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  1. Hello Expats, Everyone here in the States is frantically trying to find out if relatives are okay. If you have internet access, The various regions should sound off, they are okay. Families are posting to Facebook, trying to get news. I am very interested in the region of Calbayog City, Samar. If anyone lives close to that area, please post how the conditions and affects are... Thank you so much... Jimmy
  2. Greetings Expats, I apologize for posting this under chatter, but the Build Property link does not seem to be working. So, my question really is, what do you think the cost would be to build a small, 3 bedroom, single story house would be on my own property, in Samar, close to Calbayog City??? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks... Jimmy
  3. Greetings Expats, I imagine that regular members quickly find out who their nearest neighbors are, what towns or barrios that they live in. I am not sure how useful it would be, maybe someone already has something already. But, does any of the admins keep a logbook of some kind, as far as where each forum member lives. I know that you already ask what blood types that people have, and I know that some are currently in the states, like myself. But, I think it would be useful information, optional of course, but to have someone have a rough idea where people live. You don't need to have their ac
  4. Greetings Expats, Where is the best place to buy a Toyota van, new or used? I heard that Olongapo has always been a good place in the past, but I don't know if that is still true. Does anyone have any insight into this, and how much for NEW on average? Thanks... Jimmy
  5. Greetings Expats, I have to say that I am really spoiled now, and will miss my premium high speed with Cox Cable. I get about 40 Mbps wireless, and 64 Mbps when hard wired to my modem, or router. Especially when I see that I will be doing good to get either 1.5 or 3 Mbps, depending on who I go with, when I move to the Philippines. Oh well, it beats dial-up. There are some youngsters out there, that will say, "whats dial-up"., lol, the not so, good old days... Jimmy
  6. I know that ESL is taught by Americans in the Philippines. But, do they offer any online classes, and do they seek online facilitators for their classes. I have a MAED, that specializes in distance learning. Does anyone offer quality high speed internet access in the Philippines? Thanks.... Jimmy
  7. Greetings Expats, If you commute back and forth every year, staying maybe 8-9 months out of the year, and married to a Filipina, do you have to have a visa requirement? Thanks.... Jimmy
  8. Greetings Expats, One member was asking about why so many townhouses are been built. Someone said to cram as many houses in as possible. Which is true, for the land developers, but the primary reason for building a 2 story house or townhouse is the same in the USA & Philippines. Which is the footprint, or the foundation. The larger the footprint, means a lot more cement goes into the construction. It also takes up more square footage. It is a lot cheaper to build a 2nd floor for any house or townhouse. They do not use cement for the construction of the flooring, in 2nd floor of any 2 story
  9. Greetings Expats, I was interested in finding out approximately, what was average cost of building a 3 BDRM, cinder block house would be, if my wife already owned the property. I am looking at a modest home, with a family room, kitchen, laundry room, and and parking for a two car garage, at the end of the house. Thanks... Jimmy
  10. Greetings Expats, I have a Masters in Adult Education, and I was interested in teaching ESL. Does anyone know of any ESL requirements in the Visayan islands? Thanks.... Jimmy
  11. Greetings, I know this is an old post, but its Very Important that all expats know about the Upside and downside of O Negative blood type, and appreciate them. First of all, only 7% of the world's population has is O Negative. It is also the most preferred blood group for emergency transfusions, as type O negative red blood cells can be given to any blood type. HOWEVER, O Negative recipients, can only receive blood from another O Negative donor...A person with O Positive blood, can receive, and accept O positive, or O negative. BUT, O Negative can donate to everyone, but only receive blood fro
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