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  1. In comparing life in the 60's, 70's 80's there are also a lot of factors that come into play. There were few things to spend money on in the 60's. TV was new..and in very few areas so you didn't have to buy one. This also eliminated 90% of advertising which ment that what you didn't know existed, you didn't miss or want. Most of the country did not have electricity so, no appliances to buy few knew what aircond was and no one missed it. There was a much higher percentage of people that would be considered middle class. In the 70's areas that had power started being pressured to buy TV's and appliances with little increase in salaries, so all of a sudden they felt poor if they could not afford to buy...The more they realized was available through TV advertisements the more they missed and wanted. Watching TV mostly featured US shows (say rich) or wealthy filipino soap operas. Again, made people unhappy because they could not afford all the nice things. Women discovered bras, fancy clothes and expensive makeup...all cost a lot. Result feel poor. The 80's was worse, The entire country now pretty much had power...They also expected telephones, VCR's for their TV's daily movie rentals, and private jeeps. The more they felt everyone should have, the more poor they discovered they were, or felt. The bottom line is that people were much much happier back in the 60's because a few clothes, a roof over their head and food on the table were all that was required to feel well off. The super rich had cars and appliances because they lived in big cities. The 90's just added more of the same, except now you had shopping malls, imports everywhere, cell phones, the internet all things that take away from basic necessities like food and housing. I wonder how life would be if you took away phones, cars, TV, internet, cable, beauty salons and makeup, high heels and fancy clothes, how much problem would it be to get by. Of course it couldn't be done because once people have had a taste of things they can't give it up and still be happy. I don't know what it is like now as I have not been back in 20 years. But, my guess is the desire to want more is driving the unhappiness of feeling/being poor.
  2. Can you provide a rental price range for the house you speak of inside the freeport area??? Is the rent all inclusive of utilities (water & electric) or is this seperate billing? Are the homes still airconditioned as they were back under US control? Have started reconsidering the posibility of returning again with all the crap going on here in United Socialist States of America.
  3. I still think that countries should look at matching their visa requirements (restrictions) with the country applying those restrictions on them. I wonder what the visa requirements would be in the PI if their policy was applied to them for say their visits to the USA or any other country. It seems to me a tit for tat policy would work best. That also goes for investment policy, business ownership, land ownership and other issues. I have a feeling different decisions would be made when travel and living conditions, inability to send children to foreign countries for school and other benefits the wealthy have were hit with the same limitations they place on others in their own country.
  4. Don't know how they handle things now, but years ago I received a total of 3 DUI's in a matter of 18 months, #3 came within 50 days of #2 and I had not even gone to court yet for #2. I lost my license for 3 years and had to file SR22 for first two years after getting license back. Also a few thousand in fines, can't remember exactly how much but either 2 or 3 grand. Plus the atty fees for handling the two of them at the same time was a few grand.But my point......I had a TS-crypto clearance at the time and nothing was ever said about the DUI's. A number of years later after not working for the gov't for many years, I went back to work as civ contractor for gov't which required clearance....I had no problem getting my clearance back for the new job.I would not toss in the towel on the clearance or the job so quickly...Now if you get jail time that prevents you from working, then they have another avenue to fire you if they choose to. If you were to get jail time, say a 30-60 day term, discuss with the lawyer in advance about trying to get the judge to let you serve the time out on the weekends. You can check into jail friday afternoon, check out again sunday night and serve it out two days a week. If they are over crowded as most jails are, you will probably get 3 day credit for the two served each week.You might also negotiate your sentence with some "rehab" time in lieu of jail time. As you mentioned, you don't really need the booze anyway.... I eventually did the rehab thing a few years later and don't regret it at all after lots of sober years behind me.Regardless,good luck
  5. Better for him to lose face than for me to lose camera!!!!!!! What really made me angry was the fact that I would have painted the house and not even charged him for the labor...Don't know why he was so determined for his people to paint it and not me.
  6. I was in Angeles City when Mt. Pinatubo blew it's top. Things were hectic for sure. I moved up to La Union and when I loaded up my food supply, I realized I had stockpiled enough canned goods to last 6 months, also The freezer had held until I could get power to it, so did not lose any of the 200-300lbs of meat and fish I had in there. I successfully moved it all to La Union. Cash was another problem since the Banks on the base were gone. I had an average of only about a thousand dollars in the local banks but it was enough for me to start a check deposit system from my stateside bank to my local bank which took about 30 days to clear. We managed to get by through limiting spending to only necessities which mainly ment rent, utilities and a little gas money for the truck. Here in the states I keep an average of 6 months supply of food at all times. I also keep 90 lbs of whole wheat in air tight storage container, have my own mill and can bake bread if necessary. That would be in my solar oven which I can use about 300+ days of the year. I also try to keep at least 3-4 cases of bottled water and purification tablets available at all times. As someone else said, the wife's gold would be our cash supply. I do not keep cash around the house. As far as cell phones and computer, I could turn them off tomorrow land would not miss them more than 15 minutes.
