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  1. I have never heard of a Filipino skipping a meal.
  2. I wonder if the rest of the world knows that the Philippines is the only country left, other than the Vatican City, where there is no divorce. https://ph.yahoo.com/news/rep-edcel-lagman-refiles-divorce-bill-094405956.html If passed into law, the Absolute Divorce Bill or House Bill (HB) No.78 will seek “to reinstate absolute divorce as an alternative mode for the dissolution of marriage.” The proposed bill will institute a “cooling-off” period of about six months after filing of the petition for divorce, and shall provide for the care and custody of children, termination of conjugal partnership of gains, and alimony. The bill also said that the State shall have the mandate to strengthen marriage and family life “through state-funded pre-nuptial and post-matrimonial programs and activities,” even if divorce has already been legalized. In a statement, Lagman said that “beleaguered and tormented wives can soon be liberated from irretrievably dysfunctional marriages or inordinately abusive marital relations.” “Notwithstanding the adoption of the 1987 Constitution of the precepts that marriage is a social institution, the foundation of the family is inviolable, the Commissioners of the 1986 Constitutional Commission were unanimous that Congress is not prohibited or precluded from instituting absolute divorce and dissolution of marriage under the current Charter,” Lagman added. Many lawmakers have for the past tried to codify this right into law. During the 18th Congress, Lagman filed HB 100, but it was stuck in the Committee on Appropriations, and was last deliberated by the House Technical Working Group in March 2020. In the 17th Congress, HB 7303 was also filed and transmitted to the Senate, but it was not acted upon by the upper chamber due to time constraints. Lagman said that the Absolute Divorce Bill would be an “apt sequel” to the highly controversial Reproductive Health Law, of which he is also one of the principal sponsors. Currently, the Philippines and Vatican City are the two remaining countries in the world that has no divorce law.
  3. Cebu City has a population of about one million. My guess is that 50 percent, at most, of the population are working age adults. That means about 1 in 50 people of working age are working for city. So not surprising that there are more "city workers" than their are "city jobs". But firing workers for not doing any work is kind of contrary to the customs here. Expect a lot of push back from the citizens. https://ph.yahoo.com/news/mayor-rama-threatens-fire-3-122600562.html AFTER not renewing the contracts of 500 City Hall casual and job order employees in July 2022, Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama has threatened to fire 3,000 more employees if they will not perform their duties. During the flag-raising ceremony at the Plaza Sugbo Monday, July 4, 2022, Rama again warned that employees should do their tasks or face termination. “I want to announce today that if nothing improves and no program (is) being instituted, expect 3,000 employees to lose their jobs. I am serious about it,” said Rama. Rama said there will be an evaluation after six months to determine the performance of the employees. Currently, City Hall has 10,000 employees on its payroll, and 5,000 of them are job order workers, 3,600 are casual employees, and 1,500 are regular employees. Rama also directed all heads of the various City Hall departments to monitor the operations in their respective offices. “I am directing all heads, give them (employees) your cooperation, bring them where they should be. I do not wish to hear that they are not being given an assignment,” said Rama. Rama further said that he will remove department heads who will not perform their jobs. On July 1, Rama made good on his threats to get rid of 500 workers after he did not approve the renewal of the contracts of 500 employees who failed to pass the local government’s evaluation. The mayor’s warning to employees started when he issued a memorandum last May 16 informing them that contracts of all coterminous, casual and job order employees would expire on June 30. The employees must undergo an evaluation to determine if they would still be included in the city’s payroll on July 1. Under the memo, the employees were evaluated based on the following: “kawatan (thief), tapulan (lazy), hugawan (messy), intregero (intriguer), pala-away (quarrelsome), walay nahibaw-an (ignorant), dili mo bayad og utang (does not pay debts), and mo buko-buko (backstabber).”
  4. I am not aware of any meds that take the place of shots. If the dog is afraid/anxious at the vet consider doing the shots yourself. The vaccines and needles are available at most agrivet shops.
  5. I have kind of wondered about that myself as we live in the province and wages here are low even by Philippine standards. I am always surprised that, given the local wages, the McDonalds here is almost always crowded. It is a mixed crowd of couples, families, extended families, birthdays, etc. I suspect that those who can afford McDonalds are better paid such teachers, police, government employees, etc. or as @Lieutenant Dan suggested maybe receiving funds from abroad. I also notice that the Philippine choice of meals is usually spaghetti or chicken (both with rice). This may be due to personal tastes preference but they also happen to be the less expensive items on the menu.
  6. I would think the condo would have a written set of rules/regulations. Quite a few years back we were very interested in a condo. We asked for and received a lengthy document that set out the rules and conditions. Perhaps a "show me where that rules where that is written" is the answer to your issues?
  7. Speaking of do not fold, spindle, or mutilate Does this image bring back memories for anyone else?
  8. Apparently this was filed in the Philippines. At least with a helmet his brains would remain in one place. James Deakin - Kamote Stand Facebook By James Deakin Just another day on Philippine roads..mp4
  9. Rampart inflation seems to be occurring almost everywhere. I think some, maybe much, of the inflation was because governments around the world dumped trillions of dollars into the local economies during covid. Much of that money, at least in the USA, went to people not affected by covid so it was like getting a huge gift of money. Most people will spend an unexpected "gift" and that drives up inflation. The war in Ukraine, supply chain issues due to covid, have exacerbated the problem.
  10. One of our forum members wants to know if those new 1000 notes will still stick to their forehead.
  11. Mike J

