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  1. It's a trap! Chinese loan to build something that may or may not be useful for the most part by Chinese workers in Philippines. I don't know what it is the CCP has on the president but he is their puppet.
  2. An unidentified student at my sons high school was directly exposed to the virus and is quarantined. Over the weekend the school was "deep cleaned" whatever that means. My son said attendance today was down 50%.
  3. Thanks Tom. Taking a shot at one side or the other is not going to make anything better. Let's hope the virus passes quickly with fewer deaths. Good news is perhaps it's time to buy? I dumped most of my Boeing stock some time back so missed it's crash. I will not buy BA for awhile... there is more bad news coming.
  4. I'm with Mike. Nothing to see here move along… move along.
  5. True, but Dave has a way to keep warm there.
  6. Good point RBM, it would be interesting to read that article. Do you guys think the same thing could happen in the Philippines?
  7. Yea, that could be the case they have a lot of ongoing interest or looking for $$$? On the other hand some could simply be shy? Again nothing wrong you're filtering to younger gals not judging you.
  8. Are you contacting young very attractive Filipina’s? Nothing wrong with that but could explain why the one word answers? Do they know you don’t plan to visit for a year?
  9. You know your wife better than we do however not so sure I would bet on that. Best leave now while you’re able.
  10. Very sad to read what's taking place now that you cut the money off. My heart goes out to you and your son. You do understand that your life could be in danger? Great advice given above! I strongly agree with Marvin, quickly return to the US before the US borders are possibly closed to travelers from Philippines. Divorce your wife ASAP only after that maybe return to Philippines to a safe location unknown to your exwife and her family. i'm sorry that this is happening to you.
  11. I told my self DON"T open those investment plan emails. But no.... I had to look. Hope you all are doing Okay.
  12. We don’t know for a fact the virus was contracted in Philippines or not. Yes I’m probably whistling in the dark but pray it’s not true.
  13. You could always start a naughty or nice poll on AK Steve. Serious note, good of you to recognize that you can make more constructive contributions here AZ. You have posted positive and valuable stuff in the past too.
  14. This morning a number of schools were closed due to potential exposures. The governor has declared a health emergency for Washington State. It’s here and has been for awhile now so nothing much to do but enjoy the ride. Update 3PM, six dead in the Puget Sound area.
  15. My wife said her Cebu Facebook friends are saying about 5AM an earthquake struck. No other information. Update 5.7 Capoocan, Leyte.
  16. Geoff, do you have a link or something to do with the persistence of the virus? We understood soap would destroy the virus membrane and kill it. We have stocked up on some Clorox & Lysol wipes.
  17. I think Guy was reasonable and fair in his comment. Geoff you also make a good point nothing wrong with a PM again if done respectfully. AZ was expressing his negative opinion in a respectful manner. To be honest there are times I get negative about things including Philippines especially if I'm tired (often) or having lower back pain (often) or maybe I've become that old grouchy guy. Hey AZ can we be friends?
  18. Welcome to the forum Elmo. It seems odd the ladies only reply with a very short message. You have visited Philippines a number of times so should have somewhat idea how Filipinas are. My only suggestion is be sure to be polite don't ask too personal questions at first. Maybe only ask about how their family is and general family questions. I also suggest if you like the gal then call them and have a direct conversation? Again go slow be polite keep it simple?
  19. Who what when? Yes, not so easy
  20. We had an all leader meeting at work Friday about contingencies our company will take when the virus becomes active in each geographical area we have facilities. Note, the word used was "When". The basic plan is two week + closure all employees absences will be excused. Depending on what country or state unemployment benefits would be available.
  21. What you say is true Tom. We do know all virus will mutate over time.
  22. Gary although I agreed with what you said I deleted some of the political content. And who could know it would spread like it has lets all hope it will quickly pass.
  23. Buy a lottery ticket when you get home you guys got lucky!!!! Well done!
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