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  1. insite


  2. You could try this - ani fungal / dandruff Available at most pharmacies
  3. A Beautiful Fountain .......
  4. https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1823432/Davao/Local-News/170-vehicular-accidents-recorded-in-one-week
  5. There is a half decent Indian Spice shop on University Av in Juna - and some others can be found on Medical Drive just up from Victoria Plaza
  6. I was wondering if any of you have used or could recommend an app that would turn a computer camera into a surveillance system particularly on a Mac Have tried the free ISentry app but was not impressed - there is a Pro version but have not bought as the free was so poor - there are a number of others some quiet expensive.
  7. Brave New World - I think not - https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/facial-recognition-cameras-technology-london-trial-met-police-face-cover-man-fined-a8756936.html
  8. Ahh - that's sweet of you Here - have a few beers on me ............
  9. Thanks JJ - most likely you are correct however there is a a newly appointed ( and not elected ) Board of Directors taking control who are about to start disconnecting the water supply for all delinquent accounts so the upper hand goes to them in this regard - this is provided for in the SD rules
  10. Yes Hobbit , I agree with what you say however , The Agent we were dealing with was directly employed by the Developers and had access to all records as to the previous owners dealing with them. The Agent give us assurances that the dues were paid up but that we did not get this in writing I accept is a failure on our part and that of our Lawyer whom we paid to represent our interest.
  11. My thoughts are this : If the debt applies to an individual then it cannot be passed on to another individual without due process. If the debt applies to the property then the Developer needs to have some legal means to place a lien on the property by way of protecting his interest - no such rule appears to be in place here If a seller gives erroneous information in front of a Notary Public and Lawyer surely that is fraud and the word of the NP would hold some considerable sway ?
  12. You are right again - its not much money but I don't like being f*!%k over by these people who also at the end of the day never paid the agents commission either ! Last time I asked to lawyer he said we have no liability - I will need to do so again in some more depth as yes if I am liable to pay I want to see it in print somewhere.
  13. Yes I agree Jack but what's done is done and I see no point in taking on the lawyer........... The point now is to establish in law if one can be held liable for a debt incurred by another and if so where the relevant statute is set down enshrining this law
  14. The Agent gave us a verbal assurance when the sale was agreed that all dues were paid. At the time of signing in our Lawyers Office the owner gave a verbal assurance to the Lawyers that all dues were paid - property tax documents were included in the sales documents.
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