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  1. I got through to PLDT after only 55 mins - HKB is correct - I need an IDD but Products and Services are offline so I only have to call back and wait another hour to try again later. I have attached a screen shot of my Shoppee wallet as seen on the desktop web page showing I have a credit of Ps550 whilst on the app I have a credit of Ps845 - so there is no wallet on the app and no shopee pay on the desktop - pure genius
  2. Yes I paid COD . This is the number you get for Shopee - its appears to be neither an international number nor does it have a local area code ....... You can reach us via: Calls: 02 8 880 5200 (Monday to Sunday, 9 AM to 6 PM) Chat: 24/7 (in-app only) Wherever possible when buying online I use Pay Pal - it is not available here a great deal - I find them efficient at following up and a refund whenever there are problems - the systems here are not on a par if and when something goes wrong - generally speaking I get fairly good service from both Shopee and Lazada but on the odd occasion when there are problems it can be a frustrating and time-wasting experience trying to resolve. I also notice on Shopee that the app and desktop platform operate in a very different way - I was being given a refund for a broken hydrometer by the seller and was confronting him because it was not reflecting in my wallet on my desktop web page but after sometime it was pointed out that it was credited to my wallet in the app only ........... whatever. Nobody said it would be easy
  3. I think this exactly my problem - they are posted under .ph whilst in fact they are in China
  4. Thanks Mate . I have followed all these exact instructions using the app and have chatted with them time and time again - they are not getting there and every time I reconnect its a new agent and an assurance of a resolution with 48 hours. I have chatted with supervisors on three occasions already all to no avail. I have tried calling the no on our land line and get an error message saying the service feature is not available - maybe its a limitation on our connection or some kind of premium no - we are on fibre 50mbps Ps 2899 - our mobiles are the same - either way I cannot speak to them. Will call PLDT in the morning to see if there is a work around this
  5. I received a malfunctioning item ordered through Shopee and started the complaints process the following day which is now over two weeks back. There is no resolution and I am being run from pillar to post between their call centre inefficiencies and an uncooperative seller all without progress. I asked for a number to call Shopee Customer Service direct and was given a number that does not work. Does anyone have any idea how to get behind the call centre and or escalate this to level when I might start getting a resolution rather than the canned responses currently being offered.
  6. This is the company you are looking for Tommy - http://www.dctechmicro.com/dctech/contact-us/ I am told they are good and reliable but their coverage presently is limited to city central areas
  7. UPDATE ...... This is the batch made from Jolly Juice - dry and very crisp if not as clear as previous - very moreish Martinelli batch bottled today
  8. Hi Tommy, As a Davaoeño would you by any chance know where one can get Sodastream CO2 gas cylinders refilled ? Refills can be bought online and also at True Value bit they are a tad pricey ...... Any thoughts ?
  9. We have another arrival to the party ....... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-53303457
  10. Persevere Mate ..... Reduce the sugar . My Cran Apple was a gusher when opened , far too sweet and not to anybody's liking here . Gave a decanted half litre to the gardener today and will give him the balance throughout the week if he survives tonight Decanting my second batch Jolly Juice this evening
  11. I got my Juniper berries yesterday so I now have everything I need to do some craft gin experiments - everything that is except the vodka to infuse
  12. Many of the supermarkets including Savemore have 1.5 or 2L bottles of Tree Top which you could buy and decant into a 4L container. I went to GMall for some more Jolly Juice but they had none and whilst there stumbled on the Martinellis - I bought the three 1.5L bottles left - I am told S&R have it also from time to time
  13. Don't be put off trying the apple cider Tommy as that definitely works. I am presently trying one batch of Martinellis - let see how that turns out.
  14. I got my hydrometer from Shopee today ....... No bubble wrap - no hydrometer Cran Apple opened tonight - not impressed - not a success - not to repeat
  15. There is an accredited agent in Davao I have been using for quiet some time without any difficulty whatsoever - they are a travel agency called Fastpass - you can have your passport dropped off , they will renew and when done you pay them either by cash or bank transfer . They are opposite Victoria Mall about 50M to the left of BI. You partner can act on your behalf and in my own case there is no requirement for my presence and or any signatures . As mentioned earlier here there is no problem until 30 days after lifting of the quarantine for renewal but if you wanted it done you have that option if not now then perhaps another time. The fees are minimal if you are a regular client with them.
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