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  1. Not a bad deal. Meet the government requirements then sell your bandwidth allotment to the established competition at a healthy profit, it's done all the time in many different countries. The value is in getting the government to assign you part of the spectrum. That's why there must be commencement within 1 year and operation for 2 years... before selling out at a profit. In the bad old days, it used to be an instant sale after getting a grant of the public's spectrum.
  2. If buying coke, the smart buy is 1L glass bottle, where available.
  3. How long ago we're you last in the US? I was slightly shocked at the price of Wolf brand Chili I saw in the local Metro store until I made a quick trip to the US and found that at Walmart in the US, the price was 2/3 the cost of that in the local Metro store. Considering shipping and tax, I see it as more reasonable.
  4. robert k

    Are Filipinos Racists?

    Many are not. Some are mildly. Some are rabidly. You could never change the mind of the rabidly racist so just avoid and ignore them because it's their problem and not yours. Besides, I think Chinese catch more ire than Europeans.
  5. robert k

    The realities of VERY low income living here

    I gave my helpers a big raise because of inflation and because they are bread winners for their families. They have also been with me for a year with few bobbles. I have found them trustworthy and they are not spendthrift with my money. I lucked out and maybe they did too. One lives in their fairly nice family home with retired schoolteacher mother and ill father, she travels about 45 minutes by bus and pedicab to come to work. The other lives in what could charitably be called a shack on the side of the highway, more tarps than not. Things are booming in Naga Camsur, rents have been going up as I well know because I was looking to trade up for a better place. The problem of the boom is that anyone not directly benefitting from the boom is priced out of the market, for everything.
  6. robert k

    U.s. Social Security Child Benefits

    I don't believe I will ever collect it anyway. I'm riding the tiger and I can't get off.
  7. I have an ACR card as tourist. I had to go back to the US briefly and as I had been in country for slightly less (5 days) than 6 months, I breezed through the airport paying nothing.
  8. robert k

    Car Service rip off - be warned

    By and large I agree that it's a dealer scam. Yes, stop and go kilometers are harder than steady speed driving but it falls short of the severe conditions servicing the dealer wants me to pay for...except were I to weekly drive to Caramoan from Pili. At that point, 5k km service might be a good idea. I know the engine is completely broken in and I'm sure I will find out where the squeak that started since the trip to Caramoan came from.
  9. robert k

    Dirty fuel to make a come back

    I unintentionally got half a tank of the cheap stuff last time. I was on a long drive today and noticed no difference. Of course my L300 has a euro2 engine in it. I used hi silver diesel for years in heavy equipment, have seen many people put it in their diesel pickups and never saw a problem because of it. As for JJ's motorhome, you might add a quart or two of motor oil if you have no choice but off fuel. #2 is only, injection pumps lasted a long time with it. #1 is a lot less oily. Fuel systems for 1980's Freightliner trucks was assembled with pipe dope on threads and #1 diesel dissolved the pipe dope and made them leak. I repaired many of them in the 90's.
  10. robert k

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    I just put Globe load on my phone and pay as you go, 5 php per 15 minutes, unlimited in that you won't be throttled, you still only get whatever speed is available. I was able to download Skyrim Elder Scrolls V, 10 GB in about 40 minutes with speeds ranging from 1.5 -3.2 mbp/s so 15 php. Turn it off when you aren't using it. Globe does my heavy lifting. Just put load on your phone, don't! select a promo and turn data on and you are automatically on pay as you go. I use a dual SIM phone and Smart works best for me day to day with the Giga50, 1GB data plus 300 MB YouTube, plus the current free hour of YouTube. Once again, turn off when not using. The thing about the Smart Giga promo is the data rolls over as long as you register again before the previous promo expires. I just registered again and I have 3.5 GB of "shareable" data at the moment. I also recommend using Smart load cards of 500 php denomination because there may be(85) free texts, I believe I have about 500 texts at the moment just from loading the phone over the last year. This fits my lifestyle for now and may be at least a workable option for the OP for now, IE, pay as you go on a phone for globe. Many plans seem to be about providing the least while extracting the most. Hope you find something that works for you.
  11. If it's not mandatory, should be fine.
  12. robert k

    Hard Hit By The Rain!

    Queeny, I'm near Naga CamSur on Luzon and while we get rain, not evidently like OMW is experiencing. No flooding here as far as I can tell.
  13. I manage my affairs from the Philippines. I don't Actually do business IN the Philippines. I do have two personal assistants/keepers. Just in case I go all Johnny Weissmuller. I gave them the slip Friday as a test and told them they have to be more vigilant.
  14. robert k

    Bought another scooter...

    I had a Suzuki GD 110, reliable economical little beast. Hand clutch as they say here. I let the gf ride it and that's how I learned it would run upside down.
  15. robert k

    How did you decide to move to the Philippines

    To start with, I find that business drags me back to the US every year, although I try to spend most of the year in the Philippines. I first visited in 2012 at age 47. No regrets. I couldn't have come sooner, some would say I should have waited, but I did it my way and everything turned out okay. I had things slow cooking financially in the US and I couldn't have pushed it faster if I were there and the wait, even on a shoestring was more pleasant in the Philippines.