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  1. Very sad to read this Jack. Condolences to all.
  2. Robert have you ever thought about SCUBA? Philippines is an amazing place to dive. There is a large gun range open to the public in Cebu City near or in Mandue.
  3. John, respectfully please let it go.....
  4. Enough about Arizonas girl friends hand gun. Let's return to our regularly programed topic now please.
  5. A close friend owns a Toyota Land Cruiser good choice for Philippines. A bit big though.
  6. In what way do you think aircon is bad for your health Graham? Not saying I disagree with you.
  7. Mark, I own guns and enjoy shooting at our local range. Others here enjoy shooting as well. we all know that living in the Philippines we can't own a gun. But when you visit your son you may still enjoy them.
  8. Old55


    The Filipino population in general has a tendency to be jealous or resentful of others that they see having a better life.
  9. As a visitor to mostly metro Cebu City area We suffer nose and throat problems. Like Kevin, likely due to poor air quality. My wife and I think the aircon has an effect as well. Good topic. I’m curious to know what Expats experiences are health wise?
  10. Interesting information but off topic. Could you please start a new topic for this? IMO a great topic on its own right.
  11. I'm in my mid 60's here in the States with two boys at home age 11 and 16. I don't have the energy of a younger man but do enjoy my son's. My wife's sister had a baby girl we care for typically two days a week. I'm very attached to her. We truly love having a little girl around the house now. I can understand men over 70's wanting to have a new family. On the other hand I do have mixed feeling when I see a truly elderly man at Ayala mall with his arm around a 20 year old girl. I know better to judge others but...
  12. Not to worry Dave it all evens out. The guys get "pissed" first, next the good ladies get pissed off. It's a win - win.
  13. Fascinating to see how clean and prosperous cities seemed from many of those videos. Years of corruption and over population have taken a toll.
  14. My God! What an abomination.
  15. Not so fast... After the thirty days are up get back to us on that.
  16. One day at least Moalboal, one day to the falls early next morning Alcoy for Whale Sharks. I agree with what Gary said. You will be amazed how slow things are there but the time will slip away quickly. Relax enjoy your time there.
  17. You sure you want to buy gas for it? 💵💵 One is enough for me. Am thinking of trading the SRT for a Hellcat. Too old for a midlife crises so must be a good idea. On a serious note a Redeye or Hellcat may actually be a worthwhile investment. All I know for sure it’s a blast to drive.
  18. Thanks Mac, we know you’re trying to be transparent as some have made accusations. The forum is about Philippines and majority of members and owners live in Philippines. Because of the way laws are there it could be an issue calling out others as it were. Even though they are criminals we are the Foreigners.
  19. "They" are just like how we were here in the US and other European countries many years ago. No safety net so family children mostly took care of Mom and Dad later in life.
  20. You not being there did provide an opportunity. I don’t judge you Mac you may have good reasons not going more often but there’s truth in what Steve says as well.
  21. Great post Steve. It’s a confusing situation. If we give to one for any reason then there could be expectations all others are entitled. Exceptions to this may cause serious problems later. If there’s a clear answer to this I wanna know!💵💵💵💵💵💵💵
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