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  1. Had my rego done in July, had the smoke test, forgot to turn the engine on, true. They did another test but no charge, lights, wipers, horn, indicators, hazard lights, did the same test last year. As I was over 60 I wasn't allowed into the office a friend had to pay the amount for me. This was at LTO in Mactan
  2. I went back to Oz last December, at the airport Mactan the Immigration Officer just removed the visa sheets from the back of my passport. I notice now they tape the sheets on, before was stapled, not a good idea.
  3. I went back to Australia mid December last year and had what I think was most of the symptoms, sore throat, tightness in my chest, fever, hard to breath, diarrhea (bad), loss of appetite. I was out the previous evening for dinner and drinks just thought was a bad case of food poisoning, a friend also had the same.Took about a week to come good, felt bloody awful
  4. Never have a problem here on Lapu-Lapu going nearly anywhere. I went to have a licence renewal at the LTO, car checked out, everything was ok but because I am over 60 was denied entry into the office to pay, lucky my filipina friend was allowed in. BI has never been a problem, have gone twice now for 2 months renewal, never been denied entry to the mall, actually the guard ask if I was a senior so let me bypass the crowds waiting to enter to go to the SSS office opposite the BI office. Only one mall entry has ever checked my card at about 6 malls I can go to. Funny thing did happen, I was waiting for my car to be tuned up, so decided to get a coffee, walked to my little local cafe, 14 patrons there, maybe 10 expats, no masks, no social distancing, the expats all sitting back drinking beer, apparently can have 2 beers per customer as told to me by the owner, so almost back to normal here.
  5. Went today, I have an early August expire as well, took all of 14 minutes, yes I timed it, only 2 of us there and very few staff that I could see, still no stamps. So much different from LTO around the corner, took the car for licence renewal, gave myself 4 hours and was pretty spot on, no rego stamps there either, must be contagious.
  6. Best Laugh of the day you can't be serious,
  7. I didn't ask, only got a 2 month ext, I am not sure but before you had to go to Cebu B.I for a 6 month but who knows now. Will ask next time I go.
  8. After it was announced that over 65's are housebound I saw on Facebook that someone msg the Mayor here in Cebu and asked how these people are supposed to survive, his answer was go see the Barangay Captain, good advice but if you are over 65 you are under curfew and cannot go out and will be arrested if caught, duh
  9. What a great idea, thanks for that, next time I need a visa I will get an agent to do , do they come to your residence and pick your passport up and return to you.
  10. I was saying as much to my daughter today, governments like this situation, they have more control, can pass just about any new law without problems and then their ego's get over inflated with all this new control they have, where will it end
  11. In NEW VISA topic I started I stated the same thing happened to me yesterday. Went to Island Mall Supermarket and was told over 65's are refused entry, the guard was quite adamant to refuse me entry. Reading the new laws it's seems to say over 65's are under 24 hour curfew so just sit at home and slowly starve, die or drink yourself to death, your choice. As Jake would say more Pun in the Philipinne Just to add there is a notice at the entrance to say anyone upto 18 y.o. and over 65 y.o. will be refused entry.
  12. Thanks everyone for the advice, all good. I really don't think the powers that be thought this out, there must be many over 65's married and single, locals and expats,that need to be able to get out and go about their business. There are certain things you just have to do in person, visa, money, medicine, doctor's and not so important as food, water, laundry. I can understand the need for the lock down but surely common sense should prevail ( oops it's the P.I). Maybe the authorities will find plenty of over 65's dead through lack of food and water after the 30 days. Well I do have plenty of booze and the sari store 3 houses up has plenty, I wait until dark, put my dark clothes on, blacken up ( can i say that in these PC times) and do a raid with my empty SML looking for refills. As an aside a very good friend was laid off today after 13 years because of the virus, she received 5kg's of rice 10 cans of food, holiday pay and bye bye baby, no pay.
  13. Went for a new tourist visa today, every thing went ok, secured a 2 months extension at Island Mall on Mactan, took a whole 10 minutes to complete. A few different things but, face mask must be worn, only a limited amount of people are allowed in the office proper 8 I think was the number, anyone else must wait outside till some one leaves. There is a 1 meter distance to be keep from other people including the counter staff. What was more of a worry, I went to the supermarket that is located in the mall and which was open, I was told anyone over 65 will be denied access, as I am over that age I don't know how I am going to be able to buy food or pay my bills as I live alone now, so no-one to do the shopping, just drink more beer, maybe they just want the oldies to die of, save them a problem. Also just heard two cases of the virus have been detected in Lapu Lapu
  14. Well obviously Mike didn't know that's why he asked the question, don't know why I bother
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