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  1. wow touchy touchy touchy. it seemed to be a valid point of not getting blood from a stone & I was thinking it too but I did not know the UK does not give aid & I feel neither should the US & especially coz the US gave 1 million to the Philippines & the pres gave 1 million to Japan for relief so I guess they really did not need the million after all
  2. amazing anything is going to happen fast in dah pines
  3. boy o boy now I have heard everything. this reads like another case of the big bully trying to push around the small kid on the block. how can someone sue for liable when they do not even know if the evidence brought out in the trial will sustanciate the claims made. I thinks it is nothing more tehn a person charged with murder tying to divert the attention from the charges against him. I thinks public opinion will go against that type of action & the suing party will end up hurt more then if they sat back & waited to see what can be proved. I am no expert but from what I have read &am
  4. looks like a great deal for Cebu city & most people might take even less for cash. I had wanted to buy 1 of Mr Tropics units but I could not borrow the money so I am happy it worked out that way or I might have been stuck there but had it happened it also would have been less expensive for me to live once it was already paid for. If I come back then I would like to look at this condo but for now houses cost less here Taken from THIS classified ad
  5. Bank of Commerce on Osmena Circle would be about the only one that I know of that will open an account for a person who does not have utility bills and a lease. HERE is a post I made about it a while back. You are welcome to tell Mayen Lee from the forum sent you if you like. If you have a lease and utility bills then some other banks will open accounts for you but it will be hit and miss. I got one for a friend at the BPI near the capital but he had utility bills and even owned a condo yet was on a tourist visa.I agree BOC was the easiest until I had a lease & bills
  6. yes & no. finding a good lady is easy but finding 1 who has a family who will not want anything from you is much harder
  7. there would be riots in the streets with those that do not have coz they refused to prepare or spent their money on unnecessary items such as booze & drugs then trying to take from those that do so I would stay home as much as possible & protect my supplies with my shotgun. stock up coz terrible things may happen so I got lots of buckshot hehehehe
  8. only that once you help them then they usually ask for more but my experience may vary from others coz I was newbie & may have only met up with the bad families
  9. I saw your apartment in Winland & it looked damned nice to me. when they build the 3rd building then it will be very nice coz that empty hole where that building will be makes it look bad but it is the Philippines so what do people expect. on a sacle of 1 to 10 for Philippine living that building is up maybe a 7 where your apartment is up to a maybe a 9 coz it had all a person needs & you & your wife fixed it up nice
  10. in the city you can live on $1500 but not live large on $1500 from my own experience
  11. I was able to exist on less so there is a difference between existing & living. about the last 6 months I lived in Cebu I did without a/c most of the time & hated it & ate rice so much that now when I pass a Chinese restaurant I get sick just thinking about rice but I had to save up airfare back so I managed. I also did not go out with the girl friends & refused their blood sucking familes any money. I know not all families are bad just those I happened to fall in with. $1000 a month is not enough to live decent there but is enough to live decent here coz most stuff is cheaper
  12. I am living a lot better in the US on a lot less then that & doing a lot better then I did in Cebu on $12000
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