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  1. I have some arthritis in my knees, hips, and shoulders.. Also took a face plant on a slippery driveway a few months ago and hurt both rotator cuffs. Still painful after two months.Tried some medical marijuana, legal in Canada. It helped with the pain but felt a bit stoned hehehe. Anyone know if medical marijuana is legal in the PI ?
  2. When you step in poo you hope it is from a dog....
  3. I have an ear to the ground in other places......he did get scammed big time....no idea what he is doing now.
  4. About the visa......the 30 day entry is not a visa, it is just an entry stamp. They usually don’t ask where you are staying and I have never needed proof of reservation the odd time that I was asked. After 30 days u need to get a visa or a 30-59 day extension.
  5. There are some gun clubs around. As a foreigner you will not be permitted to own guns, never mind hunt.......You can rent guns for use at the clubs. I rented pistols at clubs in Baguio and Cebu for practice and to compete in IPSC matches. There are work arounds like having a gun registered in your wife’s name but you better not get caught doing anything illegal.
  6. La Union is nice. Hour and a half to Baguio by bus, two and a half hours to Angeles if I remember correctly.. Beautiful beaches, small townish....not sure about internet speeds but I don’t recall any negatives.
  7. She had a choice. She may have been coerced but she had a choice. She lied and scammed. If she was unhappy in the relationship she could have simply opted out instead of lying and scamming the guy.
  8. Philippines dramas can take many crazy twists and turns. You could not make some of this stupid shit up. That is why it is more fun in the Philippines. I am constantly astounded at some of the crazy things i see and hear.
  9. My 2 pesos : sever all ties, get the divorce, never communicate again. Forget revenge, you will be wasting time , money, and energy and you probably will not succeed. Stay far away from her and her family. You will be safe on another island if they can never know where u are. Happines is possible, there are lots of nice gals out there. Maybe try Cebu or Bohol or Luzon. Best of luck to you Mac.
  10. Hang in there......better days ahead.......I am the one who recommended Pointman. Are you satisfied with their services and performance ?
  11. Have you confronted her yet ? I am curious to hear her explanation.
  12. And thank you for sharing your experience. Your story might save others a lot of pain.
  13. Keep in mind that any noise you make in this matter could get you banned and prevented from re entering the country.
  14. Lou49


    I have a set of those too, made of silicone. Slide right in and out of the ear. i used them when firearms training, reduces the sound of a gunshot to about the level of a human voice.
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