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  1. Western Union is, but it's good if a small amount and send a lot of money if you want to commission a house
  2. Unfortunately with banks in Russia are not that simple. To transfer money to your account at another bank, I must first open your account there. Then I have to notify the tax authority in the city that I have a bank account outside the country, and only then can I make any money transfer. Or I can pay out of the bank for the goods or services in any country but only at the expense of others on the invoice.
  3. Sorry that you left your phone. I had a different experience. Last fall, when we stopped in Cebu City for a couple of days we hodimli dinner in a small restaurant where I absentmindedly left my bag. We have got into a taxi and started to leave, but the taxi stopped because we ran for the employee and carried my bag. Nothing was missing, thanks to him for that our holiday was spoiled. We really left horishie tips.
  4. Thanks for the answers! The limit on withdrawals with a debit card depends on the status of the card or from a bank where the money is going to shoot? On my card limit is enough to remove the required amount at a time, but if the bank will take it off at the box office? Which bank commission below?
  5. Have a problem to open a current account in a Philippine bank. I sent an inquiry to several major Philippine banks and all denied me in the remote account opening. You need only personal presence. In addition 3 of 5 banks have requested the local ID, which can be obtained after 3-4 months to find in the Philippines. A month will be in Cebu, go to the bank are the two that do not require ID. If you manage to open an account without ID will write where.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Your date of retirement is closer than ours. We only do organizational issues and fly at 3-4 weeks of vacation. Here and now, even in the month of May will fly Moalboal, to look around the place for a possible acquisition or construction of a house in the future.
  7. Hi all! Philippine banks refused to remote account opening, you need only personal presence. And I need to transfer money from Russia to the Philippines for a possible purchase of the house. Can someone know there is a limit on cash withdrawals with a debit card if you do not shoot in the ATM and the bank and what the bank takes% for this service?
  8. How safe to buy homes in the Philippines? Who knows how to pass registration and payment of house purchase and long-term land lease. I know that in Europe, the buyer transfers the money to the account of the notary (lawyer), who, after examination of the documents and processing the transaction transfers them to the seller. As is done in the Philippines. Funds are outside the Philippines. Do I need to make a deal to open a bank account in the Philippines? Thank you for your help.
  9. Jeff since you have had experience buying land in Moalbole Can you recommend a good lawyer? We think about the long-term land lease (50 years) and want to make sure that all documents are properly decorated. My husband and I both are not Filipino citizens, but I read that making out a long-term lease on the land may be a contract for the first right on leased land if you change the law, or a family member marries filipinkoy citizen. Is this true?
  10. We laugh when the TV shows 10 inches of snow on the streets and the whole of Europe has become. We is just light snowfall. Lots of snow is when night falls over 2-3 meters and peremetaet fences, garages and roads.
  11. Finding a place for retirement is a complex issue. We do not want to live in a big city. However, we must be able to quickly get to the big city to get access to medicine or the airport. We were on Luzon, Mindoro, Mindanao, Bohol and Cebu. On each was that like and what does not fit. But the closest we fit Cebu. There is an international airport, medical, banks, large supermarkets and 2-3 hour accessibility by car pretty rural villages where there is little noise, pure nature, life is cheap and good diving. Yes, perhaps this is what we need. It is so small 3-4 hours by car, that probably does not matter where to stay to live in the south of the island of Cebu. But at the last visit to the island of Cebu where we visited Maolboal we loved. We also found a few nice houses and lots to buy or rent, but decided to defer a final decision until the next trip which I hope will be soon. It's warm, and we have more sleet and cold. Business looking for a buyer if there is a wish - welcome: 0))))) And while working with a hired manager, but it still does not work like me or my husband. I guess it's okay, I do not know. I very much hope that our transition to the Philippines will not take more than 2 years.
  12. Hi all! Where you can see and choose a good health insurance that will operate in the Philippines on the family? We have medical insurance that is valid in the territory of Russia, and for a few weeks poezok we buy short-term insurance. But after reading the forum I think it would not be a good option. I would be grateful for links to insurance companies
  13. Hi! Son of 22. It normally lives, works on a simple work, diving, and can take care of themselves in everyday life. Help is needed in dealing with complex issues associated with the document, or when there are any problems. We noticed that the girls in the Philippines are simple and do not require much in Russia. In Russia, the son can not find a girlfriend, but it looks good and kind. But his wife probably too early to think, until just a friend. Maybe in a few years ...
  14. Elena


    So we decided. After 25 years of active service rashili retire and live for fun. It was difficult to decide, but now it has more problems to deal with. We live on this island of Sakhalin in the far east of Russia, north of Japan. The business of advertising production company, servicing companies operating in the oil and gas offshore Sakhalin. We have two children and elderly parents who need care. The state pension so little hope and wait until I was 55 years and 65 years to her husband does not want to, so do yourself rental income. Since we are not very large queries, we hope that it will be enough for our lives. To stay and work with the business that need to do something and this is the big question. I know that many businesses face the problem that their children do not want to continue their work. Here we have the same thing, one son does not want the other can not continue our business.That leaves two options or business to sell or hire a director for management. I read in a network of both. Unfortunately, in Russia, the market is not well developed businesses and the chance is very small. On the other hand find a quality director for management as it is very difficult to buy a pig in a poke do not know what will happen.
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