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  1. I am hearing that tourism might be allowed again in early 2022 for fully vaccinated travellers. Also heard from other sources that mandatory traveller’s health insurance could be required. This could be a deal breaker for people over say 60ish with health issues. Has anyone here heard anything about this?
  2. On 3/21/2020 at 4:18 AM, stevewool said: well she can make anything out of anything , ................................... Hey where is my other shoe ?
  3. There is an old Filipino saying. ”Husbands come and go but family is forever.” Don’t take anything for granted.
  4. I think that the advice you have received so far is pretty good.. I would be gone if I was treated like that.
  5. The best pre nup is a secret bank account in a foreign country. Tell her u have a small pension of $xxx.oo per month and that is all u have. There will be a line up to finagle even that out of you.
  6. The house project is a holiday home for when ever we want to come here, and now I have learnt that don’t come on birthdays, Christmas and new yearned other school holidays the rest of the year may work out fine for me. ............................. Who will house sit when you are away? Will they vacate when you return?😂
  7. I moved to the PI in 2011 intending to probably stay permanently. I lasted 13 months. Drove me nuts. The little things just ground me down until I couldn’t take any more. So now I visit several times a year, I stay 2 or 3 months, then retreat back to my fortress of solitude in Canada. Best of both worlds.
  8. And tuck your pants inside your socks.
  9. Maybe try a wifi sim card for a smart phone. The phone then becomes a wifi hot spot, same as a pocket wifi. I use one in my dual sim Samsung and my ipad connects to it. A single sim phone works as well. The Smart wifi sim card load is p1000.00 for 30 days . The card itself is i think 50p. Globe had a similar deal.
  10. Start in Cebu City. You can take day trips on the bus to Moalboal, Dalagute, Oslob, and many other nearby towns. You can also do day or overnight ferry trips to neighbouring islands like Bohol, Panglau, Negros, Bantayan, or even take a one hour flight to Davao on the island of Mindanao. There are many other options but Cebu city is a good central place to start.
  11. I photo copy all the important stuff including passport, acr, and drivers license etc. I carry the photocopies and keep the originals in a safe place.
  12. Why do u want to leave your home country? You will never be as comfortable in the PI as you are at home. Weather, pollution, traffic, food, crowds, cable and internet connections etc.,level and quality of service....it can really wear you down over time. I lasted 13 months, now I visit twice a year for a few months...Try a 6 month visit in a few different places.
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