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  1. The problem with feeding stray cats is that they have a habit of coming back.
  2. I thought alcohol was supposed to kill the virus?
  3. At least one senator is in fact concerned primarily with the Chinese and making their voice heard. Red highlights are mine. https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1351888/retirement-visas-on-hold-over-security-concerns Foreigners wishing to retire in the Philippines may have to put their plans on hold. The board of the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) on Friday suspended the granting of retirement visas to foreigners after several senators raised security concerns over the presence in the country of nearly 28,000 Chinese “retirees,” some of whom were only in their 30s. An atta
  4. An advanced society needs lots of labels to protect dumb people. I like the one on lawnmowers that says not to put your fingers into the spinning blade.
  5. The point being where have they been, with who, how long without a mask, etc. If a person tries to enter a restaurant without mask and/or shield, I as either a patron or owner would assume the person for whatever reason was choosing not to wear a mask and/or shield when out in public. That is not the person I would want if I were the owner or customer.
  6. The difficulty with your argument and question is the word "average" when asking if a person is willing to give up 1-2 years of life for the good of society. Perhaps you should be asking if you or other members are willing to give up whatever REMAINS of your life, regardless of age, as a husband/wife and father/mother to benefit the majority of society and prevent small business failures? "Average" is what happens to the group, the reality of death, and the consequences for our families, whenever it happens is our respective reality. I assume from your efforts to lose weight and improve y
  7. When it does happen you do not have to go in person if you are a senior. You can use a limited power of attorney to designate someone to do it for you. I did that for the first time last year with no problem at all.
  8. As my dad used to say "it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick".
  9. Your eyes must be going bad, that is a VOLKSWAGON
  10. Tommy, I was looking at the picture of the glass shower wall you posted. I used to install a lot of glass and I think that the install as shown is not entirely safe. The top of the glass is only supported at the top left corner. If a taller or heavy person were to slip in the shower and hit the glass you could get excessive flex. This could cause it to shatter due to the twisting torque at the top attachment. A safer alternative is to run the glass clear to the ceiling although the left wall would also need to be raised in the picture shown to make it look correct. I also like this typ
  11. Older patient - Doctor, my hearing has gotten so bad I can't even hear myself fart. Doctor - I am writing you a prescription. Take three of these a day and you will be fine. Patient - They have pills to fix you hearing now, that is amazing! Doctor - Your hearing won't improve, but your farts will start sounding like a pistol shot.
  12. It would seem the primary purpose of eliminating direct consular filings was to reduce efficiency and slow the immigration process? I am guessing the cost also rose as this was happening?
  13. The Russian vaccine produced in the Philippines. What could possibly go wrong? https://globalnation.inquirer.net/190795/russia-eyes-manufacture-trial-of-covid-vaccine-in-ph MANILA, Philippines — Russia has proposed to manufacture its vaccine for the new coronavirus in the Philippines, a move seen as opening a Southeast Asian hub for the production of its drug for COVID-19. The plan is part of a bilateral deal proposed by Russia to the Philippines, which includes joint clinical trials and immediate provision of vaccine supply after the third and final phase and regulatory appro
  14. Welcome Ash. $2000 should be fine for a single person living a moderate life style. But you will need some emergency savings for any emergency or to return home if you decide the Philippines is not what you expected.
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