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  1. We'll be moving to the PI either this fall or next and I'll find out with our first order. No extra charge in Taiwan except iHerb if you order over $2,000 NT.
  2. That's life insurance. They have health too, but I never looked into it.
  3. My buddy at work used to work in finance in Australia and he just got this exPat insurance. He said selecting US $350,000 is hassle free. https://www.regencyforexpats.com/LifeInsurance/index Found some reviews here: https://www.reviews.co.uk/company-reviews/store/regency-for-expats/1
  4. I order books with free shipping from England to Taiwan. Hope it will work when I get to the PI. It's called Book Depository. I've ordered from the for over 5 years without a problem. https://www.bookdepository.com/
  5. A couple of them have gone past our house in Taichung. They've got nothing on Filipina women.
  6. I'm from Spokane, actually a little north in "Elk" on the east side and the Socialism/Nazism of the far left state government coming from the west side made me move my home residence to Texas a few years ago.
  7. A guy on our boat almost got a request chit all the way through for a deck gun for our sub. Would love to have seen the XO's face when it arrived. Too bad someone caught on at the last minute.
  8. We have 2 TVs, one in the living room and the other in the bedroom. I just go to the unused one and watch with my daughter. Sometimes I'll stay if it's interesting or the news if she'll translate it. Vice Ganda comes on and I'm gone.
  9. My wife does the same. I ask her why when they can buy it there. The response is because it's "imported". She sends tons of Toblerone chocolate. Bags of candy from Costco and the funniest is that she saves all the disposable bags that we get shopping, folds them up and sends them.
  10. I live in Taiwan and I've used Google Translate for many years. Recently I tried a new app a friend recommended called Translate Voice. It's even better than Google's. Using it at shops with Chinese, many have asked me to show them the app on the PlayStore and switched too. It has Filipino and I tried it with my wife and it works. I also just started using Alan Millet's Learn Tagalog website.
  11. We've been working in Taiwan for many years, so no problem. Thanks.
  12. It was in Subic and one of the owner's there was Gooese, a nickname. He was one of the seals stationed there. Really a cool guy to get drunk with when you a worldly 18 year old. Great sea stories from that place. At least what I can remember after so many Sam Magoos.
  13. Cool to see a sub there. I wonder if Dirt and Dusty's Easy Rider Inn is still there? I'll have to go next fall and check it out. Hopefully they still make the cool ship's belt buckles.
  14. Thanks for all your responses. Appreciate the help.
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