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  1. Yeah it's been tough but we're getting there. I'm 1/2 on my vaccinations and I was informed last week that the PI consulate here in Australia is going to start processing 13A's again in July/August. The reinstating of the contact online has been a great moral booster. It's just comforting to know we're there and can maintain contact when ever we like. Even the chickens, dogs and roosters in the background as well as the nieces and nephews making a heap of noise makes me smile. Biggest lesson for me is seeing people whinge about life in PI but not looking for alternatives or solution
  2. As most of you know, I haven't seen the AM (Angry Midget, wife) in person since February 2020 due to the beer bug. Yes it's been tough but we'd been using the internet, mainly FB messenger video chat, to maintain almost constant contact. Basically if we were both at home the stream would be on, we'd sit and chat or go about our business around our respective homes but it was always there. Well there was an exception: Every Friday night a bunch of my veteran mates and myself would get together on Zoom and have a few beers and a laugh and just hangout, we're scattered around the country and
  3. I'm addicted to Jollibee spicy chicken, glad there's none near me in Australia otherwise I'd be like the side of a house. When in PI, AM has to drag me away every time we walk past one
  4. I'm a Ducati sports bike rider and I used to race 2-stroke Aprillas (125cc weekend club racing) so no lack of experience but unless you're going to stick to the freeways in Luzon (boring) I'd give the sports bike idea a miss for all the reasons others have mentioned, plus trying to track some one's 3rd party insurance for a non-at fault (on your part) accident would be nigh on impossible if they wanted it to be.. That's if they have insurance at all; remember, this is the country where it's difficult to get insurance on a rental car. @GeoffH's suggestion of a cruiser is a good one, or ev
  5. I think that Moderna is similar to the Pfizer in that it's an RNA vaccine. First time they've been deployed in these numbers which was a big call from the start given their transport and storage temperature requirements. If it makes you feel any better mate, it sounds like the roll-out of the vaccination program here in Australia has only been slightly less shambolic than what you're experiencing there.
  6. We have Pfizer here as well but they're reserving it for the under 50's due to the blood clotting concerns. I think the government just ordered Moderna as well in an effort to speed up the process, we don't actually manufacture vaccines here so obtaining them with such a high demand world-wide has been problematic.
  7. I didn't have any issues with Astrozeneca, just some mild flu symptoms that cleared up the next day. I have BP issues as well but no spike in that, I have a monitor and take my reading at least once a day. TBH I don't know much about Sinovac as it's not an option here in Australia so not on my radar. From what little I've read, side effects appear to be similar. Here's an article published 3 days ago that may be helpful: https://www.healthline.com/health/astrazeneca-vs-sinovac#summary
  8. Hi All, Had my first shot on Monday and thought I'd share my experience 4 days later as all side-effects should have subsided. Firstly, last week I received a text from my GP saying I could make an appointment any time for the following week within a 1 hour time block. I immediately made the appointment, and showed up at midday. Had my shot at about 1230, no immediate effect, went home to chill for the afternoon. By about 6pm had a minor headache but that could've been from some slight dehydration as I'd been to the gym that morning doing weights and about 30 mins o
  9. Yes I do... I'm a sentimental bloke, I'm bit saggy in certain areas to wear it in public now though
  10. Love to know where they found that old picture of me!! Probably in my E-8 equivalent days though, I was far more responsible and the paragon of virtue once I made the dizzy heights
  11. Pretty standard procedure in most embassies if you're not going to attend in person. Back in my military days, to have an official government business visa to the US we had to do the same with the US consulate in Sydney.
  12. I have, not quite ready to make the move but being able to apply for 13A and make plans with certainty would be a relief. I guess the other option would be to have AM (Angry Midget - wife) meet me in Singapore, fly in under the Balakibayan then sort the 13A out after the fact.
  13. Hopefully it lasts and those of us that need to can start making plans.
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