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  1. I need your help please. What do I need for wireless internet in Manila and Cebu City? I am looking at a new Dell Laptop. I am clueless when it comes to ethernet cards and that stuff. :any-help: Buy load in RP? Buy Ethernet unit in Hong Kong or US?
  2. Thank you Bob! I wish I could write so clearly and simply. If I had there would not have been this misunderstanding. Morey, I don
  3. Yea I know how you feel it became waaaaaay past my bed time. :th_interesting: Aretha Franklin was not at her best sadly. At her age and the venue not and easy gig.What about that Poem?
  4. I just saw the inauguration and I am darn proud to be an American and very pleased with our country
  5. Boss man, are you saying my posting was in some way racist?
  6. An Arabic-American as President is totally unacceptable thus he is
  7. Old55

    When Is Sinulog?

    Today in DC there will be a crowd of up to two million. Security will be very high, much more so than that in Cebu's Sinulog over the weekend. Not a fair comparison but still it will be interesting to see how it shakes out.
  8. Sadly I agree with you Lee, 2010 is not that far away. :)
  9. Old55

    When Is Sinulog?

    How many cities in the world could say the same? Well done Cebu! :)
  10. once they find a way to have US tax payers pick up the tab. At this point it would not suprise me one bit.
  11. Tell me it's not true! :36_1_68[1]: http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleid=419343
  12. Old55

    When Is Sinulog?

    A huge deal in Cebu but it's like a human car wash, leave your valuables at home.
  13. I thought a Filipina would replace her middle name with her maiden name while taking her husband
  14. About the Nickname doubling it seems common around Manila. Could it be that because Filipinos love to sing? Or those names with rhyme or that are clever; cute would be attractive to Filipino culture? Have you noticed the spelling of
  15. The Philippine Government could care less about expats living in THEIR country. At best they tolerate us, and why not? it is their country for better or worse. :th_thimage_265775: If you consider the huge inferiority complex and arrogance of some Filipinos in power they are likely to take offence at any Foreigner pointing out failings in their system. For example if you were to publicly suggest a simple effective improvement to the postal service those who run it would lose face and you would be persona non grata for sure.As far as the most corrupt
  16. City Bank (USA) or HSBC (Scotland China) both have many outlets in RP.
  17. If you spend time with your girl
  18. Simple, be worth more alive than dead in da PHILIPPINES.As an American I have SSI and I do have a pension from the corporation I slaved for all those years. Those moneys are dependent on me. That is to say if I live the cash flows every month. Once I die those monies stop. All savings and investments are in the States as is my will. I am worth much more alive than dead is in the great Philippines.
  19. Tom;The Attorney advising you is a family member? Could it be the family wants to see an annulment?
  20. Wow, nice blog-web pages you got there Rusty. I
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