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  1. It's my understanding that you just have to show your marriage certificate but someone who's experienced it can probably advise you more accurately.
  2. @Onemore52 PM'd you mate with a link to the immigration lawyers in Cebu I dealt with when I was considering this. Ignore the US military references, it applies to us as well.
  3. Hi Northbird and welcome to the forum. I arrived in PI two days ago on a 9a visa. Much like @Gator I provided bank statements, some payslips (I was still working at the time of application) and proof of my two military pensions (yes I get 2, each from a different authority). As Gator said, there doesn't seem to be a set daily amount as such. There is an unverified theory that the magic number is $200USD each day of your stay, but I can't find any official confirmation of this other than on one of the PI embassy's websites, UK if I remember rightly. It's not mentioned anywhere else that I could find. I posted a thread with regards to everything I provided for my application, the information and documents I provided may seem excessive but I wanted to make sure of it first go. As stated in that thread I basically provided all the information stated on the Singaporean, UK and USA PI embassies' websites. The Australian PI embassy's website was next to useless. The thread can be found here: With regards to showing proof of an onwards flights and hotel bookings at the application stage, I simply wrote "TBA (to be advised) once the visa is approved" and the Australian consular staff were happy with that. In hindsight to make sure of it I probably should've taken Gator's route. You may or may not be asked for proof of your onwards flight by airline staff upon check-in and on occasion, I have been in the past but wasn't this time around. I suspect that this was due to my "throw away" being booked with the same airline as my my entry trip. I have never been asked by a BI official in PI for proof of onwards flights. I ended up having to provide an original of my marriage certificate for my application which they sent back with my passport. It may be different for you but personally I'd err on the side of caution.
  4. Yeah, it's the preparation that's the hassle, changing rules, cancelled flights, officials with a modicum of power wishing to show it.. At both ends. Hot tip, don't argue with the private security guards doing the screening in Australia, a guy in front of me (funnily enough the same guy that had issues in Manila) called one a "jumped up rent-a-cop". Not sure how that all started but the feds were all over him like a rash at the first sign of trouble.
  5. TT's was once grab a granny, now it's become grab a peer for many of us
  6. TL;DR (Too long; Don't Read): Have your sh#t in one sock or they will deny you entry. To begin with, it should be noted that the PCR timeframe prior to departure for PI has been reduced from 72 to 48 hours and you should plan accordingly. Bureau of Quarantine officials are enforcing this upon entry. Anyway, to the matter at hand. Upon arrival at NAIA disembarkation will be delayed by various announcements with regards to COVID procedures etc. Some of them repeat the same points, but there’s information that is surprisingly helpful in each one. After you finally leave the aircraft, you take the usual meandering walk towards immigration with the addition of some of the departure lounges that have been added to the normal routes to accommodate the “checkpoints”. Before describing the process, I can’t emphasise how important it is to go through the One Health Pass (OHP) registration prior to departure on the Bureau of Quarantine website: https://onehealthpass.com.ph/e-HDC/OHP-Registration/ it must be completed within 3 days of your date of arrival. No sooner. I witnessed quite an interesting discussion between an Aussie and one of the officials due to the flight being delayed a day thus making his registration 1 day beyond the 3 day limit. They let him through but probably better to avoid the issue entirely. It should be noted that the current list of approved quarantine hotels found here https://quarantine.doh.gov.ph/boq-allowed-and-dot-accredited-quarantine-facilities-as-of-december-20-2021/ isn’t entirely accurate. Hotels are constantly having their accreditation revoked but they’ll stay in the pull-down list in the OHP registration. To be on the safe side, my advice would be to call your chosen hotel directly and confirm they’re still accredited. Checkpoint one, manned by Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) personnel they’ll require you to show the following: · Passport, · OHP, · Proof of negative PCR test, · Proof of vaccination from your home government app or hard copy. Checkpoint two – again BOQ personnel: · Same as checkpoint one but with the addition of proof of accredited quarantine hotel booking. Immigration: · OHP, · Entry paperwork you filled out on the plane, · Passport with valid visa, and · In my case proof of relationship (marriage certificate) supporting my 9a. Interestingly I noticed that the Balikbayan’s were being processed much faster than the visa holders. Head over to baggage claim, grab your bags then go over to.. wait for it… Checkpoint 4 (BOQ personnel): · OHP only. The guys at checkpoint 4 will then direct you to either the hotel shuttle vans, or if your hotel doesn’t provide one, to the un-metered taxis. For me it was the unmetered taxis. Exit the terminal, cross the road to where the taxis usually are, head to