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  1. Thanks for the reply. I can't find a destination "macua" Where was the starting point? Manila?
  2. This month I am going to Singapore from Davao city as part my 6 year exit requirement. But I have yet to find a reasonable prices throw away ticket for my return. My 3 year exit I had a throw away for $8 us. But I don't remember where from or where to. Getting old. Trying to search but I can't find a site that will let me search without putting in a start and end location or a date. Any suggestions on good sources for throw away tickets or how best to search for them? Thanks Dave
  3. Thanks for the replies. Its appears that the cheapest and easiest option is have a companion assist me. At least I have time to arrange the additional cost. I usually book my tickets 3 to 6 months in advance. Will I be able to book 1 of those ticked with no initial name? Because I don't know when I will be able to arrange who will be my companion. Thanks
  4. Thanks. I can get a letter from my doctor I think easy. My next visa extension is mid Aug so I can ask them then if that is acceptable. If my only need "health wise" is to be escorted do they just insist you pay the fee for a fellow traveler?
  5. I am guessing I already know the answer to this question but I thought I would ask the experts to be sure. I am an American living now in the Philippines for over 5 years. I am on a tourist visa. In 2016 I did my 3 year exit as required to Singapore. Before Feb. 2019 I need to go again. The problem is my health is so bad that I am not sure I can endure the exit especially alone (I don't even go to the corner sari sari alone) so my question is, if there is any kind of waver or penalty fee that would allow me to avoided this exit? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks DAVE
  6. I have a few "old person" difficulties and travel is hard but I would have been happy to make another trip to BI to claim my passport to save p1000. So I wonder if keeping a passport a few days is a office choice or a officer choice or just a decision made based on how busy at that moment?
  7. Went to Davao BI today. Arguably one of the least busy (or most organized) BI in the Philippines. Or I just always have good timing . anyway I turned in my passport and papers and set down. A few minutes later I was called to pay (I was first in the building). They asked for 1930 which is exactly "express line fee" less then normal. So I assumed they were going to keep my passport and tell me to come back another day, but to my surprise I was asked to sit down again after I played. Again, only a few minutes later I was called up to sign my receipt and get my clearance and stamped passport. No express line fee and I walked out the door at 8:17am extra p1000 in my pocket. Your mileage may very
  8. Ok. I have been reading this topic carefully and I think I understand. And I also am a bit worried. I have been in the Philippines over 4 years (minus my 3 year exit). Never once late for an extension, exit clearance, 3 year exit..... Everything by the book. I thought. I just went back through all my receipts. Jan 5, 2016 - AR charge 300 Feb 3 year exit December 21, 2016 - AR charge. I am assuming due to me leaving the country so they got me twice in 2016. 2017 - extension in Feb - no AR charge. 2017 - extension in April - no AR charge So no AR charges in 2017 Davao city BI Current ACR card until Feb 2018 Am I at risk of deportation??? Thank for reading. Hope it was clear ducecoop
  9. First of all I was literately door in to door out in less then 10 minutes (Visa Extension). Amazing There has been some process changes and I apologize if these are mentioned elsewhere. -extension form has been shortened again and no longer requires passport info -No more pictures needed -And maybe we just got lucky but my gf when in side in sandals All in All a good experience Dave
  10. well the high Terminal fee is a disappointing bit of information. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the replys guys. This "forced" vacation just keeps getting more expensive. :( Glad I got here after the change from 16 month to 36 month for exiting. Soon I will have 3 years to wait and hope they adjust that to 60 months. :)
  12. I have been in the Philippines for 3 years now. Time for a short exit required by BI. I have my ECC, round trip ticket, Onward ticket. I will be flying direct from Davao to Singapore for 5 days and then return to Davao. What fees can I expect at davao before I leave? I know there is the Terminal fee (I think only 200 at Davao). But I also heard something about a "Tourist fee" Does anybody know about this and if it exists how much it is? Also: are there any fees when arriving back in Davao? Thanks Dave
  13. Does anybody know where at the Davao Airport, I can get the 59 day (29 day extension)? I assume there is a fee for the 29day extension (over the initial 30 day waver). Does anyone know what that fee is? Thanks Dave
  14. The post I wanted to reply to was locked so I hope its ok I made a new one. The question was what costs for a throw away ticket. I have been watching CepuAir web site for promos. I get on every day. On the 21st they offered a promo mania to HK for p888 I jumped right on it. It had only been available for a few hours and when I got to it, only 2 seats remained so they do go fast. Result I got my Throw away for $19+ US Need to be careful on their site because as you go through the purchase process they "offer" a lot of "Pre-selected" value ups. They make it daunting to turn them all off to get the fare actually down to the promo price, but I finally did. Anyway: just keep checking the airline sites daily and jump on any promo quickly. And it may not be obvious but remember: this ticket can be FROM ANYPLACE in the Philippines TO ANYPLACE outside PI. Has nothing to do with where you are staying in PI
  15. Davao City. They want me to renew, but for my then 1.5 years they have not been able to receive my card - it never gets sent from Manila. My concern is having a current card to present to the airlines when I exit Philippines for my required 36 month exit OR to present to customs/immigration when I return a few days later