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  1. But we have fixers here!
  2. Did Lehigh Acres ever get fully developed? I was there many years ago on a promotion lot sales but it was just streets with no houses yet and then I read years later that many people lost their money as there still was no water and electricity. Just wondering....
  3. And sometimes when they know that they don't know them, they still make gossip.
  4. The Bluesmart One carry on weighs 5 kg empty, not much room left for contents and a cost of $811 plus taxes and maybe shipping. The international one cost $1677 plus taxes and shipping. I will stick with my blackdumb luggage. https://www.amazon.ca/Bluesmart-Black-Edition-International-Luggage/dp/B01IH8ZTVQ/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1504655512&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=bluesmart+suitcase
  5. Same happened to us on our package deal house purchase. We looked at it twice, took pictures, then when we moved in, somethings were missing, like all the curtains including the rods, some furniture, a filing cabinet, some pictures, two fans, a ladder, some plants, and some garden tools. I wanted to complain but my wife was afraid to as the sellers were well known politically and the caretaker was a "very religious man". By religious he must have went to confession everyday.
  6. I say go for the foam mattress but the medium density one, not the most expensive hard one, as it is too hard. At the store, lay on your side so you can see if your hips go into the foam to keep your spine straight.
  7. It must have been sudden and unexpected as he was scheduled to play in Ontario on Oct 19/17.
  8. Many of those vehicles are financed to the max and paid by minimum payments, including trikes. Look online at any of the banks repo list. I stand around watching at the market while my wife does the shopping. I see the Bombay 5/6s go from stall to stall everyday collecting the daily minimum payments, even from doctors, dentists and police. Lots of dedt here. The STL (Small Town Lottery) is active in my area and I see sellers everywhere all day long for the 3 daily draws. Some that can't buy rice a kilo at a time, still have 10 php for each draw. Some of the traffic could be reduced if things were managed better ie: There are 2 police colleges south of Bacolod and every student needs to get their NBI so every student (Maybe 800) has to go to Bacolod to get it. It would be more efficient if 2 NBI agent went to each college instead. Al the med techs in Bacolod have to go to Manila or Cebu to write their board exams. There are police living in Iloilo that have to go to Bacolod everyday to work and vice versa. They could be working in their own city instead of commuting.
  9. Well the weekend promo has come and gone. Did you make the move?
  10. Good idea as there has been about 16 murders in that area in the past 6 weeks. http://www.visayandailystar.com/2017/August/31/negor1.htm http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/915911/pnp-condemns-npa-ambush-in-negros-oriental http://www.visayandailystar.com/2017/September/01/negor2.htm
  11. Sounds like the common crab mentality.
  12. It is not allowed to take a job that could be done by a local, even with no pay. Some people may do it but if a local complains, you could get deported.
  13. Our niece got married to an Italian in Dubai and now she wants to have the marriage again in Bacolod. On the 90 day fiancee show, one couple had got married in USA and then again in Dominican Republic. How does that work when getting the certificate of no marriage when applying for the licence on the 2nd marriage?
  14. Do you get updates to W10 without it being activated?
  15. I think that we have the same laptop: Acer Aspire E15, 8GB DDR3 L Memory ,1000 GB HDD. Model E5-571-53 HX. Intel Core i 5.
  16. There was some features that I did not like with W10 so I changed it, one being the photo app. I like Windows Essentials better, maybe just because I am used to it. Another was Edge.
  17. I upgraded both my laptops, Acer and HP, when W10 first came out, July of 2016, I think and have had no problems what so ever. I had to revert my old Dell desk top back to Windows XP. It was easy to go back from W10 to XP, no need to get someone else to do it. Just a few clicks and you are there. But...yesterday, an update to W10 new version 1703 came out but failed to install. Google says some people are having problems with that so I will wait for awhile before I try again. It is a large update as it took about 7 hours to download.
  18. Thanks for the link to Benzinga. I had never seen it before. It is interesting to see the different news sources from different forum members. Even on TV, I sometimes watch Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, and Al Jazeera for different news perspectives.
  19. Let us know how the road turned out. Some concrete roads here are good while others are like driving over a series of speed bumps.
  20. You can log in and get a 30 day trial. We did the trial with Netflix, Iflix, and Amazon then chose Amazon in part to get the 2 day free shipping. Disclaimer: Also, I am a shareholder of Amazon.
  21. And this one in Cebu last July: THE Cebu City Government ordered the abandonment of its condominium on N. Bacalso Ave. due to the danger it poses to the students who live there. Mayor Tomas Osmeña said he will be filing a complaint for criminal negligence against those who were responsible for the facility’s construction. “We will be filing charges against the contractor. That condominium was an anomaly. They failed to follow proper procedures, which include soil boring to see whether the foundation was good enough. That’s criminal negligence,” he said Read more: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/local-news/2017/07/11/sinkhole-found-under-citys-condo-552267
  22. If it was only in my subdivision, then maybe a petition of some sort would be looked at but the water outage was the entire city including the mayor, vice mayor, councillors, brgy capts, tanods, baciwa workers, ceneco workers, etc and they all accept it as the ways things are in the Philippines. Our next door neighbour is a retired city manager and across the street lives a retired vice mayor with his councillor daughter all of whom are not concerned. Things don't improve here because of acceptance of what we see as a problem. We asked at least 5 people as to what was the problem but nobody knew. The water did come back on around 8 PM at a very low pressure.
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