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  1. Prices, eligibility and exemptions for the SRRV are all listed here: https://pra.gov.ph/srrv/#options
  2. An oldie but a goody, I still get a chuckle:
  3. Conversation with the Angry Midget the other day: Me: "Love, do we need a maid?" AM: "Why do we need a maid??!!!???" Me: "To help out around the house?" AM: "Why do you want a maid??!!??" Me: "To help you with all the kids..." She's currently looking after a brood of nieces and nephews 24/7 while their parents are away for work. AM: "Oh... Ok, only until you get here though!!" Me: "..... " Interviews are currently being conducted with the same single criteria as your wife's
  4. Gotta love something that has multiple practical applications.
  5. I remember when it happened and yep, at the time I was a little surprised by the conviction for many reasons which I believe most of us are aware of and even more surprised at the leniency of the sentence. If he'd been prosecuted under the US military system he potentially could've received the death penalty.
  6. We have a similar thing in Australia that circumvents the double jeopardy thing, the charge would be "prejudicial behaviour". 6 years for murder...
  7. Well she jumped through all the hoops she was told to and as I said, it was for nought despite the fact it's a two hour drive on a good day. I found it all very odd even by PI standards given the proclivity there by those in authority to want to be seen to assert that authority.
  8. Well she ended up running the gauntlet after all and drove from Guihulngan and is in Dumaguete as I write this. Not a single check point encountered.
  9. Yeah, they seem to be making it up as they go along.. I think she's going to give it a miss.
  10. Trust me mate, I've thought about it...
  11. Aussie dollar has gone from about 32 to 35ish - seems small but 10% is nothing to be sneezed at - in about 4 weeks and getting stronger against the greenback at the same time. It may be enough to counter inflation so the next CPI figures out of PI are going to interesting. If PI resorts to quantitative easing, that's when it's going to be a lottery...
  12. I just wonder when the OFW money is going to dry up. Anecdotally hordes have returned home to PI since this all started and, as someone previously stated, in normal times their remittances are a huge part of the economy. The flow-on effect of course is that their employers are either going without the cheap labour, in whatever sector, or hiring locally at higher rates. I know in Australia, there's a desperate shortage of agricultural workers that is normally filled with overseas labour by international employment agencies, some reputable, others not so much, but that's another discussio
  13. She was talking to the local Barangay Captain yesterday and she found out all you just said. So she's spending today jumping through those hoops... Luckily she's a fitness nut. It's not all that surprising that she couldn't find any of that info posted/published anywhere.
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