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  1. My thought exactly, mainstream media is kinda known for negativity.
  2. Singapore, like so many countries in the region walk a tight-rope; China is their largest trade partner and the US is their main defence ally. Interesting article here from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute last year that actually mentions the Philippines briefly as well: https://www.aspistrategist.org.au/how-long-can-singapore-walk-the-tightrope-between-the-us-and-china/ As an ex-Aussie navy "spook", this stuff was my bread and butter for years, there's a hell of a lot more to it all than in the article, but if I told you I'd have to kill you
  3. The military strategic value of the area can't be forgotten either. It's for a similar reason the USN presence in Singapore has been increasing over the years.
  4. As most will attest to, there are no truth in advertising laws in The Philippines. A good example of this are the skin whitening creams, many filipinas honestly believe that over time these creams will will lighten their skin permanently. The same goes for internet connections, unless you're in Manila or Cebu, advertised speeds are never achieved. This includes the provincial capitals eg Dumaguete, Davao City etc. I'd suggest your contact does some speed testing using something like https://www.speedtest.net/ to verify the speeds. The president made some noise last year about the pro
  5. I don't leave home without it, but in the last year it's been taking months to pay out.
  6. Bugger.. The current plan is the end of the year for me so fingers crossed....
  7. Just by observation, any female can go "full tampo" on any male at any time regardless of the relationship.
  8. The internet: Pro: People have access to far more information than ever before. Con: People tend to cling to anything that agrees with their stance, right or wrong, without the benefit of critical thinking or facts. This is sometimes referred to as wilful ignorance.
  9. I'd personally rather have AM and her anger than any sort of cold shoulder behaviour, at least it's out there in the open and being discussed, well eventually None of us is perfect, what do we all do when we're in the wrong? I just admit my error, apologise, and move on after she's calmed down.
  10. The Angry Midget (wife) and I have a rule: Don't go to sleep angry with each other. This is normally rather easily achieved given that I'm never in any doubt as to where she stands on any contentious issue, and these opinions are often delivered with umm fervour. There's been times I wish I was on the wrong end of "tampo".... 4'10 and 45kgs (100lbs) and the only thing in the planet I'm scared of....
  11. I gave up trying to work out politicians years ago mate but yes, most here agree it would be unfair so it hasn't gained much traction. Given my other guaranteed income streams I already receive due to my military service, I'd only ever receive about a quarter of the full amount (it's means tested), it'd be a nice little kicker but not something I'd have to rely on when I reach 67.
  12. Yeah, we're pretty unique in The Commonwealth with that requirement, something I'd forgotten about until you mentioned it. The current government is even trying to stop pensions altogether if you move overseas.
  13. Many country's governments are watching the Israeli case very closely, with regards to both rates of infection (they have dropped dramatically since their program began) and how their "vaccination pass" system fares. So far, both appear to have been very effective in stemming the spread. In Australia, the federal government has made noises that it may implement a similar system to Israel but it has to get the states on side and so far, state governments of both stripes, both centre and conservative, are making noises that they'd be on board with the idea. Overall, other than giving th
  14. If he lived in Australia for 35 years after the age of 16, his pension won't change. If it was 34 years, he'll receive 34/35ths, if it was 16 years, he'll receive 16/35ths etc. I'm not sure about the various little add-ons though, energy supplement etc.
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