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  1. They have a "large" storage shed behind the "tiny" house?
  2. I had lasik done on both eyes about seven years ago. I just about lost it when they use that instrument that cuts the flat off the front of the eye. Then they fire laser shots at the eye to reshape the surface. Imagine hearing snap snap snap and seeing white bursts on the surface of your eye. Like big hailstones splatting onto a windshield. The second eye was even worse because I knew what was going to happen. Good thing they give you a tranquilizer first.
  3. As a senior it could be free. https://www.cebu.gov.ph/news/pho-offers-free-cataract-surgery-helps-elderly-regain-better-eyesight/ Even if not free Philhealth will pay the majority of cost for cataract surgery. Google "cataract surgery cebu city" and "cataract surgery philhealth" and "cataract surgery seniors" to find additional info. There are a large number of clinics and hospitals that do cataract surgery. Interestingly enough it seems the hospitals that do it free have the best results. The reason is that they have the most experience because they do so many. Sometime cheap, or even free, can be better.
  4. This sounds like a courtesy discount not a government mandated senior citizen discount.
  5. On the other hand, how many hotel suites can you stay in if you saved the cost of those road beasts. Prices start at about $100,000 and go to a million or more for deluxe or custom models. And then you have the cost of fuel, maintenance, insurance, camp spot fees, parking/storage fees when not in use, etc. I am reminded of the old saying about owning a boat; "The two best days of my life were the day I bought my boat, and the day I was finally able to sell the damn thing."
  6. Your dog will not need to be quarantined provided you have followed all the instructions for getting him here. When we moved here six years we brought our two dogs with us. You would need to check with individual airlines to see if he would be allowed in the passenger cabin. Here is a good link to get you started. https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel/by-country/pettravel-philippines
  7. Read deep into that article and you will find: <snip> The senior citizen act for foreigners is a senate bill that was passed last May 11, 2018 Senate S.B. No. 2832. It seeks to include foreign senior citizens along with the privileges that SC locals enjoy. This is because the government sees them as also being a part of nation building. Despite them being aliens, they can now enjoy local SC privileges through this act. <snip> Senate bill 2832 is the bill from several years ago that was never enacted. If you follow the links you can see a copy of the PDF and part of date on the bill cannot be read. It was not dated May 11, 2018, it was May 11, 2011. This is actually the second time this has reared its ugly head on this forum. That website is doing a real disservice by publishing bad information that could end up causing an expat to break the law. What is amazing is how much information they presented on the benefits of the program while assuming that the bill was passed into law. An excellent example of poor journalism.
  8. I assume the ID (DL) referred to is a driver license. This would indicate that he is getting a courtesy discount, not the mandated discount. I am anxious to see what you here from the higher government sources. If they say yes, I would ask them for the new law that changed things because I could find nothing official on the web.
  9. It only affects those government employees who came to work today.
  10. I think the bill that was presented back in 2014 (SB 2832) and did not pass is circulating again as being something new or in process. I think there was a thread here that covered this a few months back. If memory serves me right, the date on the PDF image of the bill was partially unreadable and a original poster thought it was a current bill. I would be very surprised if senior expats ever see a bill passed that would give them discount privilege the same as a Philippine senior. I don't think it would really attract any additional expats who spend money here and it would decrease what we do spend. Also we don't vote so there is little reason for politicians to try to give us a benefit that would reduce what we spend and/or transfer that expense to the government. Just my opinion of course.
  11. Agree, very frustrating. I am sure the owners and JGF are beyond frustrated and well into totally pissed off.
  12. Showing my ignorance here. What is "quiz night"?
  13. I met a chinese lady at church sunday. She lives in Hong Kong and she and her husband own a resto here and she was on visit. She speaks the most beautiful english with a delightful british accent. It was a real treat to have a conversation with her and so pleasing to the ear.
  14. They say that "time flies when you are having fun". Frogs have a similar saying; "Times fun when you are having flies."
  15. I expect that most large business, hospitals, etc will have generators but I wonder if they will be able to get sufficient fuel to run them for five days?
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