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  1. After one really unsuccessful trip to Villman in Manila, I just bring in everything from the US. You could try them, they supposedly do have things like ram. Not the DDR4 2400 that I needed but nobody had it at that time because it was new.
  2. Bless you, for the allergies. I had horrible, ragweed, mountain cedar, allergies. But I haven't run into either one here. I have run into bronchitis though, but only if I were taking public transportation. In my sealed aircon car, I have not had any problems. I believe it's a combination of being packed in like sardines and traffic not moving fast enough to sweep dust from the road, but plenty fast enough to stir it up. Just a theory, but it fits the observations.
  3. My bank (Chase) doesn't care where I am as long as I'm not an official resident of the Philippines.
  4. I've just had some items cancelled on Lazada. It happens frequently. It's drop shipping items they can't get, or they forget to take the offer down when they sell the last of the stock, take your pick. Shoppee is starting to annoy me and I just made one order with them. Evidently, there is some kind of embargo.
  5. Well, it is a perishable good. Maybe someone who mattered noticed that the new batteries were no longer to spec. No manufacturer would use them in this shape for new battery packs. From what I understand, LG never intended the batteries to be used in vape as they are INR and not IMR. They can give good amperage in parallel or series parallel but they aren't rated for 35-40 amps like an IMR battery, they are rated for 20A and will tolerate 30A for short periods. It's possible I could condition my batteries and regain some of the lost capacity, discharging them with a moderate load of 3 amps and giving them a slow charge but that wouldn't be practical with a dozen shipping containers full. I just charged all mine up, threw an 8A load on them to get them hopefully between 3.8v and 4.1v for long storage, except the 4 I'm using on a regular basis. It is what it is.
  6. If you have been in country for 2 months, yes. I came in on the waiver, the first extension was 30 days because they wouldn't allow me to do 2 months. As my ACR-I card was about to expire, they charged me for a new one. I think the rule is if you are going to be in the country more than 90 days, you get charged for an ACR-I card, even if you won't be around to pick it up.
  7. You got me to thinking. I wondered why anyone would bother to use such excellent batteries in a fake product so I checked with LG, they have the physical characteristics of LG cells, 4 leg positive, measurements, the ridges in the body before the ring groove...and the manufacture date of June 2017, corresponding with a large mainland China order which was declined. The batteries then went to HK and have been wholesaled out over time. The 17% loss of capacity is normal for new cells stored in good but suboptimal conditions for 19 months. It so happens, mine are real...or someone lost money on the materials to make counterfeits indistinguishable in looks and performance to the originals.
  8. If it were the filipinas, it probably wouldn't even occur to me to take notice of it. It's when the men saunter across the road when they realize you are not actively trying to run them over. Even as wrecked as I am, I will pick up the pace if someone stops for me. Then again, the guide at Caramoan asked if I would make it up the hill to the lighthouse, but he was the one gasping halfway up, at barely half my age too.
  9. When I slow or stop for a pedestrian to cross the road, all but one time they acknowledge the act by Sauntering across the road. The one man who picked up the pace shocked me!
  10. Where I'm at, it's usually a trike on the national highway taking his own sweet time. They need a minimum speed limit. If you can't do 40kph, you don't need to be on the national highway.
  11. Using Lazada, it's rarely free shipping or my minimum, economy shipping charge is p282. It's kind of hard to be philosophical about paying p282 shipping on a p117 magnet. Pardon me, the seller cancelled the other 13 (p9800) items and the standard shipping was p402, for a p117 magnet. But mostly, Lazada has worked.
  12. My current project is to get my hands on some high drain 14500 3.7v (AA size) batteries. I have tried some marked Bike King and the Skywolfeye that came with some cheap lower power lights but I think I have damaged their capacity a bit running them in my Lumintop EDC05. They are just too high internal resistance to keep up, even at 3/4 power. I'm pretty sure I could get some Nitecore or OLight batteries off Lazada at a cost of p900 each and they would work but I need about eight of them. I'm not paying that, not when I'm going to have to go to the US in about 3 months anyway to oversee my tax preparation and I can bring what I have waiting for me there already. A 16 pack of EBL batteries that cost me 900 pesos, but Amazon refused to ship them here. Yes, I knew up to date technology was expensive here when I made the move. Maybe I can find something in Cebu City when I'm there next week.
  13. I figure they are old stock that had lost some capacity or, they were substandard in capacity to begin with. They are certainly high drain, they power my true 1600 lumen Astrolux flashlight that takes plenty of amps, no problem and will power my 0.5 amp fan for just over 5 hours. I consider them high quality, and a bargain. You might try them and see if you think the same. I personally was impressed enough to buy 40 of the batteries at that price. As you have intimated, your wife is in the business and she can't give as good a deal.
  14. The good old days. I still have some maglights. I once had a steel Kel Light, like a maglights but solid steel. Where you can run over a maglights with a car and it still works, you can run over a Kel Light with an overloaded 18 wheeler and it still works. Never loaned it out again after that.
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