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  1. Rule number one in media marketing - Bad news sells. Rule number two in media marketing - see rule number one.
  2. Here is some information on ivermectin. I would be a bit reluctant to take a medicine that is normally prescribed to kill parasitic worms in horses. But then again, maybe it is a Darwinian solution to "thin the herd". https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/why-you-should-not-use-ivermectin-treat-or-prevent-covid-19 COVID-19. We’ve been living with it for what sometimes seems like forever. Given the number of deaths that have occurred from the disease, it’s perhaps not surprising that some consumers are looking at unconventional treatments, not approved or authorized by t
  3. Geoff, didn't you know that Occam is part of the conspiracy.
  4. Father-in-law occasionally goes into tampo mode if he feels he is not being treated right. Actually a bit humorous to watch how the family reacts.
  5. Where did you read this? I have not seen either statement published.
  6. i am not sure that doubling salary, increasing benefits working conditions, etc. is a solution when the primary problem seems to be a "supply and demand" imbalance. Too many people want to be nurses and not enough positions for the new graduates to receive on the job training. Further complicated because the new graduates cannot get work overseas without experience so the nursing glut stays here in the Philippines. The result is an oversupply of graduates who struggle to find employment as nurses. Doubling the salary might actually make the problem worse as you would make nursing school ev
  7. So if your had the first shot you still have no protection until the second, is that correct? The article does not say what type of test and I don't see where the author got that data. If they had the vaccine then they would test positive for antibodies but that does not mean they have covid or had previously contracted covid. It just does not make sense that 110 out of 180 doctors who are working actually have covid. Positive for antibodies does make sense. But then I am not being paid to write an opinion piece for a newspaper. The frustrating thing about the pandemic "
  8. You need one of these bad boys to really shake up the Wokesters.
  9. They are wanting $15,000 according to the GoFundMe page. Seems like a large amount considering : Fine for Overstaying – (additional) Php 500.00 per month Motion for Reconsideration for Overstaying – (additional) Php 500.00 + Php 10.00 (LRF) Re-issuance of ACR for (2nd entry of every entry after 59 days) – Php 250 [for minors: Php 150] Application fee is only Php 300.00 for overstaying Maybe they want him to fly first class on the way home?
  10. Seems like almost no one is willing to accept responsibility for their own actions anymore. Much easier to blame it on someone else or the "evil government".
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