines' Duterte says presidency no job for a woman MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday declared that the presidency was no job for a woman because of their emotional differences to men, and dismissed speculation that his daughter would succeed him next year. “My daughter is not running. I have told Inday not to run because I pity (he
  4. Good of those health enforcers not to fine your group or the bar.
  5. My concern with any vaccine in Philippines would be if it's authentic stored properly and full strength.
  6. Graham, nice flower garden. I could see having a morning coffee out in it every morning or reading a book. The third picture with stone path to the rustic fence feature is very lovely well done that.
  7. Highly respect Manny he's a good man. My wife and boys met him waiting for their flight in Narita some years ago. He was very friendly and humble chatted with them for awhile.
  8. We are happy married so no worries Jack my friend.
  9. I'm not so sure its all that bad Jake. Let's hope the worst is past. Not watching "news" is a great first start. There will be more noise just before during and after the inauguration then hopefully quiet down. Biden himself is fairly moderate if he can keep the communists hard core socialist and radical leftists in the party in their place we will all be OK. If he's a puppet as many think not sure what our future is. One persons freedom fighter is another's terrorist. We are better than this and must find common ground Americans have much we all can agree on let's start with that.
  10. You could start a compost bin although not helpful short term. Soil, you can roll your own. Is there a place near you selling river sand? Chicken farm nearby? Rice mill with rice husks?
  11. Snowy, are you filling in for Jake today? WE CAN'T UNSEE THAT YOU KNOW!
  12. I know better than to fight this, they "know" what's best.
  13. Thanks guys. Well it was decided. They all wanted to go with the small underpowered Yamaha YTX 125cc. My fear was we would pay the extra $500+ for the four stroke 150 and they would just buy the Yamaha anyway. They did not ask for a donation we surprised them with our offer. My sister in law and Niece have done very well with all their small endeavors never asking us for help.
  14. You could have let the rest of the forum support team view it, for research proposes of course.
  15. Jake, good for you! We quit TV and radio news well over a year ago. We stay informed via NPR online and some google news. Our stress level is down about 1,000%.
  16. HK, understand your choice and for sure you are not the only one thinking that way. Your son has options for quality schooling inside Philippines and I hope you live reasonably close to one. As a young adult he may choose to move back to UK or not.
  17. Those murals are great. I especially like the waterfalls. Thanks Jack.
  18. There are a few world class K-12 schools in Cebu City area. But its not cheap even by western standards. There are some small academy's K-6 we know of that are very good. Again not cheap but less than the larger ones. Not to put down Philippines we choose to have our boys educated here in the US. There are flaws in our educational system but overall is a good choice for us. The other advantage is the ability to easily move onto full time work here after graduation. In most cases career opportunities are severely lacking in Philippines.
  19. Well done Mike. It must be gratifying to see those young people grow into successful adults. We have done the same with mixed results. Our Niece and Nephew have done little with their education partly to do with the pandemic. Other family members have done well with a trade school.
  20. That would be interesting to view Jack please do.
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