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  1. I can think of one well known expat who shouldn't qualify for a resident visa or any visa since he was black listed according to the papers at the time. He's also running or involved in different business activities that I doubt he has a work or business permit or visa.So good if the BI crack down on illegals. Get rid of some of the scum.
  2. I know of an expat hitting his Filipina,probably the same way he did to his western woman. :yes: So no difference I think.
  3. Hello Mr LeeWish i could have that option of living in both countries but finances wont permit it. Have you ever thought of giving one country up and perhaps a permanent life in say the Philippines ?
  4. HelloLooks like my fears are not warranted as long as I pay for a good private school,thanks for the help guys, much appreciated.
  5. RobertM


    Rice and Lechon is the answer. Buy a rice cooker, a 25kg bag of sticky rice and one of Jasmine rice and buy plenty of pork roasts. Put her in charge of the rice and yourself in charge of roasting the pork and then you will both be happy . ps - let her buy and eat as many 2 minute noodles as she likes (pansit) Good advice there Mike,i would never had thought i would be eating so much rice myself but its funny how you get used to it.
  6. Hello,been awhile since i have been to the forum and all looks different. Anyhow some advice from those who may have walked this path before.My wife and I are planning to return to Cebu to live permanently in around 18 months or so,we have a daughter who is 12months old,anyhow my concern is for my daughters education when shes at school age.Will she have the same opportunity in life after finishing school and university with a Philippines education. We intend to send her to a private school so my thoughts are that she should be on par with a US education but as a father I worry that it might s
  7. RobertM


    Good topic Robert and perhaps one not covered here before.I too would be interested in what our members and their wives experiences are with relocating.:cheersty:thank you boss,I am a bit concerned for her as she basically is a province girl with little city experience.She comes from a large family as most do here and hasn't been away from them before,how she will cope with that is i guess my biggest concern.Its not like going on a 2 week vacation and retuning to the safety of our own familiar surrounds so i expect there could be some difficult times so thats why i am asking the forum members
  8. RobertM


    Looking for a bit of advice and opinions if I may guys,I got married to my beautiful Filipina not long ago and we are about to start on the process of bringing her home to the states.You guys that have moved your Filipina to the states should be able to throw some light on how she coped with being away from family and friends in a new land. Did any one have a difficult time with their wife or maybe better put did your wife get home sick?Can you advise on the best way to help her get used to a new life in a different country or did your wife adapt easily .How did she manage with little things l
  9. I believe every thing happens for a reason,yes there are more women-reason,so the bars are not understaffed.
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