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  1. Respectfully, I strongly completely disagree. If you knew Scott and his wife you would understand what special people they are.
  2. Was clear for the first half in Cebu City then the clouds moved in.
  3. Rice, Lapu Lapu, chicken adobo, some kinda odd sandwich, pork soup, Baboy and pecan pie
  4. There are no traffic rules. Generally larger vehicles have the right of way because they may kill you.
  5. If it’s Ben he knows it’s just a matter of time. Justice here is swifter an final.
  6. I don’t think so Dave. Cappa or one of his Ladyboy sock puppets.
  7. How were you able to fit it into the microwave Steve?
  8. No vacuum tubes. Love those LP's did not see his deck.
  9. They all know of her as..... "Married to a RICH Kano"
  10. Bel Chris? A person or brand or store?
  11. Welcome to the Forum. Have you chosen a general area yet? City, providences or on a beach? I'd say the majority of members here served.
  12. It's worse here in the States. It seems the public servants have become rulers and serve for power and wealth. It's past time we take it back.
  13. Theres Drama and theres Filipino Drama. Steve got a small example but has yet to experienced the full on Filipino family Drama.
  14. YouTube or Netflix.
  15. Sounds like a new topic to me Steve!
  16. Without delving into your personal business to deeply It would be interesting to know how your life is living so simply.
  17. I find what Viking said to be true in my case. In addition 5mg Melatonin to reset your body clock. Going to bed and waking up at about the same time for the first week is helpful as well. First three or four days are a bit rough.
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