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  1. It's good that you have a chance to step away and do some reflecting on your life and choices. I know you miss your family all the same.Your story brings many memories to me. It was nearly forty years ago a very lonely 19 year old living in my little apartment in Taipei so far from home. Someday we will do a short visit I'm sure it has changed beyond anything I would remeber. What I wouldent give to revisit Snake Market.

  2. I enjoy reading of all your activities on Leyte and have high regards for what you have done over there. Making a living as you are is not at all easy and you seem very level headed in how you go about things. It’s not easy.You made me laugh about weight loss. During our Cebu/Leyte visits I eat fresh fish and fruit like a pig and lose weight every time. My dear Mother in law is just amazed how much I eat.Once you get to Taipei please keep posting how life is there today. I lived in Taipei almost three years well before you were born. At that time Taiwan was much like Philippines is today. I have very fond memories of Taipei.

  3. Dear Pedra,I sometimes display the picture of you and your cute little boy on my work computer if any of my single workmates ask about you I will tell them about you. Have you had any luck with an annulment (spelling?) I hope you and your family can have a better future soon!

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