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  1. Some are not reading my posts completely. I am NOT saying that ALL Filipinas are gold diggers or scam artists. If you go to the Philippines, live there, and then meet a Filipina through a friend, at church, lives next door (whatever), and you date her long enough to get to KNOW her through and through, then you are marrying for the right reasons. However, I DO believe that if you meet a Filipina online, get to know her through only emails/online chats and a short get together in the Philippines, then you stand a high degree that the Filipina doesn't really love you for who you AR
  2. Well, I will say that it was never my intent to sweep all Filipinas under the rug except those willing to marry so easily to someone they've met, westerner or otherwise, when it is likely there is an ulterior motive. I made sure to couch the times that I mentioned Filipinas with the phrase (and other nationalities) so that I wasn't only pouncing on those of Filipina descent. It has been remarked that Chinese and Russians are also targeting westerners for marriage and do a good job of it online. This is true but the number of Filipinas are significantly greater than those of other nati
  3. Hello all yet again, Viewpoints not your own -- meant that you are reading viewpoints that are not your own and written by someone else. It would be unrealistic to continue the fallacy that Filipinas ALWAYS make great loving wives for EVERYONE and all men should run out and get one, post haste. I meant that meeting them online is the worst way of meeting a woman from abroad and that is far better if they end up living in the same area for an extended period of time so that her true character (as well as that of the man) become evident and, in my case for example, don't get side-swip
  4. Hello all, There seems to be those that think I'm simply trolling and trying to make Filipinas look bad. If you are going to have a forum in a democratic society, then viewpoints that are not your own will sometimes be expressed. Your experience and thoughts may differ but you should have the opinion that they should at least be expressed. But the moderator(s) of this forum are the ones in control and I defer to them and whatever they choose to do in regards to mine or anyone else's posts. Yes, some Filipinas can be wonderful wives -- I am not denying that. I only argue that mee
  5. I had written a long post but because I had included a hyperlink to wikipedia page, I'm guessing that the page was not uploaded as there must a rule against inserting links to outside websites. Oh well, I was trying to respond to a number of posts. Recently, I did a test of a Filipina dating website and uploaded a profile of myself and was honest about my looks, my life, etc. This was not done this time with the intent of looking for a Filipina but rather to show how QUICKLY Filipinas JUMP on someone NEW on the site. In the course over just over an hour, I had twelve women showing in
  6. @ Doug -- Thanks for sharing your experiences, bad as they were. You are right when you say it's pretty well a bad idea to consider marriage with someone you've only spent a scant amount of actual physical time with. I'm guilty of that with my ex-wife and with the second woman that I spent untold number of hours online with and corresponding by email. But I feel a LOT of men do that on these Filipina dating websites -- how many can realistically afford to travel back and forth to the Philippines to meet with women regularly? How many can take that much time away from their jobs? So i
  7. By my member handle you already know I do NOT trust Filipinas that come from the Philippines (as opposed to those born in Western countries). Read on and you won't believe what I've been through. This will be long so no complaints about the length! THE CRAZY FILIPINA First, I found what I thought was a wonderful Filipina back before the days of internet dating (in the late '90s when there were just a few sites out there like Match and Cherry Blossoms was a magazine and you bought addresses for $5 each for a Filipina). As my work took me to the Philippines, I ended up meeting her the
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