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  1. I will be. I'll be due around about the same time as I head over there so I'll get mine here in Australia before I leave.
  2. Fun fact: Viruses don't want their hosts to die, when they mutate they tend to mutate in a way that their hosts survive. With omnicron, so far this appears to be the case, but time will tell.
  3. LOL I'd forgotten about the old 21 day rule! In case anyone was wondering, I've been assured by the PI consulate in Aust extending on a 9a is permissible as well. Now I just have to hope BI is on the same page. I'll be submitting my 13a on arrival but it would be nice to have a buffer.
  4. Ok, I'm confused by the timeframes "before scheduled departure". Does this mean prior to your departure from origin country or departure from PI? Or does that relate to those already in PI? I'll just register either way but the wording of the linked article could use some work.
  5. My guess is if you contact a local lawyer or courthouse and they should be able to point you in the right direction. Seems a bit over the top to me, but it is what it is. Just a question: Is this a Thai requirement for one of the documents for marriage? I only ask as when I was married in PI standard notary was fine for all the documents we presented.
  6. 9a visa for those married to, or the parent of a citizen if travelling alone is also valid. I just had mine approved.
  7. I'm wondering if someone was to stay in Hong Kong for a couple of weeks prior to entry into PI would that count as arriving from a green list country?
  8. Well AM finally went and had her first dose yesterday, the entire family did. It's almost as if someone flicked a switch...
  9. Well for my 9a visa (recently approved) they required proof of vaccination. It states on the BI FB page that a digital version of proof of vaccination is required upon entry as well as a booking in an accredited quarantine hotel for 5 days. At any rate, only Philippine nationals or those married to (the case for me) or the parent of a national are allowed to enter at this stage. I believe the 2 stage quarantine you speak of is for Philippine nationals only. So no, you as a foreigner, cannot enter the Philippines. Just because you want something to be true does not make it so.
  10. I wonder does this include private jeeps, trikes, ferries and buses? As for the trains, I can't remember ever seeing them run, at least in Manila anyway. But having said that, I only ever stay there as long as I absolutely have to.
  11. Wow, we're in the process of buying a lot right now, it's hard enough to prove clear title (3 attempts so far, no luck) but dealing with all that as well... I wonder if they're doing the same to condo/HOA residences. Is this at the barangay, city, provincial or national level? Most recent build I can think of is Kev - @sonjack2847 - and wonder if he's been through the same thing.
  12. Well I'm ready to retire so it's not really that much to go through when you consider the long term goal. No mate, you just need to have a copy or your marriage certificate. We did look at the option of meeting her in Singapore but it's nigh on impossible for her to leave the country at the moment. That may change by January when I actually travel so if it does, we'll more than likely go down that route. The backup was SRRV as you can now enter if you've started that process; relatively cheap for me as I qualify for the military service version. Options... Well the 9a allows you to stay for 59 days at a time, but who's to say how much of that time you're going to use each visit? But to your point, I did see that on one of the embassy websites is the so worked on that assumption. I showed as much as I could and yes, proof of pay and all other forms of income, no matter the type, would be accepted. I thought about showing my superannuation balance (401K for the US) that I can't access until I'm 60 but after doing the maths there was no need.
  13. Hi All, As most of you know, you can enter PI with the 9a visa if you're either married to, or the parent of a Philippine national. I completed the process by mail and received notification of approval yesterday. The one thing that stands out is that of all the Philippine overseas missions' websites, the Australian PI embassy is the least helpful. I managed to work out what is required using a combination of their UK, Singapore and US web pages, which in some cases contradicted each other, (surprise surprise) so to cover all bases I provided everything listed on each site. I did speak to a consular official here in Australia but the only thing I could glean from this individual was that they may or may not be processing 13a's in Australia by January or February... No shit Sherlock; the may or may not part that is. I was thinking about holding out on the off-chance the 13a's would commence again to avoid the probationary bureaucratic mess, but after nearly 2 years of not seeing the AM (Angry Midget - wife) I decided to err on the side of caution. So, here's a list of what I provided for my successful application: Letter explaining why I wanted to visit; Completed non-immigrant visa application; 2 unmarked passport photos; Certified copy of my passport information page as well as my passport; Certified copy of my passport pages with PI entry stamps to support proof of relationship; Bank statement, defence pension statement and proof of income (some recent payslips) to prove I can support myself there; Certified copies of both our marriage certificate and PSA receipt - the receipt proves authenticity apparently; Letter from AM stating that our marriage was indeed still valid and it would be really cool if we could actually see each other; Certified copy of AM's passport information page to prove her PI citizenship (national ID is also acceptable); Certified copy of the pages of AM's passport with Australian entry stamps to further support the proof of relationship; Bank cheque to cover the visa cost; and A self-addressed pre-paid express post envelope (there's no longer any such thing as registered mail in Australia, express is tracked the same). The UK site stated that proof of onward flights and accommodation bookings were also required but after emailing the PI embassy in Australia they stated that this was not necessary until after approval i.e. show proof upon entry. I opted for the 12 month multiple entry version; if I did need to come back to Australia for any reason in the next 12 months I won't have the reapply... If the entry requirements remain unchanged that is. Anyway, just my experience so good luck to anyone else in a similar position.
  14. After a quick search around the internet it appears that the main reason for the dramatic drop is that so many in India developed antibodies after being exposed to the virus may have helped. Also stated due to the virus not thriving in warmer weather outside the body the northern hemisphere's hotter weather over the mid-year period probably contributed in addition to India's inherently hotter weather year-round. Personal discipline with regards to mask wearing and social distancing has also been attributed to the drop in case numbers; there were some comparatively heavy fines for not doing so, well by Indian standards anyway. There were no national lockdowns as such after the initial response. All of the above was conjecture in the articles I read and for the most part, the scientists are scratching their heads and unable to pinpoint a single factor.
  15. I'll be spending Christmas with the parents on the Gold Coast, then like you Geoff I'll more than likely head to Sydney rather than Brisbane for the options. Barring that I'll just go Singapore AL from Brisbane to Singapore then Scoot to Cebu 17 hours all up and currently only $750ish AUD one way in January. Onwards is still required with a 9a so was thinking Cebu Pacific to HK as a throwaway but haven't really investigated that yet. On another completely different tack, still thinking of flying AM to either HK or Singapore (if it's even possible by then, her leaving PI that is) and entering on a Balikbayan.
  16. Good news for me at least. I'm about to submit my 9a and EED application.
  17. I "Third" the 13a statements. I'd say start the process now but to my knowledge PI overseas missions aren't processing them at the moment but given how rapidly things are currently changing that may change soon. It wouldn't hurt to start gathering the required paperwork etc now though.
  18. AM (Angry Midget - wife) is 4'10", 45kg and the only thing on this planet I'm scared of! I'm only 172cm (5'7.5") but I tower over her and most of her family. It has its advantages, last time we were in Dumaguete, the only room available where we normally stay on the esplanade only had king single beds... Didn't matter, given her size it felt like we were in a queen
  19. Check to see if there's an option to use email for 2FA, my bank does. If you're on online banking, you can use email.
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