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  1. It appears he was too thin skinned for a troll and ran away to hide back under his bridge. What a wuss.
  2. I just assumed, probably wrong, that the agency collecting the data would then notify the teleco provider that the sim has been "registered". The teleco would, by law, be required to disable service to those sims not registered after the six month deadline. At least that is how I would do it, but no in the Philippine government ever asked for my opinion. I suppose we could be looking to a future FUBAR.
  3. I loved riding on that bus.
  4. Could it be this? <snip>The purpose of the ASQA Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG) is to engage and consult with sector experts on ASQA’s regulatory engagement and education and interactions with regulated entities as part of ASQA’s Regulatory Operating Model.<end snip> https://www.asqa.gov.au/sites/default/files/2022-03/ASQA_SLG_Terms_of_Reference_endorsed_February_2022.pdf
  5. Number one if you had a rice field that needed to be plowed and your caraboa was not up to the task.
  6. Maybe? Hard to say if he was naive or dumb and greedy? The syndicates like to prey on the elderly who want/need more money in their retirement years. That is for sure.
  7. Offiicials from one of the countries involved knew he was carrying drugs. When that happens governments will often alert airport/police officials to allow the drugs to move to on to the final destination. The goal being to get the big fish at both ends of the pipe line. I think the Philippines may have jumped the gun at the airport. A better secnario would have been to follow the guy to see who/where it was to be delivered.
  8. I believe it becomes law when signed by the president. I think we will have 180 days, unless extended, from that point to complete registration of our existing sims. My guess is that the PTEs will be sending out text messages with instructions when that happens? Hopefully the data we need to provide will not prove to be too big a "stolen identity issue" when/if the database get compromised or hacked.
  9. This article indicates the drugs came from Brazil. Be interesting to follow the story and see if PHP can determine who ultimately was to receive the cocane. At his age he is almost certainly a "drug mule" being paid to transport the drugs. https://www.philstar.com/nation/2022/09/28/2212700/p196-million-cocaine-seized-naia MANILA, Philippines — Cocaine with an estimated street value of P19.6 million was seized from a traveler who arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 (NAIA-3) from Qatar yesterday. Agents of the Bureau of Customs, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and NAIA Inter-Agency Drug Interdiction Task Group arrested Stephen Joseph Szuhar, an American who flew in from Doha on board Qatar Airways flight QR 932. The suspect and the drugs reportedly originally came from Brazil. Customs officials at the NAIA said they received information from foreign sources that a traveller from Doha was carrying illegal drugs in his luggage. The luggage was subjected to K9, X-ray and physical examination, which resulted in the discovery of 3.7 kilos of cocaine, authorities said. Szuhar will be charged with violation of Republic Act 9165, the Comprehensive Drug Act, and RA 10863, also known as the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act.
  10. Expensive to feed but you get warm in the winter and shade in the summer.
  11. You may be thinking of the requirement for white or off-white background of the full face photo? And of course you need to look "natural" so NO SMILE. After all who is going to be smiling when it is time to have your documents checked after flying for up to 18 hours.
  12. The article is actually quite specific. It is the rejection rate for a travel visa into the USA. The approval rate for work, school, etc. would of course be much higher as the person seeking the visa has to provide supporting evidence from the USA employer or school. There was also an interesting note on another US government site about the visa. It says <snip>A visa allows a foreign citizen to travel to a U.S. port-of-entry (generally an airport) and request permission to enter the United States. A visa does not guarantee entry into the United States.<end snip>
  13. Here in Moalboal windy, maybe 30km or so, and lots of rain yesterday. Still windy today but so far only a bit of light rain.
  14. Interesting information at this URL which shows USA refusal rate (2018) for a visitor visa. Rate of refusal for Philippines is 27.1 percent, lower than what I expected based on what you often hear and read. Third world/developing countries are definately high on the llst. Somalia has the highest rate of refusal at 90.2 percent. https://qz.com/1696508/what-are-the-chances-of-being-rejected-for-a-tourist-or-business-visa/
  15. Going off memory but I think it was a little over six weeks for us. Others in Moalboal took longer. It was months until we had any cell service or internet access which meant no ATMs and you could not do banking. We had to travel to Carcar or Dumaguete to get cash. I actually kept a daily journal for several weeks following the typhoon. I read it a few days back. It reflects the exhaustion in the days and weeks that followed. Mentally, emotionally, and physically, just being exhausted at the end of each day. How and where to find food, water, do I shower or wash clothing with what muni water I can get, what is happening outside of Moalboal, how do I tell my family and friends in the USA that I am okay, how long till we have power, where do we get cash, etc.? One of my entries reads; "When I read this journal years from now will I ask myself - was it really that bad?" I answer the question in the next sentence. "Yeah, it really was and you were worried and depressed as hell". If you can see me with binoculars I should probably stop peeing in the back yard?
