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  1. Thank yo uso much! I couldn't come up with right keywords to find this! Now that you pointed it out its obvious... :bash:
  2. Is there such thing as 3G mobile network available in Philippines? If so, what is the coverage?
  3. Thanks for your replies Bruce and Dave! Indeed you are right and opened my eyes. I NEED fast internet and good nightlife, so I'll check out Angeles city :)
  4. You are referring to daily withdrawal limits right? They are pretty small but I could live with that. So sounds like CITIBANK is the best one for me. Tuka Ram - it might be worth checking out local banks! I can't go the USAA way though, because I'm getting paid on pre-paid mastercard you probably have never heard of, called Payoneer. Can't use any others. Well anyways if CITIBANK is anywhere near where I'll be living, there is not even a single reason for me to look for other options. This one sounds good enough!
  5. I have been to Davao one time.....I encountered no problems of any kind. I found nothing remarkable about the place that would lure me there again. My home country stongly urges me to stay away from the entire province of Mindanao. I will heed that advice. There is not much in Mindanao that cannot be found in other provinces without the danger factor. $2000 USD or about 86 thousand pisos a month will keep you snug and warm. (or cool) with the resources to travel occasionally and to socialize freely with like minded young people, who share the same pleasures. Thanks for your advice! So you think that Davao might be dangerous because of terrorism activities in Mindanao? I'm actually security freak and one of the reasons I chose Davao was the security it offers. It's twice as safe as both other largest cities etc., because of super strict leader with iron fist over there. Also terorism activities are on the other side of that province.
  6. What are the common withdrawal fees from major bank ATM's? I mean for credit cards from USA, not the local ones.
  7. Hey! First of all I'd like to say hello to everyone! My name is Toms and I'm from (also currently living) Latvia. Unlike most of you guys, I'm just 20 and planning to move to Philippines. After heavy research I have done, I decided that the Davao is city for me. I work online and make pretty decent money for where I live already, but in Philippines I'll be getting even bigger ''bang for my buck'', but thats just one of the reasons I'm moving. So i wanted to ask if any of you guys live in Davao? How is it? Please tell me some pros and cons when compared to big cities like Manila and the other popular destination (I for got the name of that city!). Also will how much do you think young adult like me would need per month if I want to live in decent, modern house? Please do a broad guess. No need to be specific. Thanks!
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