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  1. "Don't need 'hugs from home" Agree Graham. During my visits I used to often nod or say "hi" to others who were clearly Foreigners. I stated something to do with this here awhile back and I think Jack made a more detailed similar comment to yours and he kinda opened my eyes.
  2. Thanks Pinetree. Interesting to know of your first hand experiences in Thailand. Stay safe! HK, not calling you out just a FYI. Many here in the US are receiving more every week from unemployment and the bonus payment than their regular salaries and few are looking forward returning to work. I am pleased the UK government has looked after those needing support.
  3. I guess so Tommy…… As your topic says "really very fortunate".
  4. I'm a bit late to this thinking it was still the original topic. The gentleman in question is undoubtably ex forum member Capa (not his real name). You described his bunker. According to Capa there's a labyrinth of passageways and chambers underground. You only see the small part above ground.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that Geoff. Good that it ended reasonably well. I'm curious if others have been intentionally setup or trolled by a Filipino looking to start an argument?
  6. During my many visits sometimes I'll be asked my opinion or pointed questions about Filipino Politics or Filipino issues. I always say as a guest visiting Philippines it's not my place to comment. My close Filipino friends know how I feel others are simply looking to start Filipino - Foreigner drama.
  7. I agree AusExpat. A little more information of what you are looking for Adrien would get useful responses. Folks here are willing to share.
  8. I'm far from an expert but there must be some bargains to be found. BTW, your avatar upgrade is?
  9. Extended visit is the common answer. I've found Filipino real-estate and home rental websites expensive and unhelpful. You perfer to rent a house, apartment or condo? Would you bring a lot of household goods from Thailand? Perhaps start Subic area?
  10. I would think you could best answer this question. It seems she expects an engagement ring. If you can't find budget for a modest engagement ring your lady friend should understand. If on the other hand she has issue with that then you know she is not the one. Good luck and let us know how it works out.
  11. We got our income tax refund last week and the stimulus payment earlier this week. With that I bought a six pack for this weekend;
  12. I was unaware PAL was planning flights from SEA. And good news on your upcoming retirement!!
  13. I'm in the dark can't answer that.
  14. Thanks for the update Carl. Pleased life is doing you well, we've missed you.
  15. Maybe some kind of no fly list database without a vaccination record or antibody recorded?
  16. Tommy, I heard on the local radio news those test kits were likely faulty and or the recovered individuals were still able to pass the virus for some reason. I guess there is still a lot of unknowns and it's frightening.
  17. Our local butcher has Nebraska organic grass fed and Snake River beef including Wagyu.
  18. Steve and other forum members have commented on Yorkshire Pudding so I attempted preparing it for our Easter dinner. WOW, good stuff! Followed Gordon Ramsay's recipe using some of the prime rib drippings and it came out great.
  19. A little lockdown levity. My wife attempted to order to-go from our local Pho Vietnamese restaurant. The Vietnamese owner knows my wife very well a wonderful person but the phone conversation was a total train wreck. I had to leave the room I was laughing so hard. Anyone else experience something similar?
  20. I know what you mean it seems confused. Here in the States it's fairly standard six feet or more but who knows what's best. We just pray somehow to avoid the ccp virus.
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