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  1. Ehm... You all know how easy it is to find certain areas of city, look for an apartment certain size and get a pretty damn good idea what price range is back home. So I've been looking at Google for sometime, in advance, for a long term (monthly rates) furnished about 2br ~40-60 sq meter place to stay and I am starting to get frustrated. I mentioned in advance along with my opening of the post, since I have a pretty good idea how much harder this is than sipping coffee in local restaurant and calling agencies. Davao seems to have a lot, well relative to Davao not being actual hot spot for expats, massive Condominium complexes with swimming pools etc. Now to the point, could someone please help a newbie out and maybe write me short list of safe and clean places I should consider with approximate prices? You know, in the ballpark. For now I just need some sort of general idea what kind of prices I should pay, which unbelievably i can not find myself :) Studio - 2br, 40-60sq m, furnished, in a safe Condotel in the city. Doesn't have to be top of the line, but comfortable place to live daily life for a single european guy.
  2. Thanks for the fast reply and for the information. Saved me a lot of trouble messaging some officials and waiting weeks for answers. Yeah, I know what you mean with issues all too well by now :)
  3. Thank you all for your answers. They have lead to this small follow up question(s). At this point I can say that I use Zopiclone (active agent, lot of brands) for my insomnia, unfortunately it is not popular in most Asian countries, even though back here it is very standard sleeping pill. Is there any kind of protocol for sending yourself prescription medication? My stay/trip/holiday is going to be well over 3 months, so I'd rather stock up before I leave for my trip and mail them to myself in Philippines, if that is possible? Of course I would use some high end courier service, would the delivery reach me, if it is possible customs wise? Or I could email the Philippine Embassy and ask if I can bring meds for a ~12 months trip, but would love to keep that out of this at the moment.
  4. So, I got this problem, I can not find the list of what medication I can bring into Philippines and which quantities. I have searched everywhere on the internet, tried to crawl thru most of what FDA had, but didn't find anything (in old and new version). And big part of the problem is the quantity, for how long stay can i bring them in for. Does anyone know where to find the list for importing them in on arrival? I somewhere did find list of medication available in Philippines and none of what I do take were on it. Hopefully someone has the time to help me out, next step is emailing FDA/Embassy, which tbh I would rather not do.
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