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  1. Thanks, Can you send me the link to the forum's Agoda link? Thank you!
  2. Don't know why I didn't see that in the map of hotels. Looks good to me! Its a go! Thank you!
  3. My wife and I have to go to the US Embassy next week. Does anyone know a nice hotel close to the Embassy? I don't mind if it's P8-10k night. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  4. It says EEC after 6 months and up to one year. I've been here over 1 year without leaving. And am leaving in 3 months. So, what do I need? Thank you!
  5. Why do they charge P310 for Annual Reporting when BI website says "Except tourist visa holders" ? I have a tourist visa and I just looked at my receipt and it too has the P310 fee for Annual Reporting. Contradiction from what BI website says that tourist visa holders don't need to do Annual Reporting.
  6. I don't know if it's the tropical climate here but I'm constantly congested nasal not chest. Always blowing out alot of phlegm. Anyone have this problem? Thanks..
  7. Not so quick..she better know before hand. I had a friend who didn't tell his new wife and they "kept trying" she was then willing to adopt but he wouldn't go for it. Divorce followed soon after. I got my Vasectomy here in Cebu. (already had 2 kids) I was so scared having any kind of surgical procedure done here in PI but it actually went very well. It's been almost a year now since I had it done.
  8. I started on this forum 4 years ago. I've learned alot. People on this forum are very helpful and made my move to the Philippines alot easier having information needed from members of this forum. So, back to the subject at hand. If you are looking to marry a Filipina and bring her back to your country you need to know if she would be comfortable with that. Send her pics of where she will be living, activities there, etc.. Now, she will probably say yes sure I will be happy there. ( Because she's probably going to be alot younger than you) and wants the experience of living abroad without knowing if and how much she will miss her family, friends, and the Philippines. And that could cause problems in the future. Especially if you have a child with her. (Which you will) I'm not stating my personal experience but my wife has alot of friends abroad and some are fine with just a visit to the Philippines every year or two, some get very homesick and want to go back for good, and some don't care if they ever go back to Philippines. So try your best to tell your future wife to make her understand this and what she thinks she has to say about it.
  9. Hi, all, Went to DFA yesterday to get our 1 year old a filippine passport. Now I know adults need to make an appointment online and it's almost a 3 month waiting period for a appointment. Anyway, Myself, my wife and our son were literally in and out of there in under 30 minutes! They took us to the front of the line to a dedicated window for I guess minors ? Handed them the required documents. Then, went to the Cashier to Pay P1,200 for Rush (10 days). Then went to the next window to have his picture taken. Then they gave us a receipt to pick up his passport in less than 2 weeks. Happy as a pig in S**t. But when I got home I saw on the official DFA website an announcement dated just a few days ago that there will be delays in releasing passports sit to the company they hired to print them are having difficulties. So, well see if it's there in 2 weeks. X my fingers. This is in Cebu
  10. Hey Everyone, I've been living in Cebu almost 2 years now. And we're thinking of moving to Davao. One of the main reasons (so I've heard) is that Davao city has more civilized drivers. Here in Cebu you are constantly getting swarmed by motorcycles, trucks and busses right up to your rear bumper every second of the way. Insane crazy careless drivers like I've never seen before. I need to take 2 xanax Everytime I drive here. (No joke) Absolutely NO Considerate drivers at all here. You want to change lanes? hahahaha they won't let you!!! Scum bag drivers here who not only don't care about your life bet could care less about their own life. minibuses with black smoke pouring out coming within an inch of the side of your car. It's absolutely reckless!!! And the few traffic agents could care less. So, we are going to Davao probably next week. I'm bringing my car heard we need to get off the barge in Cagayan De Oro and drive to Davao city so I can see first hand the driving situation there. So, I'd like to know anyone experience with driving in Davao and Cebu? Just a little heads up before we go. Also, I know I will lose the convenience of having a US consulate, as I now do here in Cebu. Thanks all ..
  11. Note that your state clearance or as it were in my case because Arizona does not give police clearance I had to get FBI clearance. Easy process. But if it older than 6 months before you apply for the 13A then is is not valid anymore and you will need NBI clearance instead. Also, it will cost about$1,000 total and 8 trips to Immigration.
  12. I brought my FBI clearance from US before moving here (18months now). But from what I understand it is no longer valid. So, it is true if you have been here 6 months or longer you dont need one for 13a. BUT instead you will need NBI and Police clearance from here in the PI.
  13. I am looking to buy a dual sim phone here in the Philippines. One sim slot would be for my Globe number and the other for my At&t (USA). But I'm worried the at&t may need to be set to a specific code deeply rooted in the phone. I tried to call tech support at at&t but unfortunately they were of no help. Basically, they said to just spend a grand and see what happens. Anyone have experience with Dual US sim and Philippine sim? Thank you.
  14. Humnnm...I was always allowed to access myssa account online in USA. But soon as I officially moved to Philippines they would not allow me to access it anymore. Even using a US VPN. I'll have to try it again. I still have my US phone which is an expensive hassle but I'm afraid to cancel it. SSA does call my Philippines number when they need to reach me.
  15. I an in Cebu and 6 month extensions are available here. I did mine 3 months ago. After you do your first 29 day extension of course. It was around P10,000. (The 6month)
  16. What's going on? Everyday it's getting lower. Is it because of Trump's big mouth?
  17. Went to my bank here with USD. They wired the money into my US bank no problem. I think it cost me a total fee of $32USD. Didn't even need to open dollar account!
  18. Hi JJ, thanks for the info, but as someone said it's not safe to carry that much cash. I'd rather get hit with the wire transfer fees than risk my life. I appreciate your reply!
  19. Haha....yup, I'm going to open a dollar account then wire it. Thanks Jack.
  20. Yup, that's exactly what I'm going to do. Thank you.
  21. Don't know if you can send 20 grand Western Union. Would feel uncomfortable doing it too..
  22. Thanks, I'm gonna try to wire the money to my US bank. Going to my bank tomorrow to ask . I have a decent rapport the bank manager at my bank.
  23. That's what I'm going to find out tomorrow when I go to my bank here. Thanks!
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