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  1. Lou49

    Cebu - Help!

    January is a very busy month in Cebu. Lots of visitors due to Sinulog Festival....Airports, roads an hotels will be very busy. Book well ahead of time. Some hotels charge premium rates during Sinulog. When u get here most hotels will negotiate a monthly rate and u can pay 25-35% less than posted rates.
  2. Ambien works for me. No hangover.
  3. Lou49

    Kanu tax

    It is always better to have a trusted Local purchase anything for you or you will almost always pay more.
  4. Lou49


    You nailed it.......i would only add the public market at the foot of Sessions Road, SM mall, and the strawberry fields in La Trinidad.
  5. I tried the online fare/booking search thing on several different websites last month, aware of the cookie thing, best fare i could come up with was about 2100 cad. which i thought was outrageous. Went to a travel agent and she found me a fare of about 1200cad. It only cost 40 bucks for the service.
  6. Lou49

    How Safe is Philippines?

    One ounce of milk chocolate per pound of body weight should do it.
  7. Lou49

    Grab or Taxi?

    Grab works well for me in Cebu City.
  8. I have had to transfer planes in HK with a 50 minute layover twice. I only had a backpack, no luggage and I did go thru security. i raced from one end of the airport to the other end and just made it, they were closing the doors when i got to the plane. I flew Cathay Vancouver to Hk to Cebu.
  9. Lou49

    Help with British Expatriate in Baua, Gonzaga

    Having a pistol on a lanyard around his neck probably doesn’t help the cause here.
  10. Lou49

    What's it Like in Your Neck of the Woods?

    Another Ayala mall opening at IT Park ?
  11. Lou49

    Got burgled last night

  12. Lou49

    Old is when . . .

    Old is when your hair was brown and your teeth were white.
  13. Lou49

    How Safe is Philippines?

    How long have you been imprisoned there ? What was your crime ? Do they let you out for an hour a day ?😀
  14. Lou49

    Dipolog Dinging Dinners

    How are u liking Dipolog so far ?
  15. Lou49

    Acclimatize, of not?

    The only place in the PI that I felt acclimatized to was the cordillera region of Baguio, Banaue, Sagade etc..otherwise fuggeddaboudit.