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  1. Yeah, her mum and I have been trying to tell her the budget is unrealistic, even for Dumaguete. There's a couple around the 5-6k mark but no aircon. Problem may be solved though; The Angry Midget (wife) has finally found a 2br townhouse she likes between Sibulan airport and the city. To buy it that is, so we'll see how that pans out. Barring that, we'll probably be kicking in for her rent.
  2. About 4k a month with air-con. Not sure how realistic that is though.
  3. Yeah mate, checked out the internet and yep, all a little out of her price range. After a little bit of "friend of a friend" might have something.
  4. Hi Guys, Do any of you Dumaguete locals know of any studios available for rent in the city area? The step-daughter's firm has decided that they can work remotely so she's moving from Lapu-Lapu to Dumaguete to be closer to family. Secure building with a good internet connection are the only real requirements, but remembering she's on a call-centre salary so recommendations within that budget would be appreciated. Cheers.
  5. Steve, I can verify they're not a bad lot for a bunch of Poms when I've visited there. Some of us colonials are okay as well.
  6. Hard to say mate. You'd hope it's so in PI but who can be certain. Given the demographic that would be living in that type of building, probably, yes. If it is the case I'd be curious as to whether it's to each individual apartment or a node somewhere in the building then copper to the actual apartments. Here's a link to to how the testing data is collected: https://www.speedtest.net/global-index/about
  7. It's compiled from the 100's of millions of tests done yearly by us, the users. By doing the test you're adding to the data. Those of you that have posted your results actually contributed to the data regardless of your location in any given country. Thailand, for example, has added Fibre To The Home (FTTH) to tens of millions of residences in the last 5 years. FTTH is currently the fastest landline connection technology readily available and provides speeds in the gigabit range, as opposed to the megabit ranges of Fibre To The Node (FTTN - fibre to a local junction box, then copper
  8. Getting what you pay for is always the question. Given wife's and mine forced separation and our contact is video calls, I can pretty safely say there's not a lot of truth in advertising in PI. Unfortunately PI doesn't have the consumer protections we're used to in the west, so the provider's claims of speed and reliability largely go unchallenged other than El Presidente's occasional foot stomping which invariably results in no change from any of the companies concerned. You pay for something advertised, most western countries they have to provide it or there are consequences. PI, n
  9. Thailand isn't the developing country it was 15 years ago. Massive growth in infrastructure and GDP per capita with the GFC only providing a minor hiccup. By most metrics it's now considered a developed country on par with Malaysia. Not what we're used to in the western world but its Human Development Index is 0.77, any under 0.71 are considered developing. PI is 0.71. Germany, the highest, is 0.94. Niger, the lowest, is 0.377. Full list is here: https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/developing-countries
  10. Yes mate, they're just basically a PDF file (think MS Word file you can't edit) or some proprietary variation so never very sizeable. Audio books are larger though.
  11. Hi Again Scott, Looks like most of your additional questions have been answered. With regards to which device to buy I think it's down to personal preference. I prefer the tablet/phone option as I already own way too many gadgets and I've never been a fan of single function anything and pre-beer bug I used to travel a lot so one less item in the luggage is always a plus to me. I haven't owned a Kindle for years TBH so they're probably a lot more versatile than when I last used one so it may be your simplest option. As always, there's pro's and cons for any purchase and at the
  12. You don't need a reader, I use my phone with both the Kindle and Google Books aps. The aps are also available for tablets, PC and iOS. I've been using Kindle for years but they're owned by Amazon and due to their pricing and percentage profit model the author receive a reduced margin of that profit compared to hard copy, so some authors have pulled their titles from Kindle as their licencing agreements expire. Enter Google Books. A bit of history: In about 2011 Apple stopped allowing users to pay for books on the Kindle app as Amazon was charging a whopping 40% of the price of a
  13. So basically it's been a massive misrepresentation. Scary. Invalidates the idea of a "covid passport" if I understand the article correctly.
  14. If that's the case, it's not a vaccine then but rather a medication, like paracetamol or aspirin, which also relieve the symptoms.
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