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  1. There are many conflicting thoughts and scientific opinions as to the effectiveness of Sinovac. Undoubtedly this will very much depend on who you are listening to ....... Who here is listening to whom ?
  2. https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1411832/international-link-problems-cause-slow-unstable-internet-says-pldt
  3. If you have a HSBC account there and one here ( Premium ) it can be transferred online free ! I think City Bank offer something similar but I do not have any details.
  4. These timeouts shown here freeze the picture for varying lengths .....
  5. Have you tried a ping / latency test ? Also a traceroute ? If there are timeouts showing that may be the cause of your freezing in which case you may need your UK service provider to route it through a different SP ( assuming they can or will ) - we have the same on and off here with PLDT whilst a friend on exactly the same streaming service using Globe does not have this problem ( he has both PLDT and Globe and can flick back and forth for an instant comparison )
  6. We were informed today that new FM passes are about to issue , perhaps next week. These will be colour coded and if the information we are being given is correct they will also have an embedded QR pass .........
  7. Try this for free to see if it works for you ......... https://sea.pcmag.com/security/15418/tunnelbear-vpn
  8. https://www.amazon.com/Zucked-Waking-Up-Facebook-Catastrophe/dp/0525561358 Fortunately some of the powers that be are waking up and not before time IMO
  9. Can you expound on the details in relation to " special " versions for seniors please Tommy
  10. I suppose one could crossover into an SSRV for the few months ( or longer as necessary ) it takes to have the boarders open again and new tourist visas being issued and assuming " genuine " retirement visas are still being issued.
  11. Given that presently those on a tourist visa cannot leave the country and return and that after three years of not having left one is required to do so regardless under the current legislation , how are members here with this predicament handling the situation ? Are extensions available and if so what is the procedure ?
  12. Thanks Dave - I will look over the links but its not the legalities that immediately concern , although that will come , but more the hands on experience of others who may have tried this as a venture. Given the responses so far it appears there may not be many.
  13. In my own case I thought to setup the infrastructure and let the land owner tend to the crops throughout the growth stage and only get involved at harvest at which time the produce would be split 30% to owner and 70 % to crop share investor. It would be interesting to hear of someone who has or is doing this kind of business.
  14. I understand many multi nationals are doing this on scaled up basis mainly growing plants for biodiesel. I have more in mind a smaller scale operation in various fruits and vegetables. In outline one provides the seeds , prepare and fertilises the land and then harvests on the basis of an agreed % of the crop. I had met some expats doing this when I arrived 7 years back and they to the best of my recollection spoke well of its viability however I have lost contact with these people hence my question here. My wifes family are farmers in the area and so would be there to moni
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