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  1. Mike J

    Elevator Manners

    The time to worry is when you begin to argue with yourself and then lose the argument.
  2. Mike J

    The realities of VERY low income living here

    The description of your husband's relatives mirrors that of most of my wife's family. I think what you describe is quite common for those of us who marry into a Filipino family and choose to live here. Often with that comes the burden of trying to help them financially while avoiding charges of favoritism or putting yourself and spouse into financial distress. A difficult tightrope to walk, seems that often you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. Just venting a bit, it can be frustrating at times.
  3. Mike J

    Laws Are starting to be enforced Negros

    Never had one of those, do you need to wear a helmet?
  4. Mike J

    Too hot or too cold

    A new plant would cost close approximately 8-10 billion US dollars. Meters are extra. If you are interested you can get a good buy on slightly used nuclear power plants. Three Mile Island USA, Chernobyl Russia, and Fukushima Japan come to mind.
  5. Just curious - did they give you a reason why the the entry date on your passport was not sufficient proof of 6 months residence?
  6. Mike J

    Gimme an F!

    His mama told the painter never to use the "F" word.
  7. You do not list your "profession" nor your "sector". Ask a vague question and you will get vague answers at best.
  8. Mike J

    An Anthurium plant collection

    Very nice - what what your supply source? We have semi-shaded area that would brighten right up with those.
  9. Mike J

    Pencil Sketch

    I will definitely have to check them out. I love the name of the shop, sounds like one of the "flower children" from Haight-Ashbury moved here and opened a store. Not that I am old enough to remember those times or taken part.
  10. Mike J

    No water again !

    The 750 peso should be able to buy multiple "T" connectors for your neighbors.
  11. Mike J

    New Diet

  12. Mike J

    Pencil Sketch

    Father-in-law colored pencil.
  13. Mike J

    Foreigner living on the streets

    Maybe that is why we never see beautiful young Filipinas sitting living on a bench while staring into space all day.
  14. Mike J

    Pencil Sketch

    "Future Beauty Queen"
  15. Mike J

    Foreigner living on the streets