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  1. A male friend from Iloilo wants to go to Boracay (I think he wants to go whoring, but since this is a family site let's not get into these details). I'll travel to his town and from there we'll take his nice modern car to Boracay, which apparently is not serviced by an airport and takes 6+ hours to get to from Iloilo. Once there, where should I stay? Apparently there's three 'zones' and the 'luxury' zone is zone 1. I suppose I'd like to stay at the 'luxury' zone. And advice appreciated. Further, once there, I imagine (never having been there) it will be like Phuket or Pattaya, Thai
  2. Ain't that the truth! We just did a vacation to Palawan and my girlfriend got us beds on a 30 hour ferry. It never occurred to her that a 1 hour flight would be an option (her family is too poor to fly - the ferry is 1/2 the price). We flew back and even she said it was better. But they all look at me like I'm crazy when I ask about flying to Boracay instead of the hellish 4 hour drive down the 2 lane Iloilo-Antique "highway". I have been up and down this coast in a personal car, a van, a bus, and a jeepney - it sucks! And to keep this on topic I would like to add that Palawan is a n
  3. No, I've not insulted you yet, you jerk! ;-) And from this I now know who my enemies are! "Markham, Jake, Geoff Thomas and 1 other like this " But who is "1 other"? I will find out and insult them, you can be sure! CJ Note from the boss If you had of clicked on "1 other" it shows who likes a post but now it says 2 others but too late for you idiot.
  4. There are, in fact, three provinces bearing the name "Davao" - Davao Del Sur (wherein Davao City lies), Davao Del Norte and Davao Oriental. Of the three, Davao Del Norte is marginally less safe due to occasional NPA activity. Ok if you say so Markham! Stay safe in your Sherman tank T-34 battle tank while you read this! :-) (seems Thomas was right) http://www.philstar.com/nation/2013/04/26/935170/12-killed-ambush-lanao-town-mayors-convoy
  5. No need to appologize Jake--I don't care. I find this site informative however, and if you don't kick me off it I will post on occasion. BTW I still am not seeing my posts "in real time" but get a bubble that says "your posts must be approved by a moderator" Cheers, CJ
  6. No. The mayor has made so all bad guys are killed :hystery: so, as Markham says, now it's among the most safe. The Davao CITY. I believe the most south part of Davao PROVINCE is still restricted (it was around a year ago) not allowed to travel for foreigners, but perhaps it has ended after the piece signed with muslim guerilla? Davao is in SouthEAST. The "Kidnapping Central" is Zamboanga in SouthWEST. OK got it! Thanks! Any input on Cagayan de Oro appreciated. Also I am adding Damaguete to my list of places to visit. A guy who lives down there in Damaguete says to av
  7. Thanks SubicSteve! This was invaluable. I never would have guessed this to be true, and I appreciate your input. I am scratching Subic from my list of places to visit since I want to be with that noisy rooster and polluting jeepney! CJ
  8. Since you require "high-speed" internet, by which I assume you mean greater than 1 MBit/sec, your choices are fairly limited to Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities -- ie those others have mentioned in their replies to you. Or, here's a thought, why not move to Cambodia? Hi Markham--thanks for the input. If I carry out research I'll post here, but this was by definition a post on suggestions. I'm not considering Davao due to turbulence in the past (I'm glad to see it's all over now, though I seriously doubt it's safer than where I'm at now in the Visayas, perhaps you are comparing it to some gang-
  9. My wife's family moved to Eastwood in the 60's. She says it was a great place to grow up - you are not too far from any of the best schools. Very decent neighbors. She can't think of a single one she would avoid. Thanks. When and if I have a family here, I'll consider Eastwood! CJ
  10. @Tuka Ram: Nothing wrong with Thailand, so long as you don't mind your misses and you being limited in conversation to pidgeon English and logistics (what you ate today, where you been, where you go, all in simple present tense). Then again, with some of my English speaking girlfriends, the conversation never really got much more deep than that! Thanks for all the members replying so far for candididate places to visit. Here are my quick and dirty 'artist's impressions', and keep in mind I've not visited any of these places yet: Mike J: "Dumaguete and Davao"--the first place reminds
  11. So we don't get off on the wrong foot here I will let you know the forum is hardly moderated at all but we only attract decent members and the rest can go talk their crap elsewhere. :tiphat: What's so interesting about that, the owner is me and I am Aussie but I choose to host from the US. G'day mate! I like your site, but you do have restrictions for new members, something like four posts have to be approved... so approve me please! :-) Also I agree with your philosophy--the 'addicted to Philippines' sexpat site has much more traffic than your site but if we wan
  12. Hi, new member, just joined. Might be donating or become a premium member if this site is useful. It seems heavily moderated however, which does have good and bad qualities. Also Alexa shows the server is in the USA, interesting. Anyway, the best city for a US expat, mid 40s, single and looking, "handsome man" (lol as the local girls say to every tourist), successful, has an online business that pays the rent and then some, has lived in SE Asia (Thailand, now the Visayas, Philippines) is...? Reason I ask: I moved here from Thailand, and figuring I would avoid the hustle of Manila,
  13. Try InternationalCupid. It's what I use, and while it does have girls that scam (looking for 'travel expenses' to be paid), and short-time girls, it also has legitimate girls who want to date/marry. CJ
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