the left and you’ll see a booth. Go to the booth and show your OHP and they’ll give you a ticket with a fixed price and a copy of it to your driver. The non-metered taxis are all white with the old “3 stickers” on the front windscreen. The ride to my hotel in Malate just across the road from Robinson’s, was 530PHP; not a great price but not horrible either. Traffic was light even for 830pm at night, a sign of the “new norm” I guess. Upon arrival at my hotel, I had my temperature checked and signed a declaration I’ll comply with the quarantine regulations, then checked in as normal. Interestingly my hotel won’t allow food deliveries, which is in accordance with the regulations, but I know of some people that have been able to do this in other facilities. No big deal for me as they have a pretty reasonably priced restaurant for room service here and I’m in a studio with a decent kitchenette and they will go and do a grocery shop upon request. At some point the scanning of my OHP QR code triggered the randomly selected pathology lab on the OHP registration form (you’ll see what I mean when you fill in the form) to send me an email confirming my hotel and room number and after following the bouncing ball linked in the email, they sent another email detailing the date and procedure for my day 5 test. I think that about covers it all. Like Sydney, it was a reasonably seamless but unlike Sydney a time consuming process. I hope this helps some of you. Hopefully they’ll start making moves on the tourist visa front soon and you’ll be spared the process entirely. Oh, none of the money changers were open when I went through but it was well after dark so nothing unusual there. The Smart and Globe people were there to sell you a sim if you wanted one. On a whim I changed some cash in Sydney, glad I did despite the rate thus avoiding the international ATM fees which tend to be even more exorbitant. The old sailor in me can smell Ermita from here….
  7. This is what I was asked for and provided during check-in check-in: Passport, One Health Pass QR code from Bureau of Quarantine site (electronic is fine), PCR negative test result, electronic - the requirement is changing from 72 hours to 48 hours prior to departure as of Monday the 17th. Proof of vaccination, and Proof of booking in a verified quarantine hotel at destination. Nothing has changed on the exit immigration. Was all pretty seamless to be honest, we'll see how it goes at the other end.... Edit: Just to let you all know, I'm currently at the terminal awaiting departure.
  8. Ok, PCR test at Sydney international: Showed up at 1345, showed receipt from online request, passport, and proof of travel (e-ticket). Swab taken at 1350, results in my inbox at 1510 (negative )
  9. Another thing I just discovered, you can't edit your One Health Pass information, you have to start a new one if your flight details etc change. https://onehealthpass.com.ph/e-HDC/OHP-Registration/
  10. $79AUD and no earlier than 24 hours prior to departure, have to bring your passport, proof of travel and the receipt (electronic is fine) after you've paid online. If you can't access a PC they will take bookings by phone. The site to book it is: https://www.histopath.com.au/locations/airport
  11. About to go and find out.. LOL probably not a great idea the overload their routines
  12. So, there I was, fat, dumb and happy in Zoom with a couple of mates having a beer in my hotel in Sydney, flight out to Manila the next day. Then this sequence of [email protected]#kery happened: 1700: Received an email from PAL stating that my had been changed from Saturday to Sunday. 1715: Received an email from JMM Grand Suites in Malate that they were not longer an accredited quarantine hotel despite still being on the Bureau of Quarantine list. 1715 and 23.5 seconds: I realised my negative PCR test would be 4 hours out of date at time of departure due to the 24 hour delay. 1716: Necked two beers in panic with that deer in the headlights look AKA also known as the.. never mind, you get the picture. 1717: Confirmed with PAL that I would be on the Sunday flight. 1725: Cancelled on Agoda my JMM Grand Suites booking. 1726: Refund came through with PayPal (yeah I know, but there it was). 1740: Looked up and called by phone the Kimberly in Malate to confirm that were still accredited quarantine then booked them - Major lesson learnt. 1815: QANTAS pilot in reception at my hotel here overheard me asking where I could obtain a new PCR test at very short notice. He told me walk-ins were accepted for international travellers and results within 3-4 hours at Sydney airport international departures area. 1816: In Zoom, having a couple beers with mates.
  13. Thanks mate. Somewhere between waking up this morning and arriving at the airport I've managed to lose my wedding band... I don't think the travels are what I have to worry about. The arrival is going to be terrifying; I don't call her the angry midget for nothing. Oh well, who needs more than one testicle...
  14. Just as an aside, did my pre-departure PCR test at 8am Thursday, results were in my inbox 730am Friday. All this media hype with regards to the testing timeframes is utter garbage, at least on the Gold Coast here in Australia. I suspect the press starts these panics to create news and thus create the panic; to my mind they have a lot to answer for over the last two years. Btw, I'm at Gold Coast airport waiting for my flight to Sydney as I fat finger this on my phone.
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