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  1. Well Markaudio speakers would be perfect for you Tommy.
  2. Marine plywood is a great choice Tommy. Would think it's available in Philippines. I'm confused Tommy. What location are you at now? Canada, US or Philippines.
  3. Not CD's or DVD's? Mostly MP3 digital and cable TV, that's easy! I not an expert but a used 5.1 home theater integrated amp or receiver with room correction would be perfect for you. Buy used have it shipped balikbyan box from Canada. And several years old is fine. The two brands I suggest are Denon or Onkyo used $250-$500. Be sure it has room correction that's important for typical block rooms. Also your room is nearly square. For speakers this may seem off the wall but I suggest a new 6 to 8 inch full range single driver. They aren't truly full range and are not perfect but may be perfect for you. The two drivers can be easy shipped from Canada with the receiver. Budget for drivers ~$75 to $200 each. If you watch DVD movies buy a subwoofer driver and power panel. This would be for movies and if you like rock music. For Jazz the full range drivers are magic! Classical is more difficult it requires a quality three way speaker of some size. However a full range using MP3's I think you're good. What you will do is have a craftsman in your area build the full range speaker cabinets for you. Two options. A box or a horn. Go with a horn, many plans online Youtube or other places. Use a plan that matches your driver. Simple. Same with a sub easy to have built per plan that matches the panel (amp) and driver. Quality plywood like Baltic Birch is best, but any quality plywood without voids will do. Don't use MDF. Philippines humidity could cause issues and I doubt you can find qualtiy MDF there. Search online to Madisound for drivers or other places but Madisound is honest and has good prices also some plans. Markaudio are very good quality drivers for the money. I have owned two or three pair of Fostex single drivers in box horns over the years the Markaudio are nearly as good. My son and i may build a large horn with those later this summer.
  4. Also please review the forum rules? Thanks!
  5. Welcome to the forum. If you have specific questions about visiting or living in Philippines please feel free to start a new topic. We don’t advertise other websites or blogs everything you need to know can probably be answered here.
  6. As Don said I have friends who are into high end sound here in the States, Hong Kong and Philippines. There is a strong knowledgeable active audiophile community in Philippines. Having said that you can put together a lovely sounding fun stereo home theater system for a reasonable amount of money.
  7. Tommy, for your larger speakers what amp will you use? The amps RMS at 8 ohms? Approximately how large is the room? What are your needs? Simple full range speakers for home theater and casual music listening? Radio and MP3 or quality sound? Do you watch a lot of movies?
  8. The husband was an amazing actor very impressive. Eva had the look of pure evil in her eyes.
  9. 3AM woke up suddenly small earthquake. Several more aftershocks according to the news. This took place southwest of Seattle.
  10. Can you believe it's been 50 years ago that your picture was taken! Easy Rider came out July 14 1969. Time flies….
  11. When I first read the topic title (getting screwed) my first thought was to make a humorous comment. After reading that story my heart goes out to those poor motorists with flats or multiple flats. The cost $$$ and lost time they endured.
  12. Simply can’t argue with that kind of logic Jack.
  13. "Mislatel, which is made up of Uy's firms and China Telecom, posted a P25.7-billion performance bond for their commitments as the new major player." So it's Chinese owned.
  14. OK enough. This topic is locked for review.
  15. Welcome to the forum Winefreda. Please feel free to start a new topic about you and your husbands future plans. Most expat members are retired and have gone through the same questions you have now.
  16. Is your wife taking medications that may cause a cough? The other thing is environmental. Dust, mold, pet hair, or many other unkown factors could be the cause.Perhaps another Dr. opinion?
  17. Youtube content opinion and content provided by Russia. One of the few friends of Iran.
  18. Without exactly speaking for Jack I know that his family has recently suffered the loss of more than one beloved pet dog. For some of us a pet is part of our family and deeply loved. This is not true for the average Filipino. I could be wrong but perhaps this is what Jack was getting at starting the topic.
  19. This discourse has certainly been enlightening. Eagerly looking forward to new revelations to come!
  20. Let me get back to you Jack. Gotta ask my wife first.
  21. Wishing you a fast complete recovery Don. Keep us posted please?
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