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  1. Basically "Pea's" video reflects the announcement from BI last week, so it's more expensive than it was in the past.
  2. Unless you're married to a citizen or the parent of one, no. Nothing new yet.
  3. The busts are normally a tiny percentage of what's getting through in any country but I guess the killings are a good disincentive for others. As for the president's toned down rhetoric he's probably letting the actual deaths do the talking; unusual for him. I'm surprised to see it's imported, I'd always assumed it's manufactured locally given the lack of law enforcement in some of the more remote areas.
  4. Darwinism in action. Well that's the view of the vast majority of Australians. Interestingly the two states highlighted in that report have governments in power from the two different major political parties; New South Wales (NSW) is conservative and Victoria (Vic) is centre-right. Whilst most Australians support the measures put in place, many are concerned with the powers governments have given themselves to enact these measures with no sunset on these powers at both the federal and state level. A bridge to be crossed when we get to it I guess. As for the OP, NSW tried this granular system at the start of the current outbreak there. It didn't work, mainly due to the nature of delta compared to the earlier strains. Whereas Vic went straight into hard lockdown (NZ style) and whilst the situation in Vic isn't great, it's significantly better than NSW. Guihulngan City, in Negros Oriental - where the wife is - has instituted a curfew but no general lockdown as such. On Saturday, AM (wife) and the rest of the family went to her aunt's 60th birthday party along with about 50 other people but had to be home by 8pm. For reasons obvious to most I'm scratching my head over that one.
  5. Yep. The double edged sword of the internet. Pro: People have access to more information than ever. Con: People have access to more information than ever. Personally I'd rather listen to someone that has spent 20 years studying in any given field, has had their findings peer reviewed and verified scientifically than some basement dweller, that may or may not have finished high school, who's random thought bubbles that suit their agenda have gained some sort of traction on social media for whatever reason on any given issue. Science doesn't care what anyone "believes".
  6. I'm still working, so it's just more money in the bank for us to finish of the renovation on the first house north of Dumaguete and build the new place in Dumaguete... Glass half full?
  7. Yes but not so onerous this time. I already have all the evidence and paperwork required. I'm going to hold off a bit though, I have no plans to move until January next year so things may or may not change by then.
  8. When they tightened the rules about 4(?) weeks ago, my exemption was cancelled. When I contacted DFAT they stated that they'd basically cancelled all exemptions as a reset based on the new rules. Doesn't make me any less nervous though.
  9. Well I was dating a girl from Butuan (Mindanao) before I met my wife and can't remember the "no?", but the wife who's from Negros definitely uses it. Both from Visayas but one southern and the other central... Might be regional?
  10. Ah ok. Mainly posted in case other members weren't aware. As for the EED not required, that's why I said exclusion.
  11. EED exclusion on a 6A visa with proof of marriage allows me entry. Then on arrival I can submit my 13a and be bridged pending approval. Have to apply for the 6A and exclusion and have them approved prior to departure from country of origin. The key is being married or have children who are Philippine nationals. They're processing them at consulates in Australia again.
  12. Posted on the BI Facebook page 10 hours prior to me posting. All things being equal and no further restrictions, I hope to arrive in January. Fully vaccinated so only 7 days quarantine. Fingers crossed.
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