    I Am Back

    Yes it is. Photo taken looking due South and Zaragosa right at five KM away over the water. Here is another photo, this one a panorama. The island is just to the right of center in the photo.
  12. The new Philippine 1000 peso note is made of polymer and the Central Bank says "you should not fold it". Not sure if I should laugh or cry. https://ph.yahoo.com/news/sexist-unnecessary-netizens-slam-php1000-113142914.html Coconuts Manila Mon, June 27, 2022, 7:31 PM ICYDK, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP; Central Bank of the Philippines) released guidelines on handling the new PHP1000 polymer banknotes, which include keeping them flat and not folding them in half — as one inevitably would when storing them in a folding wallet. BSP Governor Felipe Medalla realizes this and has asked the public to carry a longer-sized wallet instead, adding that women would not have a hard time because they carry handbags, a remark that clearly did not sit well with people online. In an interview with One News, Medalla said, “One thing to adjust is to have wallets or purses that prevent it from being totally folded. The wallet must be as long as the bill so that the money wouldn’t need to be folded.” “It’s easier for women because you have handbags,” he added in Filipino. The BSP first announced last year that they were shifting banknote production from paper made of local abaca to polymer, at the expense of the country’s abaca industry, as polymer bills are supposedly stronger and more hygienic, an added consideration amid the pandemic, they said. READ: Catanduanes officials oppose BSP shift to polymer banknotes Yet Medalla warned that the polymer bills, supposedly more secure and durable than abaca bills, could break easily with too much folding. The new guidelines from the BSP have raised concerns among netizens, who argued that handling the new polymer banknotes required more care than the traditional paper bills.
  13. Guy first fires a pistol and later an M4 from his deck on the 20th floor. Final comment in the article has me laughing my butt off. " With this, Macatangay is reminding those who have licensed firearms that if they wish to practice firing, they should do it in a licensed firing range." Only in Da Philippines https://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/450266/police-to-file-multiple-charges-against-man-firing-high-powered-firearm-from-cebu-city-condo CEBU CITY, Philippines — Formal complaints of alarm and scandal, illegal possession of firearms, and illegal possession of illegal drugs will be filed against a 52-year-old man who was arrested for causing trouble and firing his high-powered firearm outside his condominium unit in Barangay Busay, here, on Monday morning, June 27, 2022. Police Lieutenant Maria Theresa Macatangay, information officer of the Cebu City Police Office, said that they will file these three formal complaints against the suspect identified as Roberto Herrera, 52, on Wednesday, June 29. Macatangay said this after a case conference was held on Tuesday, June 28. It was stated in a police report of Police Lieutenant Arturo Marfil, officer-in-charge of the Mabolo Police Station, that the suspect is a real estate broker and a former mayoralty candidate of Medellin town in northern Cebu. Herrera currently resides in a unit at the 20th floor of the condominium building in Busay. He was arrested in his unit and is currently detained at the CCPO detention facility. Police said the arrest of Herrera stemmed from a complaint received by Mabolo police about a man, who was later identified s Herrera, allegedly firing a high-powered gun from the ledge of his veranda early Monday morning. Police said one of the unit owners complained about this act to the building’s security officer and even thought that the suspect was going to jump from the 20th floor as he was seen on the ledge of his veranda. Someone tried to convince him to get back in but he did not listen. When one of the building’s security officers saw the suspect firing a long firearm, they then sought help from the police. They did this since they were worried that someone from the other building would get hurt due to the firing. The suspect’s veranda was facing another building that also had residents. When members of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team responded, they went to the suspect’s unit and saw him there. At the time of his arrest, the suspect was armed with a high-powered firearm police called PCC, or pistol calibre carbine. Police found more inside Herrera’s unit. “Naay mga high-powered and short caliber firearms.. In total, naay narecover ang police nga 6 long firearms, 2 of these are M4, then two short firearms, one of these is caliber 45 firearms. All in all, tulo ka high-powered firearms ang atoang na recover didto,” she added. Macatangay said that police conducted a clearing operation to ensure that the responding team is secured, especially since this is an enclosed area and that the suspect is armed. They inspected the place thoroughly and found alleged illegal drugs identified as cocaine and marijuana inside. As of now, these items were already submitted to appropriate agencies for verification and certification as well, Macatangay added. Macatangay said they are trying to find out as to why the suspect was able to obtain these kinds of firearms. She said that the suspect should not have been able to possess these firearms since these are usually for law enforcers. Macatangay said the suspect claimed his firearms had supporting papers but the suspect was not able to provide and show these to authorities when he was asked to. A police report from the Mabolo Police showed that the suspect had indeed had a license to own and possess firearms (LTOPF) and a permit to carry firearms outside of residence (PTCFOR) but only for a Glock pistol. With this, Macatangay is reminding those who have licensed firearms that if they wish to practice firing, they should do it in a licensed firing range. She also calls gun owners to be responsible licensed firearm holders.
  14. Mike J

    I Am Back

    I do not care for crowds. Boracay in 2004 never went back. El Nedo several years back, nice but also too crowded for me. I like peace and solitude. My favorite place to visit is my back deck looking out over the water.
  15. I am continually amazed at the lack of maintenance I see on big rigs here, especially tires where it is not uncommon to see the cord showing. I think safety inspections here only occur AFTER an accident. Also I do not think companies that employ drivers here do random drug testing on drivers.
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