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  1. It was 5 years ago, but I got to the Oz Embassy in Manila at about 9am and walked out with my CNI at 9.45am, minus about 3,500 pesos.
  2. A quick guide to how much each extension will cost you - Not at this address /wp-content/uploads/2011/02/visaextensioncost.jpg
  3. welcome mate, it's an evolving jam, different musos every week and I'm not always there. but it's always fun I think.
  4. About 4 years ago, a good friend of mine, Mickey Dobie, bought a set of drums, some guitars and amplifiers for a group of Filipino musicians and starting jamming with them every Sunday in Liloan. Mickey, like me, has played in many bands from about the early 60s, however he learned to play guitar properly and went a lot higher up the musical ladder than I did. I’ve been going there for about 3 years and have helped Mickey transform the venue – initially we played in the mud outside the house. Over the years we added a stage, weather protection, a CR, a bar and have upgraded all the musical
  5. The Civil registrars in most municipalities now require that the 'foreigner" also obtains a Cenomar before they will grant a licence. You can read the full requirements on my web site at Not at this address /planning-a-marriage-in-cebu.php
  6. Absolutely correct but you've missed-out the major difference between Quota and Non-Quota Visas (eg 13a, 13g etc) and that is that a Quota Visa is an Immigrant Visa. This means that it lasts indefinitely and can only be canceled under extreme circumstances: it is equivalent to "Indefinite Leave to Remain" status granted to applicable aliens living in the UK. Whereas Non-Quota Visas are Non-Immigrant and automatically expire when the circumstances under which they were granted no longer pertain. As for "paying for themselves" that's a slightly moot point and much depends on the age of the appl
  7. I believe you will be granted full PR status but you need to take the bag with your medical details to Quarantine before you go to Immigration to have the stamp put in your passport. Because of the nature of our business, we don't have any dealings with 13a from overseas but I believe this is the procedure.
  8. I agree with you Geoff; great new menu selection and the food is very good now. Before it was jut a place to drink and swim.
  9. We were there with Dave on Friday and had a great night. Elsa and I were nearly the last to leave - Dave WAS the last to leave!
  10. Under new regulations recently introduced the school has to apply for a student visa on your behalf, it can no longer be done with the help of 3rd parties. I suggest you ask your intended school if they can make the application for you.
  11. Here on a student visa - not allowed to work. Form a corporation and make them a job offer - they have several options - 9g work visa or 47(a)2 PEZA/BOI visa - and a few even more obscure.
  12. I am certainly not, going to argue this subject BUT I think, you will find, the lodging of the documents will require a personal visit to the embassy. Which is what i said in the first place. :) Always ready to be corrected of course. :unsure: :tiphat: I'm not arguing with you Jack, just quoting from the same page as you. I do know I never made a personal appearance anywhere but that was 6 years ago. :tiphat: Then peace be with us Boss, :thumbsup: I really only posted as my friend ( Australian) Had a lot of hassle with his CNI only 7/8 months ago. He ended up going to Manila to the
  13. A month ago the normal waiting time for an ACR card was one week, now it has stretched out to about a month. Don't know why, it just has!!!
  14. Hi mate, I recently met a very well connected Realtor who specializes in high end rentals; however she told me she has some studio rentals near Tops in cebu which she would be offering at around 5,000p a month. I am going to see the places this weekend so may have some good news for you next week. Paul Denial of [email protected]
  15. Hi mate, We do a few weddings every year so have pretty much first hand experience. You might like to check out the legal requirements at this page on our web site - Not at this address /planning-a-marriage-in-cebu.php I got my CNI about 4 years ago at the Oz Embassy and it cost me around 3500p and took about 30 minutes. You can also do it by mail.
  16. I can't believe anyone would try to get away with spending $12 with the prospect of missing their flight getting taken for more putting up with a lot of stress Just obey the law.
  17. I have only "known" 3 people who got approval to stay more than 16 months:- one got an approval for an extra one month and was required to pay 1010p for a "motion for reconsideration" on top of the visa extension fee. one was allowed to stay for an extra 2 months because he was half way through applying for his 13a 'marriage" visa the last was allowed to stay for over 36 months because they were unable to fly due to illness. Of course there are probably ways around the law but after 16 months you should have a good reason to stay longer.
  18. For those of you that have visas to renew, money to withdraw or any government business to transact:- Be aware that 20th, 21st and 27th of this month are all public holidays!
  19. Dave, I can't speak for the rules applied to individuals like you, only the rules being applied to agents. Our agency got a visa today with a ticket for February next year - it is too early for me to tell you the EXACT rules.
  20. Sorry to ruin your day, but about 3 weeks ago Immigration introduced a rule that they would not renew any visa without proof of an outbound ticket. Not sure if this applies to individuals but it certainly applies to agents.
  21. I think it is great what you have done. Can I make a suggestion and instead of email address maybe put their home site address which has all info I think it is great what you have done. Can I make a suggestion and instead of email address maybe put their home site address which has all info Thanks, I have put it all on an Excel spreadsheet with websites and mini-reviews but haven't had time yet to put it up on my website.
  22. Thanks for the information - I hope it doesn't spread to Cebu! You are required to apply for the marriage licence in the municipality where the bride to be has resided for the previous 6 months but there legal are ways around this rule. After the licence has been granted you have 120 days to get married anywhere in the Philippines.
  23. I thought Arcenas was near Gaisano Country Mall. Are you sure you can walk to Ayala Mall in 20 minutes from Arcenas? For the original poster, there are a whole bunch of 1 bedroom condos inside hotels that are easy walking distance to Ayala Mall, Such as Golden Peak Hotel. Would any of them be of interest? Regards: Jim Hi mate, I reckon it's a 1km from Ayala and even I could walk that in 20 minutes.. But you're right there are many places a lot closer, I just so many good reports back from clients about the place.
  24. Try Apartelle de Arcenas - http://www.apartelledearcenas.com/
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