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  1. For Skype calls, it is good to have one account set up in your home country and another set up in the PI for accessing the 800 or 888 numbers from their respective countries.
  2. A friend of ours, a Filipina, took the 2 year H & RM course in Bacolod, then did 1 year OJT in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA in 2019. She was paid $25K. Now listen to this, she filed her taxes to Uncle Sam giving them her direct deposit to BDO. She was refunded her income taxes in full and received the stimulus check of $1250 by direct deposit. Now she is taking the same course in Australia as her Philippine H & RM course is not recognized there where she wants to work.
  3. Yes, there are other serious effects from the CV-19. Nick Cordero had to get his leg amputated in LA, and a pacemaker installed. 'While in recovery, the actor began having issues with blood clots in his right leg, which was preventing blood from circulating to his toes. After the blood thinners he was on to help with the clots started causing other problems, doctors made the difficult decision to amputate Cordero’s leg.' https://people.com/theater/nick-cordero-wife-says-actor-had-rocky-night-in-hospital-as-she-wears-his-clothes/
  4. Attached is a pic of the line up at Krispy Kreme. It starts at the top left along the building and exits at the bottom pick up.
  5. Western Union has no fees now during the CV-19. For me, today WU, WorldRemit, and Transferwise were all within 50 pesos to send $300 bank to bank.
  6. WorldRemit is another method to transfer money from a foreign bank to a PI bank, online, fast and easy, at a good rate, once you are set up. I would check both it and TransferWise to see which one offered the best at that moment. Click submit, message would say check email. Check email, message would say check bank. Check bank and money was there, as fast as you can click with PLDT internet.
  7. I did it. We got out. All 4 of us. I got Permanent Residence to Canada for my wife and 2 daughters last year.
  8. But we have fixers here!
  9. Did Lehigh Acres ever get fully developed? I was there many years ago on a promotion lot sales but it was just streets with no houses yet and then I read years later that many people lost their money as there still was no water and electricity. Just wondering....
  10. And sometimes when they know that they don't know them, they still make gossip.
  11. The Bluesmart One carry on weighs 5 kg empty, not much room left for contents and a cost of $811 plus taxes and maybe shipping. The international one cost $1677 plus taxes and shipping. I will stick with my blackdumb luggage. https://www.amazon.ca/Bluesmart-Black-Edition-International-Luggage/dp/B01IH8ZTVQ/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1504655512&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=bluesmart+suitcase
  12. Same happened to us on our package deal house purchase. We looked at it twice, took pictures, then when we moved in, somethings were missing, like all the curtains including the rods, some furniture, a filing cabinet, some pictures, two fans, a ladder, some plants, and some garden tools. I wanted to complain but my wife was afraid to as the sellers were well known politically and the caretaker was a "very religious man". By religious he must have went to confession everyday.
  13. I say go for the foam mattress but the medium density one, not the most expensive hard one, as it is too hard. At the store, lay on your side so you can see if your hips go into the foam to keep your spine straight.
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