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I'm an expat whose been working in Taiwan where I met my wife while attending church at Saint Christopher's in Taipei. I am planning to move to the Philippines with my beautiful Ilocano wife and our daughter either this Fall or the Fall of 2020. I'm trying to learn Tagalog in my free time. At least have some basic communication skills before we arrive. I gave up on Mandarin, I cannot get the tones right. Living in South America I went from zero Spanish to fluent in one year, but I was totally immersed. Hopefully when I get there I can at least have basic conversations in one year. Our daughter is in elementary school so she should pick it right up. She became fluent in Mandarin in only six months by studying in the public school. Right now the plan is to move to Tuguegarao City because my wife likes the schools there. Plus, it won't be far to drive to visit her family.

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