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  1. Thanks, When I meant PickUp I didnt mean no sex traffic or any illegal things.. PickUp around here(NYC) means Dating, looking for girls to date. My Fault if it seemed like it tho and I can maybe see why you might have thought that but in no way did i mean any of that lol. Anyways thanks for responding..
  2. I'll be moving to the philippines next week etc. Would like to know if you know any legit sites to pick up flipina girls etc. Even though I do have a girl I would like to know regardless.
  3. Sorry to hear that.. Hope all is well.. Me and my girl will be in manilla next week. She already booked a flight to the boracay beach on the 26.. So we will be there with a few of her friends for a few days. We might see each other lol.
  4. So which one is the best one to use? I'll be setting up the vpn hopefully next week once I arrive in the philippines.
  5. Thanks to the the people who have responded. I will be moving to taguig city.
  6. Moving to Manila next week wit my girl, want to know if there are any local gyms for me to workout at.
  7. Good to hear, maybe we can meet up one day and chill who knows lol. My ticket is with me and my girl next week to manila. She is from there.
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