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  1. Don't need Third Party Insurance in New Zealand.
  2. http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_5_1.jsp
  3. Tell your Wife to ask the sisters for a loan of 500,000 P as you need a operation, or you will die. Watch them get the black dresses out.
  4. I think your question should be. Is my health good enough to survive the area i will be living in.
  5. Yes went to Waterfront one night, not as good as Golden Prince, but was cheaper from memory.
  6. The Golden Prince hotel in Cebu puts on a good all you can eat, better still on a Sat night when they have oysters. Go there every time i am in Cebu, was there 2 weeks ago, the Hotel has been enlarged and better than last time.
  7. At least now he can retire and join all the other crocked pollys in the Phills. Did he ever sort his tax bill out with the Govt.
  8. Warm showers, get used to a dipper and cold water. Bicycle. Make sure you have really good travel insurance. Weed. Just make sure you have a good supply of vaseline, the old crims will love a young white partner to keep their nights happy.
  9. Its all to do with education. And a well educated population would not put up with the open corruption that happens in the Phills. And a well educated country raises it IQ level. So the Govt makes sure all its citizens can speak English, that ensures many can get jobs offshore and keep the money rolling back. But look at how the workers are ripped off to get the offshore job. Even the laws in place do not stop the exploitation of the workers going offshore. The Phills have to raise the IQ average to be able to advance, to where they can think for themselves.
  10. They already have the death penalty in this country. The new President pays a bounty for his police to deal fast justice his style to any drug dealer. How many now have been buried since he come to power.
  11. Hope they send a jar of vaseline every month with the bill.
  12. You missed out the barking dogs, roosters, and noisy kids playing in street.
  13. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2906730/EXCLUSIVE-Children-CAGED-God-Police-seize-orphans-chain-filth-clear-streets-Pope-s-visit-Philippines.html
  14. No i do not think that causes bad parenting, but i do know what the cure is. Common sense. Have a nice day.
  15. Woah back up Old fella. You are calling yourself a drug addict not me. I just queried what you were on.
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