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  1. The internet has proven to be both a blessing and a curse. Both sides will say the "evidence", the "science", and the "experts" support their truth or conclusion. It is now possible to find "evidence and expert opinion" for both sides of any possible question, belief, or theory. The above article does seem to make sense and sound reasonable. At least it does to me, but I know very little about medicine, prescription drugs, drug trials, statistical analysis, etc. But, the articles I have read showing the drug does not work and can cause problems also make sense and are equally persuasive. And therein lies the challenge we all face in this era where vast quantities of information are available to everyone with a computer. I have a niece who graduated from university with a teaching degree. She worked as a teacher in the local public schools here and is now lives/works in Australia. Imagine my surprise when she ask me if I believed the earth was really round. At first I thought she was joking with me, but it turned out she had done "research on the internet and there was "all kinds of proof that the earth was flat". "All the governments and scientists have been lying". The reality is that people with any strong belief can and will find evidence to support that belief, and will also find evidence to show that the "truth is being suppressed". Is that what is happening with these drug trials, ie is the "truth" being drowned out because of politics as the author of the paper suggests? I will continue to try and educate myself on controversial subjects to include COVID, but my knowledge will never match that of medical professionals. And because I don't know "the truth" I will try to be safe and follow the direction and advice of the majority of doctors and health officials where there is conflicting opinions. Maybe these disagreements are one of the reasons we say that doctors "practice" medicine.
  2. Many years back my wife and I stayed a few days at a resort. I was laying down in a hammock that was stretched between two tall coconut palms. I heard and big thump and looked over my shoulder to see where a coconut had hit the ground. We now live here and have a number coconut palms on our lot. One of those was a tall palm, maybe 35-40 feet tall. We had it cut down for safety reasons, the others are much shorter where we can cut the nuts down using a folding ladder, one is actually a dwarf and the nuts are only about chest high, maybe a bit higher. I love the looks of a tall palm but each time I hired someone to climb it to drop nuts and trim fronds I feared for their safety. So no more tall palms for us.
  3. I do not see in the article any mention of HOW they are supposed to turn the wave action into electrical energy. Also the comparison of a catamaran to a banka is quite strange in my opinion. When I started reading I thought they were designing a boat where outriggers would flex and drive some type of generator, but the hull shown is a large basic triple hull catamaran.
  4. Have you asked her why the need for 20K but the three of you get by on 8K per month when you are there?
  5. I believe that is the new 8 cell "voluminous lumpia system". Cooks 8 batches of lumpia in just a few minutes.
  6. The studies with a control groups showed no benefit for the drug and did show health issues, ie heart rhythm problems. That is why the study was stopped and the emergency off label use withdrawn. It can still be prescribed off label but I suspect the majority of health care professionals probably "follow the science" and still subscribe to the philosophy of "First do no harm". https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/06/three-big-studies-dim-hopes-hydroxychloroquine-can-treat-or-prevent-covid-19
  7. Not sure I would put much faith in the opinion of a doctor who also believes some government officials are half human and half reptilian alien. Or tormenting spirits that have "astral sex" with women and cause gynecological problems. Seriously, is this someone you would trust for medical advice? https://www.scmp.com/news/world/united-states-canada/article/3095096/aliens-and-reptilians-odd-beliefs-dr-stella
  8. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy - life is short and getting shorter. You need to move on to a good single malt.
  9. I think many countries see the USA deficit that was out of control now being pushed to utterly ridiculous levels with the efforts to keep the economy from collapsing. All countries are taking similar measures but their deficits started at a lower level and they are not going to the extreme of the US.
  10. I have one of those bisaya translation devices. It works great but cost me a FORTUNE, still paying for it. It probably helps that she has a masters in English and taught at an international school. We have been married for 15 years now.
  11. You might want to read the book "Culture Shock Philippines". Available from Amazon. I read it many years ago prior to my first visit. It will give you an overview of traditional Philippine culture, traditions, and values. It will be of particular help if your girl and family live a more traditional or provincial lifestyle.
  12. 1 - When I walk or am shopping I will often complement parents on the children, quapo, quapa, love that hat, etc. The parents always smile and appreciate the comments. Sometimes I will have children come to me for mano po even when they do not know me. It is this warm, friendly, and gracious nature of Filipinos that I have come to love and respect. 2 - The main challenge I have faced with english speaking Filipinos is that the words are often pronounced differently here than USA. For example I wanted to buy wax for my car. The clerk did not understand what I wanted. I explained what I was doing (wash and polish the car), and he smiled and said "okay you want wax", but he pronounced it with the "ah" sound. So even when each of you know the word, the pronunciation may be so different as to be a challenge. Also there will be english words that are new to them. I was not able to buy shoe laces until I bent down and tugged on my own shoe lace, etc. 3 - When shopping for an unusual item I will now use my cell phone to google the item and show the clerk an image. This is really helpful for both of us ;and much appreciated. It also gives me the opportunity to learn new words.
  13. A few years back I went to heat up water in the kettle for breakfast coffee. There was still some water in the kettle so I decided to open the lid and see how much was left. There was a small island of ants floating on top of the water, I would say at least 50 of the little buggers. Still not sure how they managed to get in there. Now I always check before heating up water.
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