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  1. BrettGC

    Cebu - Help!

    So even odds then
  2. BrettGC

    Cebu - Help!

    Long story but lets just say I've fallen afoul of the Australian Taxation Office, so a bit of debt to pay. On the upside once I realised what was happening I worked out I was in arrears and I handed myself in so no criminal prosecution for evasion but still have a debt to pay. I could've done a runner but not being able to ever enter Australia didn't appeal to me. Big boy pants are on, working it off. Lets just say I have a kill on sight order out on an accountant from a few years back and I manage my financial affairs myself now.
  3. BrettGC

    Cebu - Help!

    Westwho? Been watching this season closer than I have in years, it's gonna be interesting. Gunners.. But that's way off-topic :)
  4. BrettGC

    Cebu - Help!

    He lost me there... Go Spurs!!! We sort of like being the most hated team in London, it's a badge of honour! But seriously mate, visit, travel around North to South, find somewhere you like and spend a bit longer there. It's just a coincidence I fell in with the Dumaguete reprobates, my missus is from Negros but having said that, it is comforting to know there's a ready bunch of blokes to have a beer with every month. But don't let the fact you know someone somewhere influence you too much. You'll find your niche somewhere or not, boots on ground will serve you well. We have members here that are happy in places in PI that I personally wouldn't dream of living and it's probably vice versa for them. PI is like any country, it has areas for some and not for others but it also has not at all for a lot of people.
  5. Possiby not.. But who knows what the future will bring
  6. Actually, how attached is your missus to Luzon? If she's adamant on living there, then anywhere within a couple of hours of Clarke/Angeles would be your best bet. Direct flights to HK, Singapore, Seoul and KL to the best of my knowledge and not that far to NAIA if you need to go anywhere else. As to the quality of the internet in Luzon, I couldn't say but recent weather events aside, as we like to say in this forum, your mileage will vary depending on where you are.
  7. Fibre is now there in Valencia (just outside Dumaguete), comparable to high speed broadband anywhere in the world. Only downside is it's a flight to Manila or ferry to Cebu City, then some other mode of transport to Mactan international (Cebu City). Yes you can get a flight to Mactan. As to cost and availability I have no clue - Only ever done the bus/ferry ride.
  8. Spoke to SAO last night on Skype, no probs in central Dumaguete on Globe. There's been a run on the red wine at the 711's though
  9. BrettGC

    What a trusting country Australia is.

    Really? That's weird, I thought the ATO were the only ones that could do that sort of thing and then only then with legal recourse. There's mutterings again of paying all DFRDB recipients out, seems to be a 5 year cycle of rumours. Personally, if the option was there, I'd still continue to draw the pension.. It's protection against bad investments to my mind. If they paid us out to the average male life expectancy in Australia I'd receive more than enough retire right now but what I'd do with it may or may not be iron clad. .
  10. BrettGC

    What a trusting country Australia is.

    I've often wondered about this myself. I'm in receipt of a DFRDB pension so my best guess is that whilst death notices in the paper aren't a legal requirement the fact that probate is being applied for is. I'd say the relevant agencies deep a close eye on this. Just speculation though.
  11. Probably just stored electronically now and shows up when your passport is swiped. When SAO received her visa here to Australia earlier this year, no sticker, no stamp, just a letter informing her she'd received the visa. Didn't have to produce the letter on entry just a simple swipe. Perhaps PI is moving into the 21st century finally.
  12. BrettGC

    Why are so many men alone?

    Possible explanations other than those you mentioned in no particular order: A. Players or heading either to or from the red light districts or both. B. On holiday alone (I did this regularly before the Angry Midget came back into my life). C. Some guys just like being single and are perfectly happy with their own company. D. Living in PI for pragmatic, cost of living reasons and see point C.
  13. BrettGC

    Foreigner living on the streets

    Be funny if it wasn't true! So Tom, it's killing me.. Have you seen him again?
  14. BrettGC

    Foreigner living on the streets

    "There but for the grace of god, go I" I.e. None of us are immune to gravity. Tom, all it will cost you is your time. I'd walk up with a coffee to break the ice, as a Westerner, it's probably something he'd appreciate. I do volunteer work for Rosie's On The Street here in Cairns, and previously on the Gold Coast - a throwback to my days working in the community welfare sector both as a volunteer whilst still in the navy and paid afterwards - so I know how much a simple act of kindness can mean to many people in a similar situation.
  15. BrettGC

    Car hire

    Hi Steve, I can put you in touch with a guy that normally drives me everywhere. He's based in Luzon (Pampanga) but happy to travel anywhere with you. He took SAO, her daughter and I from Manila up to Vigan on a 4 day trip for about 12k if I remember rightly. Yep, more expensive than a rental but with that also comes peace of mind. Pays for the petrol and tolls himself. Feeds and accommodates himself normally but he's become sort of part of the family now so eats with us when we travel with him. Really nice and genuine guy. He's a retired chef that worked in Australia for years, he does the driving to keep himself busy. Anyway, just a thought for you. Back in my single days, he'd pick me up from the NAIA with a cooler of beers and then we'd be on our way singing Frank Sinatra at the top of our lungs. Good times.