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  1. She has been doing the renewals for about 2 years but she can't leave the country for me. I agree about staying legal but I don't really know what to do about my 3 years requirement
  2. Oh! And ?????? that partner taking my comment . You must have real trust issues. She has access to all my money all the time and can walkwith it when she wants
  3. thanks for all the replies guys. Since I am bed ridden I almost feel like avoiding the whole Visa update thing and just hidding in my house, cause who is going to find me?
  4. My gf was told today at immigration that I could pay 200k and they would send my passport to manila and get it stamped as a work visa. No more extensions. No need to leave country this time. But in 3 years. Also told if I leave the country for my 3 year requirements I could not return due to no tourest allowed Direct from the head of Davao city immigration. Any truth to any of this? Thanks, Dave Cooper I forgot to mention that in addition to the covid travel restrictions I have also been bed ridden for 2 years
  5. I read it the same way. I should be allowed to go out to take care of BI business. But BI will not allow seniors in. (at least Davao city BI)
  6. On July 1 davao city has started MGCQ until July 15. My extension was due April 21 but as a 70 year old I still don't think I can leave the house. Does anyone home if penilities and extra fees will still be waived during this period of time. Thanks Dave
  7. how to find these agents if can't leave the house? How to trust them with my money, passport. Can my fiancee go there for me on my behalf? Davao city Thanks Dave How to find these agents if I can't leave the house? How to trust them with my money, passport... Can my fiancee get for me on my behalf? She only has police clearance as ID Davao city office Thanks Dave
  8. I looked at a post from 2014 and it said p500 for late fee. I am now guessing that 1 day or 1 month the same fee. That was a 5 year old post. Is it still p500? Thanks, Dave
  9. I have been in PI for 6+years on a tourist visa. I buy my extension every 2 months Because of very inconvenient holiday circumstances I will pay 1 day late this month. (my extension expire on Sunday 21 but emmigration closed from 17 until 21 here in Davao City so I will be late paying first they open on 22. Can anyone tell me what the 1 day late fee for extension will be? Never been late before so I don't know. Is there any sympathy for the holiday circumances. Thanks in advance Dave
  10. I was not able to avail any of the promos you guys posted. but I did get manila To Macau for $89 (4040p). A bit out of my budget but I was running out of time Thanks for the replies
  11. Thanks for the reply. I can't find a destination "macua" Where was the starting point? Manila?
  12. This month I am going to Singapore from Davao city as part my 6 year exit requirement. But I have yet to find a reasonable prices throw away ticket for my return. My 3 year exit I had a throw away for $8 us. But I don't remember where from or where to. Getting old. Trying to search but I can't find a site that will let me search without putting in a start and end location or a date. Any suggestions on good sources for throw away tickets or how best to search for them? Thanks Dave
  13. Thanks for the replies. Its appears that the cheapest and easiest option is have a companion assist me. At least I have time to arrange the additional cost. I usually book my tickets 3 to 6 months in advance. Will I be able to book 1 of those ticked with no initial name? Because I don't know when I will be able to arrange who will be my companion. Thanks
  14. Thanks. I can get a letter from my doctor I think easy. My next visa extension is mid Aug so I can ask them then if that is acceptable. If my only need "health wise" is to be escorted do they just insist you pay the fee for a fellow traveler?
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