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  1. Now I just have to convince my wife that I need a couple cases of covid prevention. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/red-wine-wards-off-coronavirus-but-not-beer-according-to-new-research/ar-AAT30nK Red wine could help stave off Covid, according to new research. People who drink more than five glasses a week had a 17 per cent lower risk of catching the virus. Experts believe this is due to the polyphenol content, which can inhibit the effect of viruses such as flu and respiratory tract-related infections. White wine drinkers who consume between one to four glasses a week had an eight per cent lower risk of catching the virus compared with non-drinkers. People who drink more than five glasses of red wine a week had a 17 per cent lower risk of catching the virus. [File image] Beer and cider drinkers had a nearly 28 per cent higher chance of getting Covid, regardless of how much they consumed. Figures from British database UK Biobank were analysed at China’s Shenzhen Kangning Hospital.
  2. My bro-in-law was not wearing his helmet. He is now at Chong Hua in Cebu city. He required surgery to remove blood clots on the brain, was in a coma for four days, and finally opened his eyes yesterday.
  3. My father and mother voted every election without fail. One always voted democrat and the other always voted republican so I am not sure why they didn't just call a truce and stay home.
  4. Here in Moalboal there would have been almost nothing left to damage. The typhoon and storm surge already tore it down.
  5. The stray cats are actually helpful in keeping down the rat problem. Shortly after the typhoon we found the remains of two dead rats in our yard. We have two well fed cats who will kill rats and bring them home as some kind of present. Normally we would only see a couple dead ones show up in a year. Two in three days is unusual and I think that the destruction of other near by structures has them looking for new places to live. When they get to our place the cats either kill them or chase them off.
  6. Finally some good news. We have lost a lot but just gained another grand niece. I am a happy "daddy lo".
  7. My wife and I have a small ministry "Philippines Blessings of Hope". We were able to supply 20 families with meals for four days following the typhoons. Pictures from our Facebook page.
  8. Another picture. Our neighbors were just hammered. You can see this girl's house (what is left) in the background. In the foreground is the bed where the whole family now has to sleep. She is holding a bag of fried chicken and rice that we were able give each family. These kids have become part of our lives and we are anxious to get back.
  9. My walk to mama's house day after the typhoon. Had to climb over and crawl under downed trees and power poles. The electric grid seems to be a complete loss and will need to be replaced pole by pole. The picture of damage is what remains of a dive shop in Panagsama. Every thing on/near the water has been severe damage or is a total loss.
  10. There are rumors (hopefully true) that the government will be sending a container load of generators to Moalboal. As of yesterday when we left Moalboal there was extremely limited cell service in Panagsama (about 8 km from Moalboal) at a restobar that had a generator. It was on the water and they would get an intermittent signal from a cell tower on the island of Negros. The signal was very weak, drop out frequently, and would appear just before dusk for a couple hours. There is one gas station that has a generator and the line for gas stretched for over a mile on the day we left. Dozens and dozens of cars, hundreds of motorcycles. Other people standing in line with empty bleach bottles. Terrible conditions and reports of looting of closed or damaged homes and business. My dogs woke me up three times in one night barking when they are normally quiet all night. I am feeling both hope and fear about going back. I hope things will have improved, but I fear they may be worse.
  11. No electric in Ronda so there is no cell service, even if she gets the phone charged (going rate is 30 peso) you probably will not reach her.. Today is the first my family and friends have heard from me since Thursday afternoon of the storm. Many many house destroyed all around us. Roads blocked with trees but most are passable now. In order to get from Moalboal to Dumaguete we had first to travel north to Rondo, then east over the top of the island. Then south and around the bottom of Cebu up to the ferry landing. Multiple parts of the road have been washed out. One way at times with delay of 20 minutes or more.
  12. Hi guys. Moalboal was in the direct path and the whole town is wrecked. The eye hit at 11:25 so we got severe winds from both directions. Wife and I are safe. My house will need a complete new roof and a couple windows. Salt spray and ocean grass on floor, walls, even the ceiling. Four large trees on the lot fell. Two just missed the house, so close they took rain gutters. One just missed our 1300 litre water tank and pump. One just missed the car. The entire municipal electric system is just gone! At least half the poles are down or bent clear over even the big new concrete ones. All he wires down. It will not be days or even weeks for power, it could be months. People sleep overnight in their cars in lines to buy gas. We do have water but it is not potable and bottled water is in short supply. We fed the families around us for several days, basically ran out of food, water, and cash. Four couples rented a van and drove the long way to the bottom of island and then took the ferry here to Dumaguete. We will hit the ATMs, get cash, but solar flashlights, iodine to treat water, vitamins for the kids, and what ever else we can squeeze in our backpacks. Will stay tonight and one more night then return to do what we can for family and neighbors. The other three couples will look for rentals here in town and plan on moving as soon as they can. Any suggestions for them? They would prefer houses by the month if available but perhaps longer term lease if necessary.
  13. Bad for them but I am feeling a bit of relief. Heavy rains here all day, power out since 16:30, winds started to blow about 18:30.
  14. Not too many folks here eat dog but there are some, my bro-in-law prefers pork but . . . .
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