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  1. Some people also have people who insulate them from much of the irritation. Someone mentioned paying someone to stand in line for them. I've done that for bill paying. Makes life more enjoyable for me.
  2. I think it may have something to do with the wealth pecking order.
  3. Welcome to the forum. What you ask should be doable. Of course as always, I would suggest trying it out for an extended time, up to a year before getting in too deep. I agree with the others that your wife should get US citizenship before moving to the Philippines. I presume (18 years) she has already met the residency requirements for the US, what I don't know is if she would have to start over if she resides in the Philippines any great length of time. I think it would be a good thing to take care of in any case.
  4. How was I snippy? If I or you are the the one paying, you get to choose the shop that does the work, do you not?
  5. There is a guy with a youtube channel who has had his car hit a few times in the Philippines and allowing others to have his car repaired hasn't worked out for him. I believe that if you are not the one paying the shop, you aren't going to have much say. If the cash is coming from my pocket, I will have a say. I have arranged repairs and I assure you I did have a say in the matter.
  6. I would be cautious about allowing someone else to have your car repaired. You don't know to what standard the repairs would be made, how long it would take and so forth. You would be placing yourself in their hands.
  7. Sounds pretty standard from what I have been hearing for years. As for the food prices, it's about what I would expect with a captive audience.
  8. Actually, yes I did Jack, and you quoted half of the post in which I did. "I said trikes and multicabs that had no place to be. That wouldn't include commercial trikes and multicabs as they obviously have some place to be." You quoted the first sentence of this. This is where for anyone with eyes I made it clear that I wasn't speaking of commercial vehicles. So yes Jack, I did. Nice try with quoting the original post. One might almost think you are trying to be difficult on purpose?
  9. Nice quotes Jack after I made it indisputably clear that I wasn't speaking of commercial vehicles. But do please go on.
  10. I said trikes and multicabs that had no place to be. That wouldn't include commercial trikes and multicabs as they obviously have some place to be.
  11. National highway between cities. The arteries of commerce. Clogged with the fat embolism of a trike or a multicab that has no place to be.
  12. My normal drive takes on average 45 minutes to 70 minutes to go 13 km. Even at that I see the occasional dump truck parked on a scooter. I don't really see where a minimum speed limit for AH26 would make it any more dangerous. Edit: I can do the same drive with complete safety in about 20 minutes after 11pm. Not that there would be any point in doing so as the malls are closed. I just know because of a late night craving for McDonalds once.
  13. I just wish I could see 30mph without waiting until 11pm for the roads to clear. More like 20kph or less.
  14. It might have been. If it's working now, Congratulations!
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