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  1. Welcome. If I were you I would spend a few months circumventing Negros and/or Cebu as a starting point. Spends a few days at the smaller cities/towns near the coast. Most of the towns have some sort of pension houses where the fees are quite reasonable. This would give you the opportunity to see multiple areas and determine what they have to offer. Of particular concern in the smaller towns would be the availability of medical care in case of injury or serious illness.
  2. I can't help but wonder if they will really go through with this or how successful it will be. I also think the public would be very leery of filing a complaint against the police. https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1130886/pnp-unit-to-target-2000-rogue-cops MANILA, Philippnes — The newly formed Philippine National Police Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group (PNP-IMEG) is going after more than 2,000 rogue cops, the highest ranking of whom are colonels. Under lifestyle check by the integrity monitors are 2,120 policemen, according to Lt. Col. Rey Lambojo, the chief of the new group. In a radio interview on Sunday, Lambojo said 504 of the rogue cops were commissioned officers. The rest are noncommissioned officers, he said. Illegal drug trade Most of the high-ranking policemen being investigated are allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade, particularly in the protection of drug traders, Lambojo said. He acknowledged rumors about a police general involved in the narcotics trade, but said these were just rumors and had yet to be confirmed. The investigation by the integrity monitors is based on actual complaints on record, he said. “A lifestyle check is conducted by our unit as part of the investigation. Once an erring member of the PNP is arrested, we submit our case folder to the AMLC (Anti-Money Laundering Council),” Lambojo said. The integrity monitors replaced the counterintelligence task force. Among other things, they look into assets not declared by the suspects in their financial disclosures. The unit was formed to “sustain the effort of the PNP’s internal cleansing program,” Lambojo said. During its two-year run, he said, the counterintelligence task force was able to arrest 106 commissioned officers, 99 noncommissioned officers, and 194 civilians. Sixty-six of the rogue policemen have been dismissed from the service for various crimes, including robbery or extortion, kidnapping, grave threat, physical injury, attempted homicide or murder, and protection racket. “We’ve received the most complaints against NCRPO (National Capital Region Police Office) personnel. Thirty-six percent of these are for robbery [or] extortion,” Lambojo said. He, however, said that fewer complaints had been received since January. “There are days that we do not receive a complaint,” he said. File complaints Lambojo urged the public to come forward with complaints against rogue policemen, giving assurance that informers would be extended protection if needed. The integrity monitors’ group was activated during the weekend as the main PNP unit for information-gathering and the conduct of operations against rogue policemen. It has a staff of 306, backed by 72 members of the PNP Special Action Force.
  3. 1. Mentality of Pinoys "Foreigners are rich". Blanket statement, kind of like saying "All foreigners are arrogant, or rude, or condescending, or kuripot" 2. They are your guests - True, but you are applying American rules of etiquette to Pinoys. 3. Philippines not any cheaper - simply not true 4. Cheaper here is hogwash. The only reason it would be more expensive would be if you tried to recreate your USA lifestyle with food, cars, housing, clothing, etc. So for a given individual it might be hogwash. For the vast majority of expats it is cheaper to retire here. You have every right to be upset about having to pay for the dinner. However, that does not make your hosts "wrong", just as your resentment at having to pay does not make you "wrong". The culture here is that the one who can best afford to pay for the outing is expected to pay. My opinions of course.
  4. Just remember Dave - if you are "down" on your luck, and feeling "at the end of your rope", the only way is "up".
  5. Spray with Baygon. The one that has the orange scent is the least offensive to my nose.
  6. Maybe we each have a different definition of zero sum. I define zero sum as total sum invested is returned to the investors. Some will gain and some will lose but ALL the dollars or pesos go back to someone who invested. That is not how a ponzi scheme works. The crooks that started the scheme are not investors, there only purpose is to skim off money until the scheme collapses. The scheme does not "make money" with the investors capital. It returns a portion of the original investment to lure in more participants.
  7. The losers far outweigh the winners. The originators of the scheme are the ones who skim off most of the money. They only pay back enough to keep the scheme alive. The ultimate goal is to keep the investors so convinced of the scheme that will actually roll any "profits" right back into the scheme. While new investors bring money in the front door, the originators of the scheme are shoveling it out the back. In a ponzi scheme the "A" winners are the guy who started the scheme and have the ability to syphon off the incoming funds.