  7. You can actually get 6 reports as you can get one in both your name and your spouse's name. I do it every other month with one of them.
  8. I don't know what the situation is now or what it is in Cebu. But when I was living in AC back in the late 80's I had a situation come up where the base housing required an inspection of my house for me to have it as "approved housing". One of the things they wanted was the interior painted. I told the owner to just provide the paint and I would provide the painting, as I did not want strangers (workers) inside my house as I could not spend all my time watching them like a hawk in every room of the house. He argued, argued, would not give me the paint and I finely agreed for his workers to paint it but I very strongly told him if anything disappeared, he would be responsible. Well a fairly expensive camera (pentex k1000) grew legs and walked and I didn't catch it. The owner refused to deal with it. So I went to the barangay to deal with it. He called the owner of the property to his office with me there. I provided the story of what happened and my offers to paint the house to keep people out. The bottom line is that the owner kept saying he didn't have the money to pay for the camera, so a deal was worked out where the value was divided by 12 and I had that amount subtracted from my rent each month. Of course after the last short payment was made a year later, the Landlord give me notice to get out, said the house was being sold. A couple weeks after we moved out, I went by and saw the "For Rent" sign on the gate. I hated to move as I really liked the house but the problem was solved without any further incident and I got compensated for my camera.
  9. Just more info on those free credit reports. You are authorized 1 per year from all three reporting agencies. Plus, your spouse is also authorized 1 per year from each of the 3 agencies. so that is 6 per year for a married couple. That means you can actually get a report every other month from one of them. Normally any problems will show up on all three reporting agencies, so you can keep even a much tighter view of your credit line. I too went debt free 2.5 years ago. I did however keep two cards active . One I use for 90% of my purchases, the other just once in awhile. I pay it off completely every month. This earns me 1% cash back on everything and up to 2.5% on a few things which rotate, sometimes gas, sometimes food or other things that I seldom buy. It earns me about $600 a year back on purchase I make anyway and I pay no interest as I pay it off monthly. I havn't actually checked my credit score in the 2.5 years but at least i have 2 active cards, one of which I run up to approx $1,500. a month before paying it. I know no mortgage, or car payment hurts me, but I doubt if I will ever borrow for anything ever again unless it is some life threatening emergency.
  10. Check the RAO office in AC. Jim Boyd has contacts for just about everything and anything an American might run into while living in the PI. I don't have the web address memorized, but you can google "Angeles city - mozcom" and you can find them.
  11. I have mentioned it before in other threads as to my situation and logic. After leaving the philippines in 1993 after a major medical issue nearly killed me, I returned to the states for medical treatment. After a year in the hospital and going through all my savings and adding about 25K in debt, I started work again in a new field. I spent 3 years getting out of debt, 3 years paying off an acre of land, 2 years building a house while supportinga family of four. All the while, I planned on retiring back in the RP if I could keep the medical issues under control. I followed the forums for a few years while getting and keeping my financial life in order. That means getting 100% debt free and staying that way. Also included in that was a paid off mortgage. The few things that kept coming up time and time again was the lack of any legal rights foreigners have and more and more becoming targets. I noticed how so many kept repeating that keeping a low profile, don't argue with locals, don't do this, don't do that, all out of fear of someone making false accusations against you, or having political connections that could get you deported. I know the traffic had doubled from the time I left in 75 until I returned in 87. I know it has probably doubled again and it was bad in 93 when I left. My wife really did not want to go back to live because her family would constantly show up with hands out. It is bad enough here with all their emergencies. So my desire to move back to the RP continued to decrease until I really looked at my financial situation here as compared to there. I have living expenses down to 1600 a month here. Add to that another $500 a month for emergencies, breakdowns, and entertainment. Can I do that in the RP?? Yes, but would I be living in a 3000 sqft home? No, would I have all my driveable toys? No, could I travel all over without problems? No, You get my picture. So, I have decided that there is no longer enough desire to live there to make me make the jump. I may visit again but not sure when. With the world in the situation it is in, who knows where we will all be in a year. Returning to live there is always an option. The things others complain about are probably not an issue with me. I could very easy give up the net, a telepone, and imported food. People pissing in the streeet doesn't bother me. Their dirty, trashy streets don't bother me. The stink sometimes does, but only until I can get past it. The last 6 years I lived there I had no air con and adjusted. I never minded riding jeepneys or busses while there. I delt with the worst of the worst from power outages in the early 90's I have been through earthquakes, typhoons,and valcanos blowing up on top of me. None of those things were factors on me leaving, Only the medical issues forced me out of the country. Unfortunately I still have many of those issues which could raise their ugly head any time. So I stay here for now, keep riding my bike, keep going places all over the USA and eventually Canada. Yes I could ride over there, but lets face it, a Goldwing is not the ideal bike for the RP and I have become accustomed to comfort at 80mph drinking my coffee, listening to my radio leaning back on my backrest enjoying the view. I have ridden up and down Luzon before. Loved it, but I was young and strong. I'm not anymore and would probably get killed in the first month because my body will not support my lifestyle very well anymore and I would be trying to do things I physically can't handle and would do myself in.
