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  1. I have a massive stack of silver I bought at $14.75 per ounce. It's still there when the lights go out.
  2. I think it's a slow news day if this is significant. If this is the worst guy to wash up on the shore, I think we will be okay.
  3. Like i said a bureaucrat. He isn't in danger of dying. Why would he say that? Why would he say it's okay to hook up with and bang strangers? Why would he waffle on the subject of double masking? he should know that wearing a mask lowers your oxygen levels, double masking adds almost no more protection but would drop your oxygen levels even more. Why would he go to baseball games, not social distance and wear his mask below his nose? Stress made him do all those also? If so, he's been in the wrong job too long.
  4. What strain would that be? I didn't see anything time critical. He's a bureaucrat, not a front line responder.
  5. I would sure hope you don't need injections often. I believe you are allowed to bring a 90 day supply of medicine, someone will correct me if I am wrong, I'm sure. It's a problem that comes up from time to time, someone whose health would be endangered living in the Philippines. The only suggestion I can think of not already mentioned is medical tourism. Maybe your present insurance would cover the medicine purchase in a US territory like Guam. Maybe some Asian countries have their medical act together better than the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand. Sometimes there is a sli
  6. Masks are not rocket science, we have known about them and been using them for probably a century. Fauci didn't increase his knowledge of masks in the past year which is about the only thing that would excuse what he said.
  7. You probably would drink from this Fauci ; )
  8. I see. Putting the general populace at greater risk is acceptable Vs. people who know the risk? How many lives were lost over this lie?
  9. Are you blaming Fauci for originally saying the general public shouldn't wear masks?
  10. In 2018 alone there were 36,400 new reported cases of HIV. There could be more than 250,000 people afflicted in the US at this moment. That's still epidemic proportions in my book. I'm just saying, Fauci's actual work credentials don't impress me.
  11. Right. It's so far down the list California decriminalized knowingly transmitting AIDS to another person. Grab some needles in San Francisco. Just because they aren't talking about it anymore, doesn't mean it's gone away.
  12. Just lacks finishing Tommy. Glad you finally got to the physical part. I was dismayed that you had so many games to get permits.
  13. I wonder why they didn't try the Godmother angle? That might have had some traction and could have actually been true.
  14. robert k


    Fountain drink stands must get their CO2 somewhere.
  15. Glad for you on the great time, sorry the water got you. You have to watch out for the ice in drinks, even if you see the water was from a jug of purified.
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