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  1. One thing that I have noticed over the last 10 years is the constant inflation (especially starts around the holidays, then retreats partially a month later). https://tradingeconomics.com/philippines/inflation-cpi
  2. As others have already said, 2 suitcases plus a backpack with laptop inside. Everything else I purchased locally. Stuff I couldn't find I purchased online and shipped via balikbayan box. The first year is the costliest; purchase/rent a place, furnishings, etc. After being in the PI for 7 years, I had set up my retirement household, plus purchased a unit for rent (provides supplemental income in local currency) and am now making my final push for full retirement (did a 1 year sabbatical to see if I had chosen the right place for me).
  3. This might be an option http://www.bayanihancargo.com/air_cargo.php#air-to-door for you. They offer an air freight door to door service (it's not cheap). I used it once and it took a couple of weeks and no customs issues.
  4. Proper and fair enforcement of regulations, laws, building codes, and urban planning.
  5. I found a good plumber locally that will respond almost immediately (within a couple hours). The last job was a cracked pipe in a floor. It took him 4 hours over two days, chipping the concrete out to get access to the pipe, repair the pipe, lay more concrete and tile on the 2nd day. Material costs 500p, Labor cost 1000p (I decided the compensation). The wife bitched at me for giving him 1000p until I explained how much that would have cost me back in the US. He responds quickly for our needs due to my higher compensation. I have recommended him to other expats who have received the same professional response.
  6. I just use a normal laptop backpack similar to this http://www.targus.com/us/15_4-sport-standard-backpack-platinumblack-tsb212. The one I have is at least 7 years old and been discontinued. It has a nice pad at the base of your back and a rain cover that fits in the bottom of the backpack (exterior) that you can pull out if needed. My bugout bag packing list is; cash, passport, checkbook, important documents, keys, IDs, Credit Cards, laptop w/charger, cell phone charger and a change of socks/underwear. I also usually pack some nuts and chocolate for energy. Anything else can just be replaced wherever you end up. I don't have any concerns here in the PI for a need of one at this time.
  7. Yes home brew is a great thing. I agree on your sentiments when it comes to typhoons. Stock up on gas, propane, ice, water and beer as you will be cooking everything that's in your freezer when the power runs out..
  8. This typhoon is basically turning into a nonevent in Subic. Very little rain or winds, just cloudy. https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-240.79,9.52,2048/loc=120.003,14.056 right now it looks like max winds of 50kph
  9. So far today, we have only received light rains and very little winds. It is supposed to be due south of us in a couple of hours (3pm). We should be on the outer edge of the strong winds. At least it's moving quicker and will be out to sea tonight.
  10. In case you haven't heard, a late season typhoon is heading directly for Manila. https://metoc.ndbc.noaa.gov/ProductF...cts/wp3016.gif https://earth.nullschool.net/#curren...0.79,9.52,2048 It should be a Cat1 by then but could catch some people by surprise. I know everyone is focused on Christmas but it would behoove us to take a few minutes of preparation before it arrives on the 26th. The US Navy ships all departed the Subic Port yesterday in preparation for this event. I am glad that I took the time to check. My storm drainage system was clogged up with a whole trash bag's worth of leaves and debris. 2 hours later + home made snake (out of palm frond stem) = it's mo pun in d philippines!
  11. Depending on your neighborhood, most likely not a problem. For me, I do not care for the rooster crowing all of the time (starting at 0300-0400) as I have given up my early rising days. Be careful with the Chicken Sh*^% as it will burn your ground. In my long distant past, (teens), the farmers used to spread it on the fields after first snow to let it deteriorate without burning the topsoil.
  12. What I have noticed is, that no matter how much of a homebody your significant other is, they need plenty of social activities. My wife was going crazy the first few weeks abroad until she started to make some friends and she now has a good network of friends to meet up with daily.
  13. As others have stated, use the free Google DNS servers. Quite frequently, PLDTs DNS servers go up and down, not to mention their flawed routing plan. By reaching back to the US it may add a couple ms in response but very reliable.
  14. It helps on keeping the heat from radiating thru the roof onto the porch. It made a big difference on my back porch.
  15. Dont forget insulation above the plywood and to treat the plywood so that it doesn't quickly become termite fodder.
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