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  1. Comparing Obama's policy concerning Syria with a drunken man in a bar telling everyone that he has a big gun is an interesting and amusing analogy Bruce. I like it!!
  2. To remain on topic I guess that drunken guy should have stayed out of that bar or not told people he had a big gun?
  3. It certainly appears that America desperate to make up for being late for the last couple of world wars are determined to kick off the next one!!
  4. This is very much like teenagers going out carrying a knife. They generally don't have the intention of stabbing someone but like to feel big and tough. How many times have we heard the plea "I didn't mean to stab him I just had the knife for protection." If you must carry a deadly weapon be prepared to accept the consequences. Wherever you are in the world makes no difference.
  5. Thanks for that jollygoodfellow. I was actually proving that the previous poster was correct!
  6. Unfortunately working in the Middle East is no longer considered a hardship and most jobs come with villa, 4x4, pool and family status etc. A far cry from the camps of yesteryear. I get 30 days leave plus public holidays with two paid flights per year. No where near long enough for me to enjoy my home in Phils. I am searching for a month on month off position but there are few about apart from Iraq.
  7. That will be good for you. I take Qatar Airways but book direct through to Cebu. Only a quick change of terminals. Cebu immigration will often give you a new BB visa stamp even if you are not accompanied. Depends on the immigration officer and what sort of day they are having though. Won't need one next trip as will be under the 21 days.
  8. I have been basically been doing this for about 18 months. I am a FIFO worker so it is pretty easy from Australia. The contract I am on finishes probably November 2014. Hopefully I can get another FIFO swing like I have now, or I will have to make some hard decisions. What swing or rotation are you on mate? Do you find getting flights to Phils that tie in with your work flights easy? I think Singapore have a daily flight to Manila from Perth. Do you find the travel takes up a large part of your R&R?
  9. This topic was actually suggested to me by another member Jake. I am sure I am not the only member who lives in the Philippines and works overseas. It would be interesting to see where people are travelling to for work and to hear of their experiences with immigration, customs, airline travel not only in the countries being visited but also leaving and returning to Philippines.
  10. The possibility of an airport being built in Panglao certainly made by decision to buy outside of Panglao easier. There are quite a few expat owned resorts which will suffer from excessive noise should the new development go ahead. The new airport would certainly service the massive new hotel that has opened in Doljo and it would probably ease traffic in Tag.
  11. I left PI recently after almost 11 months on a BB. I was not aware an exit clearance may be required and certainly was not asked for one.
  12. The Aussie dollar fall against the US dollar did affect me. After completing a contract in WA the AUD was on parity with the USD so I left a fair sum there assuming it would only fluctuate slightly. C'est la guerre!!
  13. Guess this is an old thread but have you tried Baler in Aurora Province? Wasn't much there when I was there over 20 years ago but it had some good swells.
  14. I drive every day when I am in Bohol. Admittedly its pretty quiet there but you still have to be very aware especially after dark as pedestrians don't walk towards oncoming traffic often wearing dark clothing obviously no street lights. My wife learnt to drive in an automatic and has adapted quickly to a manual (albeit with plenty of gear crunching in the early days!). She drives daily with no issues. I would certainly not allow her to drive in the Middle East where the driving standards are much worse.
  15. I had been visiting the Philippines since my early twenties but I was 48 before I actually bought some land and built a house. I have been working overseas for years widely in the Gulf but also in Australia. I met my wife who was an OFW in the United Arab Emirates. After a spell working in remote areas of Australia we decided to take some time out and find our ideal place. We travelled over much of the PI before finally settling on Bohol. Basically because its a beautiful place, peaceful and reasonably close to international transport links. Currently I am back in the Gulf but yearn for the da
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