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  1. it comes under family protection sort of things when you have police friends....I rekon most USA guy here would agree ...? better to have a gun than not..... ozzie of course not! cause they sheep lead to believe whatever their govt tells them. I remember this always: when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.
  2. sorry ...you have mis-read...we cant own the gun!!!! has to be registered to PI citizen....but you can carry it with correct paper...wifes gun ..my permit
  3. tune hotel hooked into airasia nothing flash but good value 2 streets off roxas blvd most taxis know...pay no more than 170 pesos from airport
  4. consider why bombs go off.....? average wage in PI is 135usd/month and has not changed in 15 years. now where do most bombs happen in mindanao...? bus'es or restarunt question why? the word is extortion...not terrorists...its people trying to survive..if.it was NPA or abu sayef the army would be there in a heartbeat backed by some of the 600 US troops based in zambo....like I said else where best most of you stay out of mindanao....you see a nice place...but really dont understand!....dont compare it to where you come from. and it aint like thailand or indo or the rest...its a 1600 spanish
  5. I am saying that the Philippines is a unique place and if you learn the rules your life will be better! If your want to be the complaining yank , ocker, kiwi or other saying this aint like my country......best you go home.
  6. nothing illegal all approved thru Davao city police and PNP
  7. I beg to disagree ...if you enter PI on a 21 day tourist visa it can be extended in country at any BI office unless you got a crap passport...like russia or CIS country and I see nowhere in above posts saying why he needs a visa run? Post says he has a canuck credit card...so he a hoser..... aka C-eh N-eh D-eh...? Please correct my mistake....? I am curious....
  8. I am gonna be in Cebu Aug 25-27 before I go home to Davao am seeking either cat eye or big eye 2 wheel drive carry pick-up...has to be clean papers and have rego will pay up to 100k for right unit... steve
  9. and I got a concealed weapon permit for my gun registered in my wifes name..so anything is possible
  10. I read all the posts about mindanao..and finally I read what jon1 wrote...so finally a smart guy.... Davao Dr. Hospital has every facility up to heart surgery our new SM mall is the second largest mall in the country...not bad for a back water city.....taxis are metered and drivers dont even ask for tips, no smoking, bike helmet required, check points on every road into town,,, our mayor dont like crims in our town...so most dont even make it to jail...it's the Wild West all over again ...but where I hang my hat now.....homeland security exists for REAL in Davao City
  11. First Gensan has no taxi's just tricycles and puj....and prob best most of you stay home and safe in central or north phil's and never experience the beauty and people of mindanao...another reason not to visit we got the DDS (Davao Death Squad) you can find on google. You can read about our mayor Roddy Duterte and his views about bad guys our city also google. I would never walk anywhere in manila or cebu at 3AM....but in Davao another matter.... Gensan has their tuna fiesta and davao has kidapidawan I suggest you forget about both!!!! stay safe....lol
  12. if you visit compostela valley you can buy it cheap from the people who dig it up :D
  13. and why doing a visa run...???? can extent tourist visa in phil...forever so long you get the I-card and pay every 55 days
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