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  1. ozepete

    I'm a comin to Cebu

    Now let's see! Will you arrive by boat to walk ashore off Leyte amidst your minders and photographers, to declare 'I have returned'! Or can we expect something more original like...... Cheers!
  2. ozepete

    Start of the new skool year / Catbalogan Samar

    Great stuff. Many of these kids have a bleak future but worse without an education. We sponsor several kids through the six years of secondary school by providing their uniforms, shoes, school fees etc. Only costs about p2K per child per year but makes the world of difference to them. We do this with children attending the Panalipan Cebu secondary school and start 4 new ones each year. To avoid issues we have a trusted local lady chose the kids restricting it to those who really want an education but their parents cant afford. (academic abilities not considered.) In other words those who would otherwise miss out. When we started this we got the first four kids and their mothers together so we could meet them over a meal. We noticed that one of the kids was particularly happy, always laughing. After a while I asked why she was so happy! Her answer caused a few misty eyes when she said "because I now have a uniform too!" She was so happy because she was now like the other kids. This single statement reinforced our belief that these children are worth every bit of our help we can give. It is so rewarding now seeing them grow and the enthusiasm they have, yet it cost so little.
  3. ozepete

    I've fallen and I can't get up!

    Mate, don't stuff around, get on the plane and go spend some time with her. This could be the best thing you ever do so just do it. You will most likely end up grinning like a rat with a gold tooth or simply starting the search again. Either way life is too short, go get her, she sounds like a beauty. Good luck
  4. First may I suggest that you keep well away from any family if you intend to settle! We invested in building a quality home near the relies... all was good, they were terrific until the ever expanding number of hand outs become unbearable and impossible, then we become the villains! Cheers
  5. This is excellent advice from Ken. The solar industry is awash with unachievable claims so whatever 'the industry' says should be halved then divided by two!!! Best way to save with solar, if there is a mains supply alternative, is don't!
  6. ozepete

    Ecological Sanitation

    Very interesting, but how does this work?
  7. ozepete

    Cricket Umpires Needed Urgently!

    :hystery: :hystery: :hystery: :dance: :nudie: Ha Ha...Point taken.. sadly. :unsure: :unsure: Next a plea: Any Expat Ozzies that can play cricket, who ever played cricket, thinks they can play cricket, knows someone who once played cricket, or has watched a lot of cricket, report to the Australian Cricket Board immediately. YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU.. :shooter:
  8. What an absolute disgrace the umpiring of the Ashes tests has become. First we see England's Broad clearly nick a ball caught in the slips... not out and he didn't have the decency to walk. (An obvious out, blind Freddy could see that!) And yesterday the Aussie third bat was called out 'caught behind' by the umpire and yet although the replay clearly showed no bat contact, the batsman's appeal was dismissed and he was out. This disgraceful umpiring is ruining a great game but I suppose the Poms have got to find somehow to win! :3_8_14[1]: Not really, in fairness the umpiring has been poor against both sides.
  9. ozepete

    Can You Have Your Cake And Eat It Too?

    This is easily resolved... Two options: (A) Tell one of them that you have discovered that you're gay. (I mean what's another lie :unsure: ) (B) Become a Muslim and marry them both. :lol: :lol: Seriously, cheating from either side always ends in hurt. And there is lots of hurt coming before this one is sorted but best to be honest and soon.
  10. ozepete

    Beware Of The Folding Chair...... Very Funny!

    And this one would bring a tear to a glass eye!!!
  11. ozepete

    Happy Birthday Markham

    Happy birthday Mark, hope today brings back many good memories. :cheersty:
  12. Beware of those folding chairs...... The Senior Citizens Meat Raffle........
  13. ozepete

    Sending Money

    We use a company called 'exchange4free' You can send funds from your bank, credit or debit card to a Philippine (or other country) bank account with no fees at all and the exchange rate is always better than the banks. They operate out of the UK, Australia etc. Only downside is that it takes 2 to 3 days before the funds are available in the Fils account but the wait saves lots.
  14. ozepete

    Buying Gold In Pi

    Phils shares have been the winner over the past 5 to 10 years. Growing 300% in the past 5 years while the so-called smart countries are all going pear shaped...
  15. Forget solar, it is oversold and provides an alternative only if mains is not available. (Also expect especially poor performance and high maintenance costs in the Phls) Someone paying p5m to p7m for a home is not going to forfeit the equipment that only the grid can efficiently provide.