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  1. One would assume the infected employee is isolated at home or where ever. Isolating those exposed is one of the few things that may stop the spread. I don't know the local laws on Boracay. There is no country wide standard or plan. It could be guests should be tested but they have likely returned home to potently spread it unknowingly. Explorer what do you think should be done in this instance?
  2. It's understandable the clean up cost and a closure would be costly but covering up the exposure is inexcusable and criminal. Hopefully there will be serious repercussions. If not others may be emboldened to do the same and that could cost lives if not already.
  3. It's a complicated problem. We do know what's taking place now is criminal.
  4. True HK, simply storing police guns in an armory while off duty would save many lives. How many hit jobs and other murders are perpetrated using police service guns do you think?
  5. Appalachian West Virginia? Actually we know, it's those we can't criticize.
  6. The first one was tax exempt. My wife says the one now in debate was also listed as tax exempt. Hope you guys get your checks eventually and sooner than later after all it's your money.
  7. Valdez had no regrets becoming a mother so young, she told AFP as her 10-month-old son wriggled in her lap at the health centre. "We're happy that we're blessed with a child," said Valdez, not her real name. But Alvarez says she misses her old life. "I want to go out with friends again, I want to have fun," she told AFP. "I'm jobless, my parents are also out of work. Where will we get money for my baby's needs?" Alvarez hopes to finish high school so she can work overseas -- like millions of other Filipinos whose monthly remittances help support their families at home.
  8. Geoff, I could see those living in assisted care being more at risk so that's a good thing. Well done Australia.
  9. Sadly Scott what you say is so true. So many Americans are uninformed and clueless.
  10. Shame on you Graham, the vaccine should be prioritized for politicians first like we do here in the States.
  11. Very well said Graham. Those that protected him or looked the other way. Root cause of so many of the issues in Philippines.
  12. Thanks for posting this Softail. I was unaware of that. I agree with the president those add on costs run into hundreds of billions and DO NOT BELONG on this bill. We need term limits to stop this type of corruption. Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty.
  13. Yes, that's what your family is entitled to. That is if you ever actually receive it darn mail there sucks. I do hope you receive the check quickly. We get me my wife and child. What do you think of all the add on BS!!!!! We need to rid ourselves those parasites in DC.
  14. From reading Jonel Nuezca's rap sheet he may have been involved with drugs avoided a drug test and protected drug dealers. Meth changes people and may partly explain his actions that day. "Allegedly".
  15. The stimulus bill has passed including tens of billions in special interest tax giveaways our corrupt leaders have included. This is very long it's from Journal of Accountability 12/22/2020 Many tax provisions appear in year-end coronavirus relief bill The omnibus spending and coronavirus relief bill passed by Congress late Monday includes many tax provisions, including the extension of various expiring provisions, extensions and expansions of certain earlier pandemic tax relief provisions, and much more. The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, H.R. 133, passed both h
  16. Exactly HK. Even today in Philippines some political leaders and police have life or death powers. Thankfully this is not common any more but occurs more often than we would like.
  17. Jim, I agree he must face justice. Do you think he will, or will this just drag out for years and go quiet?
  18. This is on our local news radio and on some of the US Filipino Facebook groups my wife is addicted to. The high ranking Policeman has or had five charges including two for murder that were dismissed due to lack of evidence. There is a video of the murders on Facebook and YouTube Philippines police officer charged over mother and son murder. Jonel Nuezca turned himself in on Sunday after he was accused of shooting his neighbour Sonya Gregario, 52, and her 25-year-old son Frank. A video, shared on social media, shows him firing another bullet at Ms Gregario as she lies on t
  19. I'm sure you know about this Dave. Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena had a hit squad (allegedly) in the 1990's through to ~2016? He also had a "colorful"police officer named Adonis Dumpit who became his (alleged) hit man then later personal body guard until Adonis's death. Adonis was involved with some shady things himself. Duterte and Osmena were not the only leader/rulers who allegedly ran hit squads to element criminals and others they deemed undesirable. I'm unsure how common this is today because the press could become a victim for reporting. Perhaps forum members may know more about this
  20. We all hope the diminishing remittances will be short-lived and have a minor affect. None of use want to see suffering but overcharging foreigners is not the answer and it's not OK we are not ATM machines. No offense Clermont I know your heart is in the right place. Donating to those in real need would be a good choice.
  21. Good points Snowy. Yep, I've seen with my own eyes locals gladly voting for corrupt officials for a very small donation especially if the corruption benefits them. More and more lately we see the same here in the States. I have mixed feelings about Duterte. I completely agree with you about speaking directly with no BS. Unfortanatly he's in deep with the ccp. I don't live there and I'm not Filipino so I can't judge.
  22. Jake, second picture the Kings companion is?
  23. Beginning to see a trend here guys. They were attracted to and married a virile strong man with charismatic leadership qualities? Or a guy who could support her shoe collection addiction? Feel free to contribute reasons........
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