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  1. No one can tell us the safe question to ask, my suggestion is if you really love and respect your gf better accept her the way she is and wait for the time she tells you, anyway past is past so if possible let it be forgotten and help her start a new better life.
  2. donottrustfilipinas ! reading your post with your sad experience with a filipina we can't blame you with your bad opinion but not in general, there are still good filipinas around. wish you luck. . . .
  3. Treeman - Our family got a wide agricultural land in our town and in other area out town and it seems planting such kind of tree is a good investment , can you share us more information regarding this said plant? How tall and thick was it when it reaches harvest days?
  4. DAVE - Not to make you confused my 2nd post with the nice inside house photos belongs to the other TOPIC ," Samar house for sale" and to make it clear i reply Jake's post mentioned the measurement of lot and same the amount and so comparing to what is mentioned you will notice the difference. With regards to the neighborhood both the 2 house is located in one compound.
  5. Jake- to answer your questions, first i am not a certified agent but i am one of the co-owner of the land where the house stand, house was built by my friend and now she decide to go back and stay at Bohol and stay with her children and she wants me to sell her house , speaking of the land it was newly subdivided and clean for whatever fees . Cost of house and lot is 4.5million and sell in cash basis, lot measure 215 square meters. I will post soon more photo out of house and the neighborhood. Photo 004 shows the intrance of the compound, photo 021 shows the said house painted with yellow color.
  6. here are some photos with the big house but needs a little fixing.
  7. House number two in same compound as in this topic, http://www.philippines-expats.com/topic/15312-house-lot-for-sale-on-samar/ nice house with yard with an area of 215 square meters cost 4.5m i do think you will live comfortable with it. Photos follow.....
  8. House Number one of two other house here, http://www.philippines-expats.com/topic/15351-samar-house-for-sale/ In Catbalogan, the capital of Western Samar. Easy access from Cebu or Manila airports with a quick 1 hour flight to Tacloban or Leyte and the 1.5 hr. ride up the highway to Catbalogan. Fishing and agricultural area. Much easier and quieter life than Manila or Cebu. Safe area. The house floor area is 153 square meters, cost 950,000 pesos, and At front side of house is a vacant lot also available for sale
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