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  1. Canada does. Big time. Search google.... google says: Refugees are stripped of their permanent residency and face deportation, while permanent residents convicted of minor offences — including traffic offenses — are deported without a right to appeal. The Canadian government deported 117,531 people between 2006 and 2014. http://www.neverhome.ca/deportation/#:~:text=Refugees are stripped of their,people between 2006 and 2014. Canadian government deported an average of 35 people per day over the past nine years, including to countries with moratoriums on deportation. D
  2. Say you buy that ticket above to KK from Manila for 10 months out and show it at check in going to Manila, then after a few months in PI, you go to Macau for a few days, then use that same ticket above at check in at Macau to Manila and on and on. We did it.
  3. Yes, I would do that as well but get the onward ticket for as long in as possible up to 1 year and then you may use it 3 or 4 times if you go to other places nearby and return to the PI.
  4. It seems that they can compartmentalize their hearing or block out everything else while they focus on one thing. While playing with their phones, they hear nothing else, no dogs, no roosters, no knocking at the gate.....just one channel open. Sometimes, it is a good thing to be able to do that. Relaying messages is another thing too.
  5. Certainly some of the IATF are medical personnel such as doctors. This one was killed in Negros Occidental. https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1880327/Bacolod/Local-News/Guihulngan-City-IATF-chief-husband-shot-dead-by-riding-in-tandem
  6. And then there is the 14th month wage: https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1877198/Bacolod/Local-News/Capitol-starts-releasing-14th-month-pay
  7. They cook chicken and pork at the same time in the same small oven and it sits there in the oven until sold. It should be called Chork to Go. Looks like chicken tastes like pork. Close your eyes and smell it. My nephew worked at one.
  8. And don't touch the bare cheese with your hands.
  9. If one has been out of country for 3 years, are they covered immediately upon returning? In Canada, we are not covered for the 1st 3 months upon returning.
  10. I hope that General George Custer is not leading them.
  11. Was it the compressor in all the other cases? If so, GM should have done a recall under warranty. Have you contacted your dealer?
  12. And stay away from those 2 gastropubs in Bacolod with very high prices.
  13. If beer is your main expense, then you would need to adjust your budget. How do you like those BC beer prices, especially in a bar or restaurant (if you can find one open)?
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