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  1. I'm NOT aiming at SRRV myself, because I plan to work many years still, although I'm older than you :) and that deposit demand make so I perhaps NEVER will want to get retirement type of VISA, so I haven't checked it any proper, but as far as I have HEARED/read:/The deposit is backup ment to cover so Phil goverment will not need to pay for your future caretaking/hospital bills. /but accordning to someone, the deposit is only checked once a year, so it can be "sneak used" in between. But I suppouse that's NOT OK if they find out. /There is a kinder type a retirement VISA IF you belong
  2. Here is another question... anybody hear officially that srrv holders are exempt from the new alien registration program? We have already done the finger printing and biometric recordings, but not safe to assume.
  3. Hi, I am up for SRRV renewal in November. Anyone with experience know how early I can go in for renewal(is Oct. ok?)? Besides the money, photos, passport , SRRV card anything else I need to take? Do they get the renewal done the same day? The email I have for them doesn't get any reply. Thanks
  4. Hi, We will be traveling on a domestic flight with our 2 dogs in about a month so any info you come up with will be appreciated. What I have been told so far is to just get a certificate that can be provided by their local vet. I contacted the PAL cargo section at the local airport and they said to bring them to the cargo section in their crates before check in. Not sure how that will work....
  5. Season 1, Episode 1 – “Killer Kids”: The cycle of violence in the island nation of the Philippines; the Taliban manipulates children into committing suicide bombings. 6E99F31B4D050AC626FF0D25EA468EF13BADC55F (Magnet) HBO is partnering with “VICE” on an innovative news magazine show to be hosted by “VICE” founder Shane Smith, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming. The weekly series will be executive produced by Bill Maher, Shane Smith and Eddy Moretti, VICE’s chief creative officer, with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria serving as consultant. Titled VICE, the HBO
  6. Adding on a question under this topic, Will I be able to open a savings account with only my passport and tourist (visa on arrival) visa? What about safety deposit boxes, are they usually available at the larger banks? (or are they sold out with a waiting list?) I have a short trip to Cebu in July, ( moving there in October) and would like to do both the above if possible. Thanks in advance for input from anyone with this experience.
  7. "There is a proposal, and it's only a proposal at this time, to lower the deposit to $5,000. The reason is because the amount is needed to pay for end of life expenses. $5,000 is more than enough to pay for burial or cremation expenses. In addition, for Americans, a Social Security benefit is $1,000 to help pay for funeral expenses." Thanks for the heads-up on possible future changes in the program.
  8. Thanks Mikeb. Maybe I'm missing something. The one time $1400 doesn't sound too bad. Not sure if it's going to be double that for a couple. Assuming marrying a local is off the table it seems like a never ending VISA extension. And what happened here is that was revised forcing people who could do so to follow the proper retirement VISA channels, which the costs of that went up dramatically, and can go up anytime for new applicants, others who couldn't qualify just had to leave or scramble. The 340 is high but you don't have to pay for exits,.... here that involves more money and extra
  9. Thanks Londonirish53. I am not in a position to tell when something is too good to be true anymore. When I started this early retirement game, life was all sweet and easy, now it seems everybody is playing for blood. I did read how the annual renewal cost on this program had jumped dramatically for those not grandfathered in. Still sounding sweet compared to Thailand.
  10. hi, Anyone care to comment on the SRRV retirement scheme? My current retirement haven has me locking up $30,000 US for a couple and 4 trips a year to a dysfunctional immigration for the privilege of renewing an annual visa. IF I should make a mistake and have to get a new visa we will be locking up $60000 us. Ive read a lot about SRRV and think its going to cost me a deposit of $10,000 US <for us as a couple. > Does anyone have a real life success or horror stories they can share? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, I've been showering with similar heaters for the last 17 years and none of them were ever grounded. I've never received a shock. My rule of thumb is if it's got a metal exterior,make sure it's grounded (microwave, toaster oven, etc.) If your going to worry about it ground it though.... peace of mind is everything! Cheers,
  12. I was wondering if anyone living in the Philippines could comment on the mail system. I've lived in two developing countries and one I could count on getting my mail, the other one I could count on getting it stolen. Thanks! B
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