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  1. Oh Geesh, I guess people will say anything in hopes of getting some traffic.
  2. If I were going to plant evidence, I doubt it would be an empty DVD Cover. If I were going to do that, I think I'd make dang sure the evidence was really good.
  3. In Cebu, I think it is standard operating procedure for any motion for reconsideration that you must talk with the chief. At last that is what I found when I wanted to expend past the 16 months. That was about a year ago. I've never overstayed but wouldn't that form be required for anyone that does? I am pretty sure it is along with the express fee for that document. I'm going from memory though. I said in Cebu because there are different procedures in each office it seems to me.
  4. Thanks for the try Lee. Thanks for find Jake! When we gonna have that magic drink of yours? Mojo something....
  5. Lee, can you find with much effort that post you made about the guy that was arrested (I think in Subic) for carrying a gun but then had them returned later? I've searched and can't find it. Hmm, I searched for guns but not firearm(s). I'll try that. If I find it I'll post a reply to this. Have been looking for a while, can't find it. :th_thholysheep:
  6. Boy would I hate to be a shrink in the Philippines. Business can't be booming. I don't know things might be different in Makati but out in the province, wow, the stigma for seeking such would be devastating for a Filipino in their culture. I've never seen one in Cebu City though I'm sure they are there. Probably more psychiatrist than psychologist. Psychiatrist in the US pretty much suck for counseling, they are all about medication. Psychologist and social workers handle the counseling. I hope you're doing okay Marc! Good luck!
  7. Interesting, I'll have to try them Lee. Their website is interesting pizza must be free, it says "no cash, no credit card"? :th_thholysheep: I like Da Vinci pizza. They have a few locations and they deliver. Large pizza too for under P300. Better than most I find and the price is better than most too. :yes: I like Filipino style pricing. I don't think it is as good as Pizza Hut pizza but is also not floating in grease. ;)
  8. A couple of years ago, the chief of PDEA (Philippines Drug Enforcement Agency) stated without any reservations in a paper that they sometimes plant evidence on people they know are dealing drugs but they can't catch them. Of course, I was appalled. Jessie was fine with that, "well if they can't catch them" or something like that was her reply. I talked with some other Filipina and they all had the same opinion. I don't think every arrest is a setup and most of the time the people do not buy their way out of it. There are foreigners with money in jail here. Though one can't forget the rich and powerful family that had two boys get busted for drug dealing. I remembered asking Jessie at the time of their arrest if they'd be able to buy their way out. She didn't think so because the amount of drugs was large and it was in the papers. Later, after the prosecute dropped charges there were congressional hearings into why. Someone came forward to say they paid the prosecutor. They had some documents to show they took money out of their bank account. Congress wanted the prosecutor to voluntarily release his bank records. He of course refused. Banking here has absolute privacy. A bank cannot be compelled to release information to a court. If the government wants to clean up corruption and some do, Pnoy does, fixing this is an absolute must. So yes there is corruption here, as Jessie said this morning about another topic, "no place is clean" and the banking laws make it easier and must be seriously harming tax collections. But no, it isn't always corruption, I don't think it usually is. But with the planting of evidence when authorities feel it is justified, that leaves the possibility of pissing the wrong person off and one end up landing in jail. Same holds true for the death squads in Davao. Though, I think we may have some of that going on in Bogo too. I don't know, probably not very much of that here. Still, I wouldn't want the mayor angry with me. :th_thholysheep:
  9. PS it isn't always about money either. My first encounter was with a pretty Filipina that went after me because I was famous or infamous perhaps on a video chat service. I ran a big video chat server in the network. She is well off, didn't need money she just wanted to know someone she thought was a "bigshot" which was silly to me even then. That was the persona I had though. After six months of her stuff, I found out she was married with a kid. :o No money, just a waste of time.What gets guys into trouble with Filipina is they think this island dream girl is their only shot at a girl like that. They don't realize there are many girls, millions dying to be with him. Once he learns that, he wont fall for another scam.
  10. It is very common. Date in Asia, Badoo, PinaLove, FilipinoCupid are full of it.Many people form their opinion of the Philippines and Filipina after visiting those sites. They are not getting a sample of what the Philippines is like. Plus there are girls that will scam on those sites that won't do it in person.Most of them have many men telling them they are coming, they take the first one that shows up if any do and most never do.The number one reason for money if the guy is overseas is for a medical emergency. Going to college is another highly used reason. "I just have one semester left but I don't have the money."If you're in the Philippines, they switch to "I'll do anything you want, just send me the travel money."I saw one guy that wanted to send the ticket instead of cash but the Filipina claimed she wanted the experience of buying the ticket herself. Give me a freaking break. Even if you do that, you'll need to send travel money, they'll trash the ticket and keep the money.I had someone on FB contact me this week asking about a girl needing surgery. I asked him to give me her yahoo. Took five minutes to get her phone number and I didn't even ask for it. He just wanted to know if she was really where she said she was. It appears she is.Had a friend's girl hitting on me while he was away, it got turned around to my hitting on her. I didn't even try to explain. He probably wouldn't believe me and if he did, the girl would hate my guts. Having a local hacked at you is not a good idea. She ended up pregnant with another man's baby and he was going to marry her anyway. I don't think he will be able too now. But that's another story.He probably wont believe you, I just warn them in general terms because some of the girls you meet online are just fine. If they ask for money or if they hint then 99% of the time, you're not the only one. She might still be a great girl but she'll end up with the first guy that shows up. If I knew a girl was living with someone or married, heck yeah I'd tell him in most cases, again, I can't risk a local having a grudge. That can leave you deported or worse, dead.
