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  1. 1 hour ago, Joey G said:

    Nice link... and if it was this "simple", it would almost be manageable... but it's compounded by compulsory heirs never consolidating... and an exponential increase in compulsory heirs to the estate as each generation passes.   

    It would be helpful for all future "buying home-property" questions we include Joey's statement with the link Geoff provided.

  2. Welcome Peter.

    Have you visited Philippines in the past?

    The places you mentioned are a good starting point. Strongly suggest you visit for a few weeks before you actually move ensure you are okay living there 

  3. 4 hours ago, graham59 said:

    Yes, I understand that about swimming (good exercise...easy on the joints,etc).  I like to swim myself. 

    More to the point, if you have early onset dementia, I'd be looking at your future SAFETY...in all aspects of your life. 

    At some point SOMEBODY is going to have to take care of you !

    Thank you for pointing out this important fact Graham.

    I know easier said than done but perhaps you should be seriously looking into it NOW.

  4. All throughout history humans have endured war, famine, pestilence and cruel rulers. It seems the world is unsettled on every continent today. So called news coverage for many years now has been less than factual. Sadly I would say YES to both questions. 

    I'm sure we all wish for a quick end to the Corona Virus as it could affect so many helpless people in SE Asia and rest of the word. I truly worry for Philippines if the epidemic gets loose there.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Gary D said:

    There are one or two glimpses of beauty driving around but on the who I think the Philippines is a bit worn and threadbare.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But I fully understand your meaning Gary.

    Steve, at what elevation is Liliw? Fresh air with a bit of a cool breeze would be lovely.


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  6. 4 hours ago, Dave Hounddriver said:

    There is a long, long list of ex-members who quit the forum because they were offended by someone. Loss of large numbers of members harms the forum. This is why we have moderators to try and keep the peace.

    An occasionally a member is moderated or removed because they think it's all about them and can't play nice with others. Rare that happens.

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  7. 19 hours ago, gery0x said:

    Thanks for the tip Brett, I will keep it in mind.

    I don't like strong beers either, SML or SMP for me.

    Red-Horse always makes me vomit and gives me a headache. :9436:

    I enjoy the taste of some craft IPA's but can only drink one or two. Too darn strong for me.

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  8. 7 hours ago, bows00 said:

    Hell man, just had a great night out tonight.  

    I'm going to disclose a little more.  Not to brag, but only for your honest opinion and feedback.  I have net worth of $2.6 million.  Which includes a penthouse condo in Hawaii, overlooking a golf course, just 5 minutes away from the airport.  I have no debt... everything is paid for ... and I have a government pension and investments that gives me $7K per month.  

    How do I discuss the topic of money with a young potential Filipina?   Who barely understands how to open a savings account in a bank.  

    As fun as it is, it can be frustrating.  

    I'm sure you worked very hard and invested well.

    I've been very open and honest with my wife about "our" financial situation. If you are dating someone that person has no need to know anything about your finances. Clearly she could see how you live and what you spend day to day that's enough IMO. We all know how Filipina's like to share details with anyone who will listen.

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