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  1. Can you expound on the details in relation to " special " versions for seniors please Tommy
  2. I suppose one could crossover into an SSRV for the few months ( or longer as necessary ) it takes to have the boarders open again and new tourist visas being issued and assuming " genuine " retirement visas are still being issued.
  3. Given that presently those on a tourist visa cannot leave the country and return and that after three years of not having left one is required to do so regardless under the current legislation , how are members here with this predicament handling the situation ? Are extensions available and if so what is the procedure ?
  4. Thanks Dave - I will look over the links but its not the legalities that immediately concern , although that will come , but more the hands on experience of others who may have tried this as a venture. Given the responses so far it appears there may not be many.
  5. In my own case I thought to setup the infrastructure and let the land owner tend to the crops throughout the growth stage and only get involved at harvest at which time the produce would be split 30% to owner and 70 % to crop share investor. It would be interesting to hear of someone who has or is doing this kind of business.
  6. I understand many multi nationals are doing this on scaled up basis mainly growing plants for biodiesel. I have more in mind a smaller scale operation in various fruits and vegetables. In outline one provides the seeds , prepare and fertilises the land and then harvests on the basis of an agreed % of the crop. I had met some expats doing this when I arrived 7 years back and they to the best of my recollection spoke well of its viability however I have lost contact with these people hence my question here. My wifes family are farmers in the area and so would be there to moni
  7. I am wondering if any of our members have experience of crop sharing and if so if they would care to share their experiences good or bad ?
  8. Have a look at this Tommy , explains it in full -
  9. Yes - she was banished from the family for such failure and shame brought upon them !
  10. If this doesn't impress you " gnihton " will ebc80efe-ad9f-4d7b-a46a-504044fe5e24.MP4
  11. First of all, I am going to assume Insite is a U.S. citizen. Not so , I am actually on an EU passport.
  12. CGT is paid on the transfer of the property at a rate of 6% - it can often form part of the sale negotiating price , as to who pays it. In truth although called CGT it is not a tax on any gain but a flat tax on the sales price of the property. I would like to think that on the sale of a single property one would be in a position to consider this your principal private residence allowing one to remit the capital and gain if the documents were in order - perhaps my optimism is misplaced. Were it the case this that this was being done on a reoccurring basis it most likely would be
  13. My question refers to any locally accrued gain and ones ability to remit this as opposed to the original capital brought here.
  14. I have noted on many postings that the general consensus about sending money out of the Philippines is that if you can substantiate that you brought it in you have a reasonable chance to remit it out again. Money is brought in for many reasons such as day to day living , holidays , medical and investments of various kinds to name but a few. Should it be the case money has been brought in for say a property investment , as a for instance but not limited to this , which shows considerable growth on a sale , what if any are the difficulties or restrictions in sending the original capita
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