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  1. Sounds like the smart move would be to sell what you have and build somewhere else then.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if it already was 20 million. Filipinos will tolerate a population density that I don't believe any other nation would.
  3. I feel the same way. The mega cities are still important for when you need something this instant and in stock. I haven't checked but I suspect Manila is twice 9 million and I'm sure that the actual number of heads is much higher than the official count, whatever it is.
  4. Interesting that it costs 2.5 Million to build 100sq meter medium end and 3 Million to renovate 100sq meter medium end.
  5. There are a few cities of good size 300k-500k people in the Philippines. I believe Cebu is the second largest city in the Philippines but there are cities of reasonable size where you could get most things, scattered around.
  6. There are plenty of paper married women in the Philippines, ones who couldn't get married because they are already married although long separated, or not. YMMV. Cambodia may be the place for you, they won't allow a marriage to a foreigner over 50 by law.
  7. There are some places in the Philippines I wouldn't go because I wouldn't feel very welcome there but that would be true of the US also. In the Philippines, safety in the majority seems to depend on what activities one engages in.
  8. Perhaps it would be better phrased to say it's "possible" to live cheaper in the Philippines. To my shame, I got a parking ticket in Dumaguete, the fine was less than parking costs downtown in the US. In the US if you live in an incorporated area and you don't have running hot water in your home, it can be condemned and you will be kicked out, never mind that people have heated water in a pot as needed for thousands of years.
  9. I can see from your point of view. Many Filipinos would just say "Don't like it? Don't come." They also would have a point. May I ask what the final decision is? Knowing what you know now, will you return? And if you will return? Will you let all interested know why? Just curious, on my part.
  10. I think you may be incorrect about those people inviting you being your friends. Another point is that some foreigners Like to show off, I call it Big Balling, problem being, the rest of us who don't enjoy it. Maybe they were trying to figure out which kind you were?
  11. Possibly has something to do with sniffing glue or some kind of adhesive. There is also pipe "dope". I can recall some strong light objects made with various "doped" fibers.
  12. The actions in the Iran Iraq war lead me to believe they could be that crazy, the same party is still in charge.
  13. Possibly because one of the ships was Japanese registry and the Japanese minister was there.
  14. I hope they aren't chewing on your wires anywhere. Is all the wiring run in conduit or is there some romex out where the rats can get to it?
  15. It's self evident and I don't have to justify anything to you, another example of your arrogance. You answered your own request.
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