  8. Said the person who is probably well above the poverty level and does not have to choose between paying for heat or for healthy food but not both. Here is my salute to the author of the article for that arrogant ending sentence. My salute is not meant for you Mark or your post. It is these self righteous "you should be doing this instead of that" self proclaimed do gooders that really jerk my chain. Life is not so simple when you struggle to put food on the table every day.
  9. Maybe some of each? Walmart attracts a lot of people who have limited/low incomes. Studies have shown that people on low incomes are often obese because they cannot "healthy" food. I thought it sounded odd, but then I started to compare prices per serving of fast food and junk food compared to fresh fruit and vegetables and was surprised. Food that is healthy and nutritious without being fattening is often more expensive than a lot of foods that is primarily starch or are processed with sugar and corn syrup.
  10. Your post got me thinking about an incident that happened two years ago. I went over the my wife's parents house and noticed an aluminum extension ladder inside the fence. My wife asked Papa about it and he said a "man asked if he could store it there for a few days". I told the wife to tell Papa that he needed to have the barangay captain come over because it was probably stolen! The wife and Papa were sure that was not the case but did as I ask. A worker at the local electrical company had "borrowed" the ladder so his nephew could do "some work". His nephew had "loaned" the ladder to a "friend" who then tried to sell it the scrap dealer that is located about 50 meters from Papa's house. The scrap dealer rightly refused to buy the ladder and said "friend" decided to leave it at Papa's place. I expect the guy was looking to steal a hacksaw so he could cut up the ladder and then try again to sell it for scrap. Anyway the ladder ended up going back to the electrical company. Not sure what happened to the worker who "borrowed" it. Maybe they promoted him to management?
  11. I believe that individual then went on from rural banks to pitch non-existent motorcycle franchises. You didn't actually get a franchise or motorcycles, instead your money to others who would open the franchise. WHAT??? That one was shut down fairly quickly and I think he then tried to make and sell sausages? I wonder whatever happened to him?
  12. True story: My Filipina wife had been with me in the USA about one month. She had become familiar with the bus schedules and used them to get around the city. At dinner I asked her about her day. She had discovered that one of the bus routes went all the way to WalMart so she went there to look and maybe shop since she had heard it was a "big store". She paused and then in a very serious voice ask me; "Why do all the fat people shop at Walmart?"
  13. Duterte calls KAPA ministry a ponzi scheme and gives them a warning. Cebu office of KAPA gets robbed and burned. Interesting timing but most likely a coincidence. I wonder if we will see Act II in other cities? https://cnnphilippines.com/news/2019/6/8/kapa-ministries-office-fire-cebu.html Cebu City (CNN Philippines, June 8) — Authorities are looking for at least 10 armed men who robbed and burned the office building of the controversial KAPA (Kabus Padatoon Translation: making the poor rich) Community Ministry International in Compostela town, Cebu. Town Police Captain Ian Macatangay said that 21 of its in-house employees were robbed by at least 10 armed men, who barged inside its compound in Barangay Poblacion, Compostela some 24 kilometers north of Cebu City on Saturday. All of the 21 in-house employees were robbed of their belongings, including cellphones, laptops and cash. The police chief also said that some of the employees claim the vault of the establishment was also carted away by the armed men before burning the building dawn Saturday. But upon initial investigation, Macatangay said another vault was still intact at burned building. They are yet checking if there are two vaults in the establishment. Firefighters in Compostela town recorded the fire alarm at 1:45 a.m. Witnesses told the police and the fire investigators that the flames quickly spread throughout the building because the armed men poured gasoline all over the area. The police said they are also trying to secure the CCTV footages if they are still usable to identify the masked perpetrators. Macatangay said he was able to talk with some of the KAPA leaders and was told the motive might be financial, and suspects might be disgruntled officers or members of its ministry. President Rodrigo Duterte, in an interview with religious leader Apollo Quiboloy on Saturday, named KAPA as one of the agencies that he accused of pyramid scam. "Huminto kayo kasi 'pag sinobra, putok dito, putok doon, putok dito, putok doon. Wala akong sundalo pati pulis ganun karami. Then, let it not be said that I did not warn you. You guys in the pyramiding, pity your family and your children," he said. [Translation: You better stop beause if you don't, things could happen. I do not have a lot of soldiers of police. Then, let it not be said that I did not warn you. You guys in the pyramiding, pity your family and your children.] The Securities and Exchange Commission in April revoked KAPA's certificate of corporate registration for unauthorized solicitation of investments.
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