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  1. Yes - she was banished from the family for such failure and shame brought upon them !
  2. If this doesn't impress you " gnihton " will ebc80efe-ad9f-4d7b-a46a-504044fe5e24.MP4
  3. First of all, I am going to assume Insite is a U.S. citizen. Not so , I am actually on an EU passport.
  4. CGT is paid on the transfer of the property at a rate of 6% - it can often form part of the sale negotiating price , as to who pays it. In truth although called CGT it is not a tax on any gain but a flat tax on the sales price of the property. I would like to think that on the sale of a single property one would be in a position to consider this your principal private residence allowing one to remit the capital and gain if the documents were in order - perhaps my optimism is misplaced. Were it the case this that this was being done on a reoccurring basis it most likely would be deemed a business and taxed in the regular manner. I did read somewhere quiet some time back about an allowance of two houses a year before this became the case - I will try search it out again.
  5. My question refers to any locally accrued gain and ones ability to remit this as opposed to the original capital brought here.
  6. I have noted on many postings that the general consensus about sending money out of the Philippines is that if you can substantiate that you brought it in you have a reasonable chance to remit it out again. Money is brought in for many reasons such as day to day living , holidays , medical and investments of various kinds to name but a few. Should it be the case money has been brought in for say a property investment , as a for instance but not limited to this , which shows considerable growth on a sale , what if any are the difficulties or restrictions in sending the original capital and gain out again assuming all liabilities / taxes have been paid ?
  7. It is now not unusual to have 65" up to 90 " screens in our lounges - the scale in very large rooms can accommodate these sizes whilst in smaller ones the TV becomes far too dominant IMO - this can alleviate this issue. Besides the slick tech and minimalist unit will undoubtedly appeal to the design conscious - to each his own
  8. How's about this for a new TV system - impressive methinks https://www.dezeen.com/2020/08/15/xiaomi-transparent-tv-mi-tv-lux/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Dezeen Weekly 682&utm_content=Dezeen Weekly 682+CID_36773f9534c842afaf02318962abe25e&utm_source=Dezeen Mail&utm_term=a see-through television
  9. insite


    Not any more - it was not the guard on a power trip - it was sign posted on the wall behind her.
  10. insite


    Prior to the FM passes being introduced here we shopped as a couple and were never asked for cards until we arrived at the till. As the ECQ came into effect and only one was allowed out of the house you had to show a card before being admitted - after that was lifted it went back to the normal until yesterday. No you must show your card before being allowed into the shop - one card one entry.
  11. insite


    Not in Davao - this is new in the last week. So I am wondering what happens when Mamma , Pappa , Granny and the four of five kids want to go shopping and have a large feed of pizza and burgers after do they all need cards or will the pizza be sent out for them to eat in the car park. I was spending between 10 / 20K ( sometimes more ) a month in there and I wont be any further. The 700 pesos membership fee is peanuts in relationship to their overall T/O Pure lunacy
  12. insite


    Yes I am also of the opinion it is a cash grab. The card is in my partners name and I was refused entry but within 10 mins I could buy a new card in front of the security who stopped me and could enter . It has nothing to do with 50% occupancy , FM passes nor one household member allowed out as those restrictions were lifted for some weeks in Davao.
  13. insite


    Yesterday at S&R my partner and I were told at security that only one person per card could enter apparently under the guise of CV precautions. Right beside the security guard stopping us entering was a desk where they were selling new cards ! So two cannot enter on one card but the same two can enter on two cards if you simply cough up and buy a second card for the privilege of shopping with your wife
  14. Been there a number of times - good expat community there
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