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  1. Mike J

    Blown away guy

    The speaker shown is way too small for the Philippines. Most festivals will bring in multiple speakers on a flat bed truck. They range in size from a little larger to what is shown in the photo to about the size of a twin bed. I would not be surprised if the sound at that distance could tip the chair over or move it backward.
  2. Mike J

    Very sick wife

    I have been told that I sometimes give people the "Eastwood eye". No idea why they say that.
  3. Mike J

    Home schooling

    Heard shouting a couple of years back from a neighbors house. Later in the week the lady who sometimes cleans our house told us what happened. Two brothers, now adults, got into an argument about who was the smartest. The argument escalated until one brother yelled at the other; "Don't ever say that you are smarter than me, I went to grade five and you only went to grade three."
  4. Mike J

    Costa Atlantica In Port, 15th visit!

    True story. My wife had only been in the USA a couple of weeks and had figured out how the local buses ran. At dinner she told me that she had taken the bus all the way to Walmart and done some shopping. She then asked in a serious voice; "Why do all the fat people shop at Walmart?" I laughed so hard I almost blew coffee out my nose.
  5. Mike J

    20,000$ US for soon to be expat

    Safety equipment checklist: sunglasses, flip flops, and a du rag to keep hair from catching fire.
  6. Mike J

    Scrub it... or it won't be clean.

    We started getting ours done about a month ago. Price is 28 peso per kilo, wash, dried, and folded. I think that is a bargain when you consider they are supplying the labor, water, power, soap, bleach, softner, etc. I am going to have my wife ask if they do ironing as I have a few dress shirts and a couple barongs that look much better when ironed.
  7. Mike J

    Newbie question

    Minimum 6 months left prior to expiration of passport beyond expected period of stay?
  8. Mike J

    Very sick wife

    The majority of cases like this that we read about the age difference between the two parties is somewhat large. The chances of you finding an honest Filipina who would give you the relationship you are looking for would likely increase if you raised that minimum age a bit. Just my opinion of course and my apologies if I have offended you in any way.
  9. As long as the thread is shot. Does anyone know what the price is for those @ss ugly eggs they call "century eggs"? Could you make a child eat one as a form of discipline?
  10. Mike J

    Free McD Breakfast For Chevy Owners

    Sometimes I miss my Z71 pickup with 4 wheel drive and 350 V8. Then I fill up my scooter for 120 peso, scoot thru all the traffic, find a convenient place to park, and that sentimental feeling goes away.
  11. We go thru Carcar on a fairly regular basis when traveling to Cebu City. I would not consider the city to be "booming". They will "probably" be building a new IT park and airport there? Why would they build a new IT park, much less an airport an hour south of Cebu City? As Ricky Ricardo used to say so many years ago; "Lucy - you got some splaining to do."
  12. Mike J

    Road conditions.

    Maybe he had a buyer for any extra?
  13. Most of us who are married to a Philippine citizen would agree with what you say about the SRRV. That is why many, perhaps most, of us go with the 13A visa.
  14. Boysen makes two products for small cracks or as a fine final skim coat. Masonry putty for interior use, and Acrytex for exterior walls. I have used the Masonry putty with good results. I have not used the Acrytex.
  15. Does it say what the "golf fine" would be if you wanted to take the caddie home?