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  1. Just lacks finishing Tommy. Glad you finally got to the physical part. I was dismayed that you had so many games to get permits.
  2. I wonder why they didn't try the Godmother angle? That might have had some traction and could have actually been true.
  3. robert k


    Fountain drink stands must get their CO2 somewhere.
  4. Glad for you on the great time, sorry the water got you. You have to watch out for the ice in drinks, even if you see the water was from a jug of purified.
  5. She must have fainted from fear. I would have at least a minute or more. Problem might arise if you were eating lunch at some nature spot with no convenient chair back or nothing but flimsy plastic chairs around.
  6. True, you can do Heimlich on a chair back or other useful object, you can break a rib doing that too, but like you say, needs must when the devil drives. It may not work doing it on a plastic chair though.
  7. When you are alone and eating, take small bites. Nobody there to perform the Heimlich maneuver.
  8. Steve, it would be a no for me.I won't transit HK again. The first flight I took through there went pretty badly wrong. Flight delayed, missed connecting flight, all airline desks closed, I had to arrange my own connection, no porters. I was trying to help a US serviceman (he had 5 large crates) and both of us just wanted to stay and watch our stuff 6 hours until the desks opened in the morning but it wasn't allowed. Had to take our luggage to the hotel and room provided. Which also meant getting it back to the airport ourselves. Shower drain in the room was plugged,.Luckily the wifi was good
  9. What year was this? I got my license in 2015, before the one year requirement.
  10. Welcome to the forum. I don't think you are on the same page with what usually or is supposed to happen. They are not supposed to let you accrue visa time, like getting two 6 month visa extensions close together to make the one year you are supposed to show before they allow you to get a license. They want you to show you will be in the country one year from the time you apply for the drivers license which is just not possible on the tourist visa. If I'm wrong, someone will correct me. You may find an LTO that will break the rules. I have never had them ask to see my passport at
  11. Weird thought, how about you weigh the blades and put the heaviest opposite each other to begin with. Is there a postal scale a LBC or somewhere?
  12. There is spearfishing. Edit: It just occurs to me that there are crocodiles, you could grab a spear and hunt them I suppose.
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