  12. There are a lot of things thatl I now just speak/vote with my money. All the yapping about KFC....for me, it would happen twice...The first time, I hope is a one time incident, but afterthe 2nd time, I just would not go back. That is pretty much how I deal with aggervation anymore. It actually works pretty well. They don't have to deal with trying to please me and I can spend my money somewhere they are happy to please me. Makes three people happy. An example along the lines of the big cart/basket thing. There are a number of stores here in USA now that have self checkout which I refulse to use. I come up to register at one Big Box Store with maybe 10 items in cart. There is one open register out of 15. There is another 6 self check out isles open. No one is using them so there is about 6 people in front of me, and about 6 people behind me all in line for the one register. A manager walks by and I ask him to please up a couple more registers. He says to me there are the self checkout available. I looked at him and pointed at the line and said, "obviously none of us want to use the self check out." He said, well you will just have to wait in line. I said no I just have to go 2 blocks down the street and get my stuff. I left the cart where it was and have never been back to that store. Granted my loss to them is not that much, maybe $50 a month, but I don't have to deal with him or his store and have plenty of other places to shop for the same items at the same or better prices. No more aggervation. I now pretty much do that whereever I spend my money. Poor service just means I get to try new places. Now when I was in the RP, pretty much the same thing. I learned you cannot deal logically with illogical people. You cannot is a 2 minute conversation get them to change their thought pattern. So I just put my money back in my pocket and walk away. Granted, I learned to live without a lot of things because I would not go back to certain places, but then again when I was there, there weren't many places to purchase things outside the public market and a local hardware store. If it was something we really had to have, the wife would go get it without me. Fortunately for me I have learned to pretty much live like a hermit.
  13. Well I originally went to the RP because the Navy said so. I was in heaven....loved the night life and the women. I applied for a school after my tour and got it. After the school I convienced a guy with orders to the RP that he would hate it and that he would enjoy my orders much better (Northwestcape Au). He bit and I called the Bupers and got our orders swapped. So back again. Loved going into the countryside like stepping back in time as far as lifestyle was concerned. Mainly nipa huts and banka boats and the like. I had always had this fantasy as a kid of living on a South Pacific Island full of beautiful women, coconut trees, beaches and the like. For me, I had found my dream. Back to the states for a short tour, and again working the Bupers for another set of orders to RP. Things were changing, TV had arrived and the locals started finding out what money could buy. They now wanted it, I had it, so attitudes changed.By the time I came back in the mid 80's, EVERYTHING had changed. the country all had electricity and TV's Shopping Malls started appearing in Manila. Appliances were available most everywhere. The country had joined the 20th century. Traffic was a nightmare, the forests were cut down and land stripped of their beauty. Americans were becoming the new thing to hate. Then the kicked out the Bases, Mt. Pinitubo blew up on top of me. I was not a happy camper anymore. I stayed a couple more years and returned to the states in late 93. I still have the same old fantasy of living on a South Pacific island filled with beautiful women, but I don't think that Island exists anymore, anywhere in the world. Going back will never be the same. Yes there are still beautiful women, still cheap drinks (I don't drink anyore and am married so ??) not much good for me. So to answer the question, yes I stayed for the Filipinas, I went back for the Filipinas, and I miss the RP of the past. Not sure I would like it much in the present.
  14. For me when I was there, we had live in maids. With wife #1, I think there was such fear of her they would never consider doing anything wrong. The two were from her home town in Bataan. Never had a problem. That was also living in Cavite in the 60's and early 70's. With wife #2, no problems in San Antonio,Zambales with help, but when we moved to Angeles city in 73 or 74, I forget, had one inside job where we were out for the day and came back to a broken into house. The maid had said she had gone to the store, yea right. The only thing missing was some very valuable cameras. She was fired that day and sent away.. Never had house help after that. If the girlfriend/wife or whatever couldn't take care of the house, I just replace her.
  15. I am sure the areas are nothing like I remember them but I used to travel and spend a lot of time alll through the Cavite, Laguna, and Batangas areas back in the 60's when not much was there but farm land and forest. I lived in Cavite City. We went to Tagaytay often. There were only a couple hotels there. I was up there when Taal Valcano blue up in 65 and then a few others through 68. In the area when the earth quake hit Manila and dropped Ruby towers. In Batangas, we used to go fishing out of Nagsugbu (sp) and go out to Fortune island for some great fishing. Have also been all through Laguna but again not much there but beautiful country. Hard to believe it is all subdivisions now. Back then it was hard to find electricty in most areas. For me those were the good old days. It was like stepping back into the 18th century...everyone still remembered WWII and us Kanos were still the heros. If it was still the way it was in the 60's, I would be there in a heartbeat. But, all things change. Back then it was great to find ice for our beer, now the damands are for high speed internet.
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