  16. Moalboal was in the direct path and so we were absolutely battered from both directions by extreme wind, rain, and salt water blown in from the ocean. What would/will we do? Unfortunately our choices are limited. We have four dogs, a cat, and my mother-in-law lives about 2 km away. She has been bed ridden for seven years (stroke survivor) and needs 24x7 care. So we would probably ride it out again, but we have learned from the experience, made changes, and would prepare differently. Becasue of damage from the Christmas typhoon we have a new roof. The new roofing is longspan and the underlying wood structure has been replaced with steel struts. The steel struts are welded into the rebar of the concrete walls. We now have a 9KW electric start generator, overkill for just us, but it will also help support close neigbors in our compound. We have a small solar setup sufficient to charge cell phones and pads/readers. We had cut down two large trees a year prior to the typhoon and the typhoon took down four more that we did not realize were a danger. Fortunately the four trees that fell came very close but did little damage. Two missed the house by inches, one just missed the car, and one fell just short of our water tank and booster pump. We keep a moderate amount of bottled water and packaged food on hand. The strength and path of a typhoon are usually fairly accurate and would give us time to increase our supply of food, water, cash, etc. Also time to clean up or secure any items that may become a flying hazard. Our long term plans include a five to seven KW off grid solar system because of frequent brown outs and the high, and getting higher, electric rates. Edit - the mother-in-laws house suffered no damage at all so we would probably shelter there during a major typhoon.
  17. Agree, China is playing the "long game". I have included the URL to an article that talks about their strategy. I did not post the text itself because it is rather lengthy. https://www.brookings.edu/essay/the-long-game-chinas-grand-strategy-to-displace-american-order/
  18. Yes and No. There is of course a verbal conflict. But Marcos is saying "no conflict because it has been decided and there is nothing to argue more about". Marcos is basically trying to draw a hard line and it should be noted that this statement came after Marcos met with the US president who pledged "ironclad commitment to defend the Philippines from an attack by a foreign aggressor". Marcos appears to be taking a much harder stand against China than did Duterte. The argument will certainly go on and the reality is that China currently carries a bigger stick than does the Philippines.
  19. Marcos did not mince his words and made it clear where he stands. https://www.cnnphilippines.com/news/2022/9/24/Bongbong-Marcos-Philippines-China-no-territorial-conflict.html Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, September 24)— The Philippines has "no territorial conflict" with China, President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. said on Saturday as he reiterated his stand in asserting the country's sovereign rights. "The position that the Philippines takes is that we have no territorial conflict with China," Marcos said during his meeting with the Asia Society in New York City. "What we have [is] China claiming territory that belongs to the Philippines." "So this is the position we take with our American partners, we have promoted that position," he added. "We have also made it very clear to our friends in Beijing that this is the way we feel about it." The East Asian giant has repeatedly rejected the 2016 arbitral ruling that junked its sweeping claims in the South China Sea. The President repeated his earlier pledge to protect Philippine territory, but noted that his administration will continue working with concerned parties to resolve issues. "On our part, we will continue to work with China and other claimant states with the end in view of resolving the issues involving the West Philippine Sea through diplomacy and through dialogue," he said. Allies in US, ASEAN members Marcos, however, admitted that the Philippines would not be able to match the military "strength" and capability of China if conflict erupts. But he said this is where the nations' allies would come into play. "And that's why I think that ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) is going to have to play a stronger role in all of these discussions and in trying to again keep the peace...but continue to engage China," Marcos stressed. The chief executive also cited the country's partnership with the United States, underscoring its importance in helping promote peace, security, and law-based order. Marcos, who is in New York City for the United Nations General Assembly and other engagements, also met with US President Joe Biden. The two leaders tackled issues surrounding the West Philippine Sea and human rights, among others, and vowed to maintain their countries' solid ties.
  20. I Googled "travel agent daet city" and found a few listed. NORTHLINK Events and Travel Services 3.3(3) · Travel agency 10+ years in business · Lot 11, Block 6, Phase 2 Metropark Village, Barangay Magang · 0917 554 8297 Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Directions Elavil Tours Phils. Inc. 5.0(1) · Travel agency 4600 Pimentel St Directions Crystallene Travel & Tours No reviews · Travel agency 10+ years in business · D. Yanto Flado Barangay 1, Daet · (054) 721 7448 Directions
  21. My feeling are mixed. It would be nice if this really worked to stop the scams and spam. The problem is that you are now required by law to provide a lot of personal information into a database that is "protected" by one or more Philippine companies and/or agencies. What could possibly go wrong?
  22. Agree, probably the weakest forum troll ever. On the plus side his attempts makes me laugh. Maybe keep him around as the "pet troll".
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