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  1. If one has been out of country for 3 years, are they covered immediately upon returning? In Canada, we are not covered for the 1st 3 months upon returning.
  2. I hope that General George Custer is not leading them.
  3. Was it the compressor in all the other cases? If so, GM should have done a recall under warranty. Have you contacted your dealer?
  4. And stay away from those 2 gastropubs in Bacolod with very high prices.
  5. If beer is your main expense, then you would need to adjust your budget. How do you like those BC beer prices, especially in a bar or restaurant (if you can find one open)?
  6. One of my daughters had dengue hemorrhagic fever 3 times, with the last time being the worst one. Her platelets were down to 6 (normal is 150 t0 450) and we had problems finding good blood for transfusion. We brought in 24 possible donors to get 2 units. It was 15 days in hospital with 3 days in ICU. Philhealth paid 58% of the hospital bill. I had to pay the 3 doctors in cash. My other daughter got dengue once as did 2 of our neighbours.
  7. I am not surprised. There is a lot of funny stuff going on under the table in the PI.
  8. Wishing you and your daughter a speedy recovery. Don't read all those C-19 horror stories, but pay attention to yourself and others. My daughter was notified of a possible exposure so her and I got tested. Results came back online in 2 days...negative for both of us.
  9. Were you able to sell it at a profit after 5 years before you returned to Canada? We haven't sold ours yet.
  10. At our BIR, while we waited, there was a constant arrival of people with foot high stacks of folders going straight up to the counter and getting served while everyone else had to wait. They alternated between customers and those with stacks of folders (which took longer than one customer).
  11. I had a Yuasa battery in my Harley for many years, maybe 14. Put on trickle for the winter and good to go in the spring.
  12. Your local wet market will have ground native coffee. That's what the locals drink. I use that in a one cup aeropress that tastes better than I get at restos. It is seldom fresh at restos. Ask around and look around, you might find places like Coffee Culture or Little Farmer that sells various beans or ground (Kalinga is good), even that bat shit stuff. https://www.bedbathandbeyond.ca/store/product/aeropress-reg-coffee-espresso-maker/126430?skuId=17429019&mcid=PS_googlepla_nonbrand__&product_id=17429019CA&enginename=google&adpos=&creative=259324461259&device=c&
  13. Why is the yolk orange in some eggs? Does not taste good either. Sometimes that is all that is available. The explanation from the vendor was not comprehensible in any language.
  14. And the battery would last for more than 120 months saving on 5 or 6 replacements so worth it in the big picture.
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