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  1. I don't have direct deposit on my IRS forms, but I found this. Looks like I'll be able to add my banking info in a couple of weeks. https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/economic-impact-payments-what-you-need-to-know
  2. I put a Wolo Badboy horn on my scooter. Scares the crap out of people when they jump out in front of me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hc7QMnYR0DA
  3. I use a logitech for online teaching. They work great. https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-C922x-Pro-Stream-Webcam/dp/B01LXCDPPK/ref=sxin_3_ac_d_pm?keywords=logitech+camera&pd_rd_i=B01LXCDPPK&pd_rd_r=d8e4670f-e036-460b-bffe-c781882b8159&pd_rd_w=xcM3K&pd_rd_wg=6dXmL&pf_rd_p=5cc8abfe-8f78-4f34-b19f-d09d6ea0dca4&pf_rd_r=NKX7NXB5ZY285V9HRJYP&qid=1559180724&s=electronics
  4. I use the app Calls Blacklist. Works great.
  5. We lived up off highway 2, had to run home from SCC in the 90's when they had the fire storm. Been working in Taiwan for quite awhile and the pollution from China is horrible. My sister was complaining about the pollution being 20 PPM, so I sent her a screen shot of ours at 158 PPM. Can't wait for the fresh air of the PI.
  6. Nice to see someone else from Spokane will be moving to the PI. Never stationed at Subic, but lost count of liberty calls there after about 25. We'll be moving to Tuguegarao City in a little over a year.
  7. I'm still using my Navy issue seabag from 79. Love duffel bags. My wife hates them too.
  8. https://defensemaven.io/bluelivesmatter/news/u-s-soldiers-are-disarmed-held-at-gunpoint-by-mexican-troops-in-texas-pJe6NFz_Rk68jevh34DINg/
  9. Notre Dame burning in Paris. https://www.foxnews.com/world/massive-fire-breaks-out-in-notre-dame-cathedral-in-paris
  10. Met my wife at Saint Christopher's in Taipei, the old Air Force church. Got in in 79 around the time the US got bullied into the "One China Policy" and officially leaving Taiwan. Now we have the American Institute in Taiwan instead of a U.S. embassy. Did make over 20 liberties in the PI from the boats I was on. I'll take a beautiful Filipina over a Chinese girl anytime. A buddy of mine in university was stationed here in the 70's and really liked it.
  11. The pole dancers go past our apartment 2 or 3 times a year here in Taichung. One must have been really rich. 15 or 20 trucks with dancers went by. Usually only a few.
  12. Get a US number from TextNow. I've been using the app on my phone. You can call anywhere in North America for free. https://www.textnow.com/wireless?ref=non-sale-web_app_banner&plan=ulimit
  13. Thanks for the info. Do they gouge you much for the extra 50 GB?
  14. Thanks Ken, Tuguegarao has fiber-optic plans. I'll get the combination like you guys have. Appreciate the help. Billy
  15. Hi Ken, Thanks for your post. I'm an expat currently teaching English in Taiwan and I plan on moving to the Philippines with my family and teach online also. Glad to see it's being done. It's been recommended that I use PLTD. Which provider do you use? I need a 10 mbps download speed and 2 mbps upload speed minimum. No problem here in Taiwan but I've heard it's hard to get good internet there. I'll also want to get the UPS setup like you have with a small Honda generator just in case. Thanks again.
  16. I'm thinking of going with the Honda EU2200i with the Hutch Mountain Trifuel propane conversion and using propane exclusively. I only need to keep my computer and internet up with a few lights for work. Maybe a small inverter AC unit too.
  17. Thanks for all the info. My wife's friend in Tuguegarao told us PLDT too. I've been driving a scooter in Taiwan traffic the last 12 years, but my wife is against me getting a scooter or motorcycle there. She says its too dangerous. I think it would be safer than here in Taiwan where they pull out into traffic without looking at all and routinely run red lights. Are the brown outs announced in advance? I was thinking I could get a generator to run during the brownouts. My job requires me to be online unless I cancel in advance. Too many cancellations and I'll be out of work. I need a dependable download speed of 10 mbps and an upload speed of 2 mbps. My other option is another company that allows working through 4G networks, but I would need unlimited internet. Here in Taiwan my unlimited 4G is only about $12 US a month and 100 mbps home internet is about $40 US. I've read that the Philippines has the slowest and most expensive internet in Asia. My wife is Illacano and wants our daughter to go to Saint Paul for elementary school and we'll only be 2 hours away from her family in Ballesteros. I may fight her on the scooter. I'll have to see the traffic when we get there. Thanks again for the help.
  18. It may be like Taiwan and Colombia. Their lights are on if they're on duty. Lights off they won't do anything.
  19. We'll be moving to the PI either this fall or next and I'll find out with our first order. No extra charge in Taiwan except iHerb if you order over $2,000 NT.
  20. That's life insurance. They have health too, but I never looked into it.
  21. My buddy at work used to work in finance in Australia and he just got this exPat insurance. He said selecting US $350,000 is hassle free. https://www.regencyforexpats.com/LifeInsurance/index Found some reviews here: https://www.reviews.co.uk/company-reviews/store/regency-for-expats/1
  22. I order books with free shipping from England to Taiwan. Hope it will work when I get to the PI. It's called Book Depository. I've ordered from the for over 5 years without a problem. https://www.bookdepository.com/
  23. A couple of them have gone past our house in Taichung. They've got nothing on Filipina women.
  24. I'm from Spokane, actually a little north in "Elk" on the east side and the Socialism/Nazism of the far left state government coming from the west side made me move my home residence to Texas a few years ago.
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