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  1. You might get a break on the container itself. I've hear that the they have been piling up in the US because we have been receiving still but not exporting as much.
  2. I've heard people talk of an invisible inflation of up to 2% a year that is baseline, the published inflation rate is above and beyond that. The published inflation rate is pure blue sky dreaming at the moment IHMO. Fuel prices have risen 50% in the US and most things you have, spent some time on a truck. I suspect higher inflation for the coming year from today and I'm acting to mitigate it for my personal situation. Best of luck everyone.
  3. Sure he is. The peoples congress is elected and they elect the leader. In the USA, the electoral college decides the leader. Just because you would like something to be true and assert it, won't make it so.
  4. The US hasn't had the greatest relationship with the Philippines lately. This might have been something before the US military left. Guam is a totally different situation, isolated geographically and I can't see why it was included in the pitch. Replace everything US in the pitch with Japan, Australia or UK and does it give the same feel?
  5. In New York and Michigan in the US, they used nursing homes. Then underreported death totals by 50%. Maybe Duterte isn't so bad.
  6. Okay, now I have some grasp of what you mean. I wouldn't overlook/take for granted reliable Water in your list. Cebu City has had some problems in years past, drought but compounded by mismanagement, is my understanding. The thing is, we are both late to the party by a few decades. Truly nice or convenient places are filled or exorbitantly costly. Sometimes you can get good internet in larger cities (not always) and there are some good places to eat though I find it's more hit and miss (Acacia Steakhouse, Cebu, but Vikings was okay, just didn't have prime rib at that time, they were out)
  7. I usually shop in my local SM mall, the helpers examine the shelf to see if there are any eggs dated fresher than others but I can't remember getting bad eggs from them.
  8. Africa, South America and much of Asia (I have doubts about the US also, I just won't say never because at least the capability exists) will never vaccinate enough and it's a worldwide pandemic. The world as a whole will never achieve herd immunity through vaccination in my opinion, especially when the vaccines appear to not be effective for different variants. 3-4 Billion people will not even get the old ineffective vaccine, much less the one for the new and improved greatest threat. Less wealthy unvaccinated nations will act as a well for successive variants and there is not a thing tha
  9. Scott, I'm less concerned about masks because people mostly don't have effective masks and discipline to not touch them. I think everyone except those actually infected would be better served with the spit shields. At least then we wouldn't be restricting peoples blood oxygen. But it is what it is.
  10. I wish! The clock restarts with the Delta variant. Then I suspect there will be an Epsilon variant.
  11. Uyghur Muslims must be glad the democratic representatives are making the right choices, even if unpopular?
  12. The sad thing is none of it is logical. Jabbed people moving around the Philippines may be deemed the new superspreaders next week. They never will come out and say if you do thus, we will let you free. It's always something else.
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