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  1. How about you live up the hill ... is it Valencia and travel down for the pool and uni and bar. Its not that far. Valencia is not polluted or perhaps choose a place in between Valencia and Dumaguete. Maybe that is the way to go
  2. Where can you get 4% today, I would love to earn 4%. I remember 5 years ago I was trying to work my budget on 10% earnings when I retired. Now, I'm thinking its 2% or 3% if I'm lucky
  3. My girl (is that a song) favours Dumaguete! When I have visited I did not think the traffic was as bad as Mactan or Cebu City for that matter. Im looking forward to my next trip there, roll on December.
  4. I was responding to this post about the possibility a squatter or tenant can delay being evicted or even obtain land ownership albeit they are not the rightful owners, and linking it to an earlier post I made about my future in-laws who have been given their marching orders to vacate land they have lived on for over 30 years (paying rent) as have many other families all who have built homes on the land because the land owner wants to use the land for something else. I was concerned because I thought they may be forced off sooner rather than later. So I suppose i was being a little sarcastic with my post.
  5. So what you are saying there is a slim my chance my future in-laws maybe able to keep their land they have lived on for the last 30 odd years and paying rent on as so have many other families have. Provided they have the money that is!! What a great system!!!
  6. About 6 years ago my marriage had fallen apart, and I was flying into Thailand to meet two internet friends I had been talking to for some time, any way on the first night I met one, there was no fireworks but we had this great rapport resulting in us being really good friends. The other lady I met that trip became my gf, unfortunately the relationship faltered after 2 years, maybe there is something about not moving to the next stage of a relationship and just staying friends
  7. I must be very handsome, otherwise how could you explain my gf jealousy, after all we are not married yet!! I remember onetime when we were leaving a resort and my gf mentioned that i must of really liked the receptionist, I asked why she thought that and she just said she had a feeling I really liked the girl. I told her that I did not notice the lady, I could not describe her other than having black hair and dark eyes, so yes my girl can be jealous! I don't know why because in my eyes my girl is stunning, I have no interest in any other, although I will admit when walking in the mall I may look but try to not make it obvious because I get the impression my girl is watching me watching them :)
  8. Some interesting comments. I am yet to move to the Philippines to be with my girl, but I would like to think we will make some good friends, but its true I think that if you can count on your hand the number of true friends you have done well. And as for understanding women and making friends with your wife's friends, or girlfriends friends, there is that book about Women are from Mars and Men are from Venus?? So the chances of making a good friend there is slim, because you have to understand them first, not to mention learning the language! How many understand the language of their SO. I intend to learn the language when I am there. I think its important to have a life outside of just your own relationship, otherwise I think you may stifle each other. If you think about it, most of us were probably married before and spent a significant amount of time apart from our wife (1/3 of your life working), so to spend 2/3rds of you life with the wife or SO day in or day out may be detrimental to you unless you have planned it properly - like playing golf for example a couple of times a week to get you out of the house
  9. Now what was the post about again? By the way I hate snakes!!
  10. I think he was saying his house is 150 sqm and cost him 5 million peso, it's not clear if the building cost was 5million alone or if it also included the land as well. he does not mention how large the land was. But it does not matter he was only giving an example and he provided another example of a closed community where the minimum size blocks are 600 sqm, so who knows how large a home must be to build there. So lets not get nick picky about the minor stuff, the question here was where have you built? Are you living with the locals or are you in walled compound and why??
  11. In about 14 months I will be there, renting a house at first whilst I look for somewhere to buy and then build. I get the feeling you get better value if you build a house yourself instead of going through a package deal. From what I can gather what you get in a package deal is over priced considering you can buy land and build a house for less, but that's my opinion. But my question is, do you live in gated community or do you live amongst the locals? Previously I built a house in Thailand amongst the locals and have never felt threatened whilst staying there. Yet from what I've read on the posts a lot of people recommend living in a gate community as supposedly its safer! Perhaps bad news makes the papers more so than good, therefore all we read about is when the foreigner was stabbed, shot or killed. Good news stories don't sell as well. Nevertheless, what have you chosen to do? Are you living amongst the locals or are you holed up in your gated community, from which some accounts is not all that safe!
  12. Ynot

    Who gets what?

    This is part of what I wrote, and its interesting to see some of you would be willing to give your ex something if the relationship went south, provided she was not playing around which is good to know. I was not suggesting that you should share what you had accumulated prior to the relationship only what you had accumulated during the relationship. I'm assuming the ex was the love of your life at one stage and no one is suggesting you are paying her to be with you, it's about what would you do if the relationship ended other than moving on, would you make some provision for her particularly where you had managed to save something whilst together. If per chance the cupboards are empty because you are living hand to mouth each week, then there would nothing to give, and i would be clear she loved you for who you were and not what you had as you clearly did not have much.
  13. Ynot

    Who gets what?

    I recently did a post about "äre you really with the one you love" and in that post I asked the question about if the relationship came to end, would you see your way clear to give her / him something, similar to what you would do in your homeland. And by that I mean in Australia for example, if you have been living together as husband and wife (more than 12 months) albeit you may not be married, your ex partner has a right of claim against your assets, particularly those assets you have accumulated whilst you were together! Hardly anyone addressed the above issue, and I was just interested to see how many of you would actually give something to your ex partner. Maybe some of you would see providing for her whilst you were together and allowing her to share your life is reward enough! But I suspect a lot would not voluntarily pass on any assistance to their ex partner, no matter whose fault it was, whereas if you were back home you probably would have no choice and the courts would take that decision out of your hands if it went that far.
  14. I think John Legend sings this one but I just saw a lady called Jane Zhang sing this one and she does a great job. My GF loves the song so I had to watch it but it was painless :) to watch and listen
  15. Congratulations, I'm envious, hopefully I will take that step in 14 months time.
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