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  1. This is isn’t directly linked with medical insurance, however its not only getting a payment from your insurance company its also about quality of care/treatment, I have worked in five different developing countries over the years and only once till recently been hospitalized. Just three weeks ago I was in Nairobi trying to secure a work permit for a construction job there, whilst there I picked up Malaria, I have had malaria many times the last time before this was in the UK where I was put in Brighton Hospital with suspected meningitis,[that’s another story] In Nairobi I had blood slide
  2. Sorry if this isnt exactly in the right thread, but I'm in the UK and connecting to the net using a dongle with a max speed of 7.3mb, so opening any pages takes ages, so I'll post this information regarding the verdict of Fusilier Lee Rigby murderers here, please feel free moderaters to move this. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2568317/Justice-Lee-Rigby-Soldiers-family-arrive-court-wearing-matching-t-shirts-act-solidarity-ahead-sentencing-two-Muslim-converts-murdered-him.html Johnb
  3. British Muslim who knew one of Lee Rigby's killers admits posting YouTube videos glorifying the murderRoyal Barnes uploaded YouTube clips that hailed attack as 'brillliant day'; he also admitted inciting murder during Old Bailey hearing http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/feb/12/muslim-lee-rigby-murder-video-murder-youtube-glorify Ok this information isnt directly linked to the title of this thread, however the link does make mention of the court appearance later this month of the two Murderers, the links mane theme is about a husband and wife who posted supporting home
  4. April?? Sorry my bad I meant Feb, I hope that most people realized that,manila 14th Feb , London via Abu Dhabi 19th Feb
  5. Just for your information guys, I would have liked to have joined you, but I fly out of Cebu at 0600 14th April so need to be at the airport some hours before that, so the 13 or 14 are not possible, anyway enjoy :cheersty: John
  6. No photos?Taxes are suppoused to depend of VALUE, and value depend much of FINNISH. Hard to see finnish quality at a house plan blueprint... :) I agree but I'm not the tax Assessor, just telling you how it was/ is.
  7. Its difficult to get an approximate figure for tax on your property as tax assessors are not constant with there calculations, I've built one three bedroom house, one two bedroom house [ just completing that one] and three one bedroom apartments, all of the constructions are on the same lot but over the years they have been assessed by different assessors, some will increase tax if you have sliding sashes on your windows and not opening sashes, on our plans for one house we had a room marked as office, so the tax assessor wanted to charge more for that, eventually I just altered the specs on t
  8. Yes friday night in Cebu [ Pardo south of the city] was very wet and windy, my wife thought the winds were worse than Novembers Yolanda, I didnt think so but it certailny brought back memories, caused a short brown out but power did return later that evening. Johnb
  9. Hi, As some of you know I get by here in Cebu renting out apartments, I have a situation that I'm really not sure how to handle but its now time I feel to address the problem. going back some six years we had a local lady and her American fiancee staying in one of our apartments, he held a job in the USA so would visit when he could, his fiancee remained in the apartment whilst he was away working, they staid with us for approximately 5 years before they decided to split up, he was in the USA when the split happened but they were in touch daily via Skype and emails. both are good people and t
  10. There are many firework makers in mactan using children as slave labour, the kids are around gun powder all day, fingers and faces are black, no wonder the fireworks are not uniform in construction or ignition, better to not buy any, one for your own and others health and two too stop the child labour in this paticular mode of dangerous work. Johnb
  11. Sorry this post is a little late as the event happened on the 19th December, I don't like to think people forget so fast so i have know problem in feeding this thread with updates Lee Rigby murder: Adebolajo and Adebowale guilty - all the reaction • Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale found guilty of murdering soldier Lee Rigby near military barracks in Woolwich in first al-Qaida-inspired killing on UK soil since 7/7 • Both found not guilty of attempted murder of police officer • The two killers will be sentenced in January Check out link for full story http://www.theguardi
  12. Regarding accommodation, everyone is right about not using the overcharging online housing sites, however if you check out the classified adds in Cebu classified, sulit.com etc you can find some reasonable deals, they normally state the monthly rent and deposit requirements so you shouldn't run into any foreigner tax till you meet face to face you can also ask questions via texts, if your considering bringing pets make sure the landlord is informed upfront, you may have problems otherwise. http://www.cebuclassifieds.com/index.php?catid=97 Johnb
  13. Considering that such an act could have been carried out outside a Hotel or so many other places with less risk to the shooters, it seems that shooting him at the airport with all the security and cameras was some kind of statement. I'm making the assumption that those others killed with names withheld were simply innocent travelers, this doesn't exactly inspire confidence in this country Johnb
  14. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/asia-pacific/2013/12/philippines-mayor-killed-at-manila-airport-201312205187710448.html Philippine mayor killed at Manila airport Gunmen have shot dead a town mayor and three other people at the airport in the Philippine capital, Manila, sending travellers fleeing for safety, authorities said. Ukol Talumpa, mayor of a town called Labangan, in Zamboanga del Sur province, was killed together with his wife and baby and one other person, Al Jazeera's Jamela Alindogan reported from Manila on Friday. Four other people were wounded in the incident, airpor
  15. We live in the outskirts of Cebu city, the dogs aren't walked because of the amount of strays around with any number of deseases, we live in our own very large walled compound so the dogs run loose within the compound, they have never worn a collar or been on a lead and live outside all year round, both have great shelters and are looked after very well, we have a large garden put to plants and shrubs, a large parking area concreted and an edge border of gravel, the grass ticks live in the soil and attach them selves to any warm blooded critter that passes them, mostly humans are OK ticks do
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