  11. When a country is experiencing inflation, other factors being equal, the currency value of that country will fall. The currency is worth less when goods cost more.Prices are not going up because the peso value is low, the peso value is low because prices are rising.Right now, and it very well may not last, the peso is loosing ground for two reasons. The Greece debt crises (which I do think will be temporary) and inflation. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has had to increase interest rates in its last three meetings because of inflation fears. Inflation fears usually mean the currency will fall.Inflation in the Philippines has never increased or decreased my spending power by $300 a month. No where even close. Maybe $10 a month. The rise and fall of the dollar has had that kind of effect on my spending power. It takes longer than a month to achieve that though. That big of a change takes a year or two.But it isn't the increased value of the dollar that is causing prices to rise, the rising prices in the Philippines will cause the dollar's value to rise.The Fed is meeting today, expected to confirm the end of quantitative easing aka the creation of money. If they don't, the dollars value will tumble like a rock. With the USA teetering on a second recession, the Fed will continue it if it will help. I don't know though, at some point the proper actions will start to have a negative impact. The creation of money was the correct thing to do for the USA economy since the Fed cannot cut interest rates, it shouldn't lower reserve requirements for banks to lend either. The Fed may be out of options and the executive and legislative branches have spent more than they have. So the US might not be able to do anything other than suffer for a while. BTW, a weak economy doesn't always mean the currency will fall. Stocks will suffer first and people will pull money out of stocks to invest in bonds which are safer. This pushes a currencies value up. In the short term though, what investors think the value of a currency will be is called "market sentiment" and is more important than the fundamentals in the economy. In the long term, fundamentals will prevail. US inflation is at under 2% again which means those of us with government pensions may see another year without a COLA. If that holds true it will the third year we see people complaining that the government is with holding on them. The law needs to be changed. We could see 1.9% for 10 years out to infinity and still see no COLA. Not likely to happen in the current environment.
  12. BI got a link into Interpol computers about two years ago, they've been stopping more people at the border ever since.I wonder how common it is though, maybe more common than I thought.I know, Filipino often probe you as to why you are here. I think in part it is their usual close family ties here that make it very hard for them to understand how we can just move to the other side of the world. Not a problem for me, though I wish it was. I'd still be here though I think.Often times, I get the strong feeling they are probing to see if I'm running from the law. I don't really appreciate those questions and close down on them pretty fast, not offering much of a reply to them.Maybe there are a lot of fugitives here but I don't think so. I would have thought it would be hard to get out of the country if you were wanted.
  13. Oh and on entertainment, go to a movie in the USA lately? I spent about $50 last time I went with two people.In the Philippines? about $5 but the popcorn is horrible. lol
  14. The cost of food in the Philippines is no where near as high as that in the USA. A loaf of bread is still under a dollar. Last time I checked, way below. The list is endless. Pizza Hut and McDonald's are closer to the same cost as the US but they are a little cheaper too. But the fries at McDonald's in the Philippines are still good. Probably worse for you but they are good. lolI can go out to eat and eat till I'm about to burst for less than $5.00. I once took 10 people out to eat and the cost was about $15. I defy you to do that in the West.You can get a nice place to live in Cebu City for P10,000 a month, less actually. I once paid P30,000 for a very nice place that was well furnished in a really nice area. I likely overpaid for it because I rented it before I got here. I was paying the same as everyone else but things can be found cheaper. I saw a place with a pool for P45,000 that was very nice. That's when I first got here, three years ago. I'm sure some of the prices have gone up a bit and I've not really looked into it.If I had the money for the down payment, I could have bought a fully furnished home for P25,000 and it would be mine in 5 years. A very modern home, very nice. I could have rented it for the same but didn't see any reason to more than double my rent.I've seen homes on Bantayan Island selling for less than $150,000 USD that would cost you more than a million in the USA.
  15. Your source of income doesn't determine the cost of living in the Philippines. Now, if you have bundles of money, you can spend out the nose to get super nice things, I'll agree with that.Some things do cost more, anything you import will cost more. Electronics usually are the biggest thing. I often buy mine from the states and ship them over because I find the choices limited here. I'm talking about smaller things. Though I did buy a computer a year and half ago, well computer parts. I could get one cheaper here but they were junk, I needed something with more power. I paid around $200 for the shipping I think. Took about three weeks to get it, I thought I could get a power supply here that would power it but I couldn't find one. Well, I found one once but didn't have the cash at the time. When I had the cash, only lower power supplies so I ended up shipping one from the states, paid more for the freaking shipping than I did the power supply :(Sure, if you have more money to spend, you can spend a lot. If you're living on a limited budget then the Philippines is a great way to lower your cost of living. When I first moved to the Philippines, I had a lot of things to buy, that pushed up my cost. I still need to buy more furniture. I keep thinking I'll move as I don't like my landlord so I keep putting it off.
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