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  1. This is happening in Japan now. The aging population is stifling growth and Japanese xenophobia discourages emigration or marriage to non Japanese.
  2. "Britain is among the world's worst sex tourism offenders. Reports said men from the UK and Australia are allegedly perpetrators of child prostitution in the Philippines." Dishonest reporting it should read reported sex offenders. Keep in mind that an 80 year old Saudi man can legally marry a 10 year old child. "We" get our oil from there so it's OK.Child brides, YemenChild bride Saudi
  3. Old55


    Ummm....we still have the Merry Christmas decoration on our front door from last year. My wife won't let me take it down.I heard Filipinos were slow to get things done butCould have been left over from Christmas in July,so its not that late.Come to think of it,where did this Christmas in July thing come from,just another money making thing. I assume other countries have it? :559: Hmm, you should talk! Celibrating Christmas in the middle of summer! :th_thbarbaque: Where
  4. Good thing we did not go to the fair this weekend.Insane killer let lose at county fair.
  5. I see you know of these people first hand, that is helpful. Could you provide a link for donations? A paypal account or the like would be perfect.
  6. I agree with the others, you don't need a service a waste of time and $$$.Mag-Anak is an outstanding helpful group hundreds have gone through the K1 process and they know all the details. I bet they have members living near you.I think your lady has a passport and copies of her birth certificate now. Review the INS instructions online for what papers she must have and get them now. Have her carefully check that the spelling of her name is correct and see to it the dates listed on those papers to be correct on all documents. Be very sure that information is the SAME AND CORRECT on all papers. It is common for listing to be inaccurately entered. This will stop the K-1 process until corrected so look for those kinds of errors and fix them now. Be very sure nothing is "fixed" be very sure all papers and details are correct and HONEST.Yea, she will be making at least one trip to Manila before the interview. If you gal has her act together she should do fine during the interview. However if you can be there it would be helpful but don't think you absolutely must be there.Good luck!Mag_Anak links...Very helpful group and links to each K1 step you must take.
  7. I agree with you Tom. We all need to accept accountability for our choices. :7_4_17[1]: It would be interesting to hear your experiences operating a successful business in the Philippines. I
  8. Sadly government has no more powers than those we give them. IMO
  9. NAIA was down for ~12 hours Sunday due to a power and equipment failure. Most air traffic communication and radar systems were offline aircraft were deverted away from MNL during that timeOne would expect authorities to learn exactly what equipment or situation caused the problem and then to find a permanent solution.However in the Philippines Face and avoiding blame is foremost as seen here." the reputation (of the country), especially, on the first timers to the Philippines, who are supposed to have a beautiful experience to come here in the Philippines, even before they can enter the airport, this thing happens,"In the news article it is revealing that the investigators first focus was who was not to blame and then to "find" the "ones" at fault."We will find out who were at fault and who should be made accountable because this goes against the principle of giving safety to our passengers,"I'm not bashing the Philippines. Here in the States we have serious issues with old FAA radar equipment all the time.NAIA blackout probe
  10. Thanks for the update Mike. If you hear more please keep us informed. I truly wish them the best!
  11. He is in a very dangerous situation now and even if he were to win or lose the case that danger will follow him. Filipinos hold a grudge better than any others I know of.I truly wish Mr. Stirm and his wife well and pray for their safety.
  12. Old55

    Day Of Caring

    Hi Chi,We deal with a US foundation that has done projects in Philippines. Most often we build deep wells for safe drinking water at rural schools.I can contact them if they know of a small project near to Cebu City. Or if you wish I can PE you the contact information.
  13. If you look beyond the sales pitch there is some interesting building information on these links. I
  14. RP drops 16 places, of all Asian nations only Pakistan is lower than Philippines. USA drops out of first place for the first time.Lower than Vietnam now.
  15. Frankly putting oneself in a decoy position with any Filipino Police agency is foolish to the extreme. The International Justice Mission seems to be affiliated with some of the more prestigious Western Universities. My guess is those Americans are students
  16. I'm not so sure if Foreigners will be targeted however crime may go up slightly.
  17. Old55


    This time its a police officer. No gun safety training. No brains. :lol: Boy 11 hurt as cops gun goes off
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