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  1. Jack single tournament wins of over $3,000 are required to be reported. the events i am playing in do not pay $3,000 for a win, hence they are not required to be reported. The rule changed a few years back when a win of over 300 to 1 over the cost of fees for the event was the tax accountability threshold. If you are what is considered a black tag or professional player you are required to report your live game winnings , but non professionals carry no responsibility of reporting winnings from live play. I will not be having over $10,000 in an overseas account at any time. If i need money i can transfer from my retirement accounts to my bank over the internet and have it posted in 24 hours. Later Poker Mike
  2. Pokermike here, hi everyone! finally settled in thanks to the good advice from forum members JJ, John m special thanks. Almost made a big mistake to start , i am staying in Angeles with my friends that used to work for me in the casino business. the mistake was liking the first condo i saw, one bedroom , new, nice pool no gym 60,000 pesos for a month. Luckily my poker playing buddies at Aces High poker room directed me to Candy Suites , great pool , new gym , nice pool table only 30,000 pesos a month with no lease. Went to S&R several times to stalk up on my western goods. Not cooking as much as i thought manily because of playing poker so much. John M played 15 tournaments made to final table 10 times for a whopping profit of $423. Its fun and passes the time away. So, far i am close to my original forcast of $3,500 on my budget and which i think i can lower a few hundred dollars a month. I will not be counting my poker profits which i know now are a sure thing, very weak players. Guessing those profits around $600 per month. I am now convinced you can live here fairly well on just over $2,500 a month. So, far i am happy i made the move. Later Poker Mike
  3. Let me get this straight so your rent is $70 US dollars per month? Wow looks like a great deal. Poker Mike
  4. You could try Moalbal if i remeber correctly about 5 hours from the city, nice beaches but you will be isolated. Then maybe $400 to $500 a month. Poker Mike
  5. I have been to the beaches of Cebu . Currently i am looking at several one bedroom condos on the beach for about $1200 a month US. I am moving there in one week. i have been searching for a place close to a decnt beach with some shoping close by for years and have not found anything for under $1,000 a month. If you find something please tell me and if i find something i will tell everyone. If yoiu want to live close to the beach in Cebu , i would advise a budget of over $2,000 a month . you look young and if you want a life thats what it going to cost you. i am allowing $3,500 for my budget. i am married and dont drink much or smoke. N othing is cheap in the beach areas. I have seen beaches in cebu charge $75 per day for a person just to use the beach. Jet skis , run about $75 per hour. The last hotel i stayed at in mactan a beach of Cebu was over $350 per night. It was not best hotel. Over $2,000 a month to live. Unless you are going to stay home and do nothing at all then i think maybe $1,200 that includes not eating. Poker Mike
  6. The reason i went business class this time and made sure my reservations were made before the end of the year , was because i have a gaming consulting company and Pacor is looking at a few of my things. i own two gaming inventions. So this trip is a tax write off Uncle sam takes the beat. From now on coach, come on guys i am a lot smarter than i look. John most of the time i have tyhe best hand. i should have explained that earlier about my flight. Wow one week and i am there for good or maybe try a few more countires. Poke mike thanks guys
  7. Thanks guys, just got the money from the sale of my house. On the 2nd i am meeting with Fidelity and rolling my 401k and proceeds from the sale of my house into a 2040 index fund , probably too agressive , but i dont know about the market. Larry45 wish i knew the market like you i am jealous. I play a strong game of poker when i am into that mindset, right now just taking care of my move and everything to many distrations so not playing. Dont let the bad beats bother you , they all end up breaking even. think of it thid way the game is not over till you are six feet under. Curley thats why i know i am going to get stuck with a high rental in some high rise condos , from what i have seen they look the best. Have not seen any house i have liked. Guess i am spoiled my house i just sold was in Scottsdale very nice, going to miss it a little, but miss my woman more. later guys thanks Poker Mike
  8. Where are you now Vyrly , might move in on you.. poker mike
  9. Starting my journey into my new life December 9th , fly from Phoenix to Los Angeles $172 , then flight from Los Angeles to Manilla $2,920. Guess thats going to be part of my budget times two at least once a year for me and my wife. I hope i can make that $3000 a month magic number. Its going to be close. Poker Mike
  10. Thanks Big dog , i will have my daughter check that out. i am sure it is tough. the answer to fluids is i always have my camelback with me it holds three liters. Locally the mountain we climb typically will take a normally fit person about two hours to climb , we do it in a little under a half hour. If my daughter is not slowed down by me she does it in 20 minutes and change if we are doing a speed run. The average person does not complete the climb and just quits halfway, there is nice bench with a view , they take some pictures and thewn head back down. The great thing about this type of a hike or jog for us , is that when we get to the bottom we can get more water from our car if needed, keep bottles of frozen liquid in our cooler in the car. We grab a few bottles and turn around and go again, no break. If i do 6 times up and down i pace myself for one hour and 15 minutes per run. The night before it is important to take in a lot of fluids. Then the morning of the hike drink from two to four liters of fluids before the hike. The day of if you are not hydrated you cant catch up. I am looking forward to so many great hikes over there. Thanks everyone great input! Poker Mike
  11. Thanks gentleman , i think that i am going to play it safe and on the first try camp out. Then if i find it to find the dificulty not to extreme on the scond time try to do it one day. Yes i do plan to use it as training for an ironman or a tough mudder. My 23 year old daughter wants to do the ironman in Cebu next year and wants me to find some tough courses there for her to train on. Right now or training includes running up our local mountain with 20 pound weight belts, it is a 19% grade so very dificult we do not take a break. in the summer here in Arizona we have done it in 110 plus degree heat. Sometimes our workouts are 6 hours plus and burn well over 10,000 calories. Usually lose about 7 pounds. Your information is great wish i knew the exact distance but we will know after our first climb. We need to know to set our pace. She likes to go around setting time records for mountains. Currenlty she is the best in Phoenix , she is lean and mean. ha ha The drinking sounds great but dont drink when i climb at all. Afterwords party central. thanks guys Poker Mike
  12. Thank you, do you have an idea on the total distance in miles? Where do i find the quality guides? do you know how long it takes the guides to do it one day? thanks for your help Poker Mike
  13. Methersgate if you went in ideal conditions how long would it take to reach the summit? Then after camping out for the night how long was the decent? I still am curious about a one day hike. Is there a lot of rock climbing or you following a trail. I take 2 different dificult hikes about about a half a dozen times a year. The shortest being 17 miles, then 27 miles . It is recommened that you camp out for a night and not to complete hike in one day. I have never camped out because i always felt i had a lot left in the gas tank. I also practice on one of local mountains considered difficult about a 19 percent grad,e for up to seven hours a day. I am confused on this hike why the guides suggest a 5 minute break per hour that seems like a lot. Unless it is a very steep grade. what id the distance of the hike? It must be over 20 miles. My wife is tougher than me she can climb forever, she will not be happy with the breaks she likes to keep going, can you hire private guides that would be willing in and out one day. Is it beautiful you have said much about that, are there waterfalls? Poker Mike
  14. Does anyone know how many S&R are now open last time i checked there were six. If anyone knows are there any within an hour of a beach ? Help get that budget down to under $2,000 some day! Poker Mike
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