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  1. https://www.philippines-expats.com/forum/102-housing-and-land/ You can advertise here but you will need to pay a small fee which helps with the running cost of the forum. Visit our Store link from the main menu. Once you have paid the fee come back to this forum and you will see a start new topic button. Make sure you select the correct package. This forum is for real estate ads only. (If you already paid then you just posted in the wrong forum and you need to post in the correct forum)
  2. My condos are going well. I have sold all of them except for my new 2 br I bought last year. the scary part is always waiting for the title once you buy. Even if purchase is on the up and up, it takes over 6 months to get your title sometimes.
  3. Veco Bill 5000 Water 3000 Fiber Internet 3400 Condo fees 2000 Visa fees 3000 laundry and other small bills 3600 Food and Taxi 20k Hope that helps.... Mike
  4. Hi Guys, I thought I would share my latest purchase experience with my forum family. Well this is my 3rd purchase, - 3rd condo I have purchased in Cebu, with one difference, this is the first time I have purchased a new one. The biggest difference I found in buying a new condo was one of lot less paperwork, and also stress on my part with all my hard earned peso, that I was actually going to end up with title in my name :). We have all heard of the horror stories where expats have loss everything. Since in Cebu there is really not a conveyance service, so if you are worried about money transferring hands, you need to find a lawyer that you can trust, and that is familiar with Australian wire transfer procedures etc. On my first 2 purchases these were condos that were owned privately, and I must admit both owners seemed a little dodgy, so I was always worried until I got my title back from Manila in my name, and we all know that procedure can take up to 6 months. The first 2 purchases I researched myself and found them. For my new purchase I employed a very "hungry" real estate person, in this case it was a woman I was referred to from another friend. I can tell you that having someone like this makes all the difference. The only way they get paid is when the condo developer sells and gets paid, and then after that...some real estate people also have to give a cut of their commission away to their boss as well. I was dying to find out how much her cut was, but I thought it would be disrespectful to ask...so I never asked. Anyway, my real estate woman found several condo's that fit what I was looking for, one thing I did not know, when you are buying a new condo in a new tower, the higher the floor you are, the more peso it is going to cost you. She was very patient with me, and over the space of 2 weeks took me through many, until I found one I really liked. A small 40sm 2BR in Cebu City proper. The next stage was to find the developer office, and make a contract for purchase, and also with the initial Ernest peso that the developer required. Now the next stage, which was very different from my other experiences, this is when we negotiated on the final price for the condo, so to include all extra title, transfer and admin fees etc etc. Which was really great...so they gave me the exact price all up I was to pay, when I bought private...I had lots of trouble in this area. After that, very straight forward, I paid the Ernest money, was given a receipt. Made the rest of payment in regards to a wire transfer, was given a receipt that was then reflected by another receipt and noted on the contract. I forgot to mention, I also had a number of problems with the property that I wanted fixed before transfer, which were also addressed in the contract, to which the construction contractor agreed to fix before I move in. At this stage, I am back in Australia, just taking care of a few things before I make the final move on the 30th of this month. So all in all...2 big thumbs up for ease of purchase, only 1 downside: that I am responsible for organizing getting power, water, and cable/internet installed...fiber internet available in this development - which I am excited about. Finally, I made a SPA with my real estate woman so she could get the said power/water/ etc organized for me, which totaled for 25K peso, which was substantially more than used condo, on account these services are already installed, and you just need to transfer names etc. There was one new thing, last time when I purchased used condo, I never had to get a TIN, this time it was required, I don't know why I didn't have to do this last time. However, was very painless, my real estate girl organized everything. Looking forward to moving into my new digs and setting everything just the way I like from scratch :)
  5. That is soooo true. Couple of years a go I saw these Aussies at Ayala mall who had a little too much to drink. They were on their way out of the mall, and "they" bumped into a couple of local guys....and then they started carrying on like it was the local guys fault, it started to get heated....which attracted one of the security guards, on his approach they all just went their own ways....but it had me thinking....seriously guys...do you know where you are?? This is not Northbridge, Western Australia or someplace like that.
  6. Always pays to have a good property lawyer...I learned this from condo sale 1 the hard way. Now I am onto Condo #3...very cheap 2br....which I thought was a bit sus....I had my lawyer run a CCT check, and turns out the present "owner" never put it in his name to try and get out of paying capital gains tax....hmmmm I really like the condo for its price, but if I have to pay the capital gains to get it in my name, because the owner won't do it....I might have to re-think this purchase.. Good to have a lawyer :)
  7. Any members know any expert Nipa Hut builders in the Cebu region. The mrs and I have some beach front property near Bogo that we would like to build a Nipa Hut for weekend getaways. Cheers
  8. haha....I think he will survive....the new one I am getting, the owner was only renting it out on a month to month basis, because he was selling it, and knew new owner would want to move in :)
  9. I guess I will have to look into that. My current living condo in Tipolo, I plan on moving out of that one and rent out, so that would be 2 renting out in Tipolo, and the new one I am getting, it is a bit bigger than the other 2, so will be kicking tenant out of that one, and moving in there :)
  10. Jack I thought I would bring this old thread back to life. This month I am adding number 3 condo to my collection in Cebu. Which brings me to the thought again, should I be looking into fire insurances or some kind of home insurance now that my portfolio is increasing to preserve my investment in case something happens....or "does anyone bother" :)
  11. We don't have rabies on Oz, however I was in Iraq for 2 tours last year with United nations, and the current does we give them there is one dose stat, and the second one a week later.
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