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  1. Dave, am not quite sure what you are saying. But there is nothing wrong with a developer wanting to turn over the management of the development to the HOA. In fact it is expected for the developer to do so. The HOA will be comprised of home owners. no one from the outside should be allowed to participate.
  2. Do you live in a condominium that is is still managed by the developer or has the management been turned over to a Condominium Unit Owners Association?
  3. Thanks Bob. I'm guessing Blue Cross Philippines was not affiliated with BCBS so they had to change their name. I would expect any insurance company to review what a provider submits and not just pay the bill. In any case, I am really looking more for an international insurance company that would cover the person not only in the Philippines for 9 mos of the year while studying there but also in the US 3 mos of the year when the person goes back during school breaks. The 3 major ones I found were Cigna Global, IMG Global and GeoBlue. I have some experience with GeoBlue but their rates are high. I am just curious if anyone in the forum is with one of these and what their experience has been. Thanks
  4. Mark, I'm just joining in but I recently looked in to Cigna Global and I believe their rates are much less than that. Hope you found something reasonable.
  5. I was just wondering what carrier if any do US Expats use for health insurance while living in the Philippines and while traveling. I have used GeoBlue but find their rates are always inching up. I have heard of Cigna Global and looked at their rates. They seem to be more affordable. I have also read here that other just use a Philippine carrier or just self-insure. I can't do that bc I go back to the US at least 2x a year and have my check ups done there while I'm there. I don't really want to have 2 insurances. I'm also pre-medicare. Thanks in advance.
  6. I was about to start a new thread about this. But basically I am wondering what if any are expats using for medical health insurance while living in the Philippines. I have heard of Cigna Global which is based in the UK tied to parent co Cigna in the US and also GeoBlue which is US based affiliated with BCBS. The blue Cross in the Philippines I don't think is affiliated with BCBS. Do most expats self-insure? I am really asking this question for a friend whose kid will be studying in the Philippines for the next 4 years. Thanks.
  7. Steve, as far as running for public office, you and I already pay people for that service. The public servants like US Senators and Congress representatives. Expecting them to listen to you still works in the USA. Thats where out tax dollars go.
  8. Sorry but am not here to argue nor be confrontational with anyone. Just stating my opinion. Maybe I misunderstood the purpose of the Philippine Expat forum. Are members supposed to limit their post and opinions only to certain matters? If someone can please point out in the guidelines where I may have violated the rules or gone astray I would be happy to comply.
  9. Whatever guys. I can't do the kumbaya thing if I don't agree. And like I said I was not the one who revived this topic. As someone had alrady said we all are entitled to our opinions. Make up your minds. We can also agree to disagree. And if the moderator wants to he can take me off. I would but there seems to be no way to delete my account. Until then I will respond with honesty.
  10. Do you mean to tell me with all the news hype about carrying bullets into the airport it's not stupid to keep doing it? All the warnings, there's apparently signs up everywhere but for some reason they still carry them. Remember nearly all admit to carrying them as lucky charms. No extortion there just breaking the law. Jollygoodfellow, I don't think you are following whay said....
  11. I don't think this has anything to do with people being stupid. They are actually smarter than you think. If you keep up with the Philippines at all this is no different from arresting, convicting and incarcerating politicians for corruption just to show the people the "justice" system "works". A month later these people are released to resume their old jobs. If they do it at that level how much more in the lower levels.... I bet if you follow the people that were supposedly charged you will not find them detained very long along with some winking going on.....
  12. Today: The police Aviation Security Group (ASG) intercepted 17 passengers who had bullets among their belongings, 15 of them at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminals this week alone. The other two were caught at the Naga airport and the Mactan-Cebu International airport. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/17-held-airports-bullets-000000136.html
  13. I'm sorry but I am not the one who posted that another incident occurred. I was simply responding and pointing out that this bullet-planting has apparently not stopped contrary to what previous posts have said. Plus also pointing out that it has happened in a local airport contrary to what has been said. My passion for this bullet-planting is no different from anyone who thinks this is an unacceptable crime It seems to bother some members that I am treating this with a much higher degree of seriousness as they do. I am not going to paint a dangerous situation to look otherwise if it is a dangerous situation. If other members believe this is not as serious thats ok. As you said this is a forum where members are supposed to express their opinion. If I am violating any forum rules the moderator is welcome to remove my account.
  14. So what's your point? Do you have one or are you going after this forever?. What happened to your medical studies to keep yourself occupied? "Good luck in your travels", well I tell you now not one member of this forum that I know of has need it so far. Forever??? I'm not the one who posted about another incident.... and what medical studies are you referring to???? And yes, good luck.... as long as travelers are wrapping or taping their luggage that means they are anticipating being victimized. If you have not been victimized.... you got lucky. And whoever wanted supporting info on the Davao incident.... it was in the news. If you missed it, there is something called called google if I have to spell it out....
  15. So what's your point? Do you have one or are you going after this forever?. What happened to your medical studies to keep yourself occupied? "Good luck in your travels", well I tell you now not one member of this forum that I know of has need it so far.
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