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  1. Well obviously Mike didn't know that's why he asked the question, don't know why I bother
  2. After awhile the glasses fade and everything becomes crystal clear, that's when you learn not to be a soft touch for all and sundry, no is a very powerful word
  3. Yeah I think that's about right Jack, the last ACR card and 2 months visa was up around that mark 7500. The thing is they don't even tell you, they assume all the info on your last card is present and correct, also they take it from when the last card was issued, to bad if you spend a few months out of the country, that was my experience in Cebu, could be and probably is different at every BI office.
  4. That's sound a bit weird, just today got a 2 month visa 2930 pesos, sure they're not hitting you up for the ACR card charge.
  5. This is what I do at Lapu- Lapu LTO. I put the car in for exhaust check and while waiting I go to the insurance office situated just opposite the test centre, next door to the little medical office. I give the guy there my last years insurance papers, he types out a new one, cost is a little over a thousand pesos, takes about 5 minutes if it's not lunch time. I assume all LTO's are the same but this is the P.I. a bit stupid to assume anything here, good luck Forgot to add, you will need your engine/chassis number done at the LTO.
  6. I did mine in Cebu last November, copy of passport, 2 pics, fill in a form, got there at 8am all done and dusted by 9am. Cost was 500 pesos
  7. Last night chatting with a friend that did his visa ext last week at Island Mall, Lapu-Lapu. He told me that they have new stickers now so that's why the stamp on receipt was being used, waiting for the new stickers to arrive, bit like the new plastic license plates for the car 3 years and waiting.
  8. Was at SM in Tamiya was sale day, they have a super market there with a small section for home ware stuff anyway was doing a little shopping and as always in the electrical section they have a 50 inch TV full blast with karaoke, this woman large as life with a shopping trolley full of food with ankle biters in tow, stops, picks up the microphone belts out a few golden oldies and is on her way again, no-one battered an eye lid, had a pretty good voice too, only in the Philippines.
  9. I was only going for a short o/seas trip, probably before you get back, who knows what will happen, I need a visa renewal before then, probably have stickers again next time.
  10. Don't say too much Jack, you'll put the mocker on it, Regards
  11. I have Globe at home- Prepaid Wifi and it's good when it's working which is most of the time, if I need to go to their office with problems the cashier is the go to girl, seems to know what's going on and how to fix, the customer service staff need to learn customer service. Had PLDT when I first came, service was fairly good, moved location and there connection was pathetic, Sky not worth talking about. Having dealt with Aussie ISP's for years it's much the same as local ISP's or maybe worse but much more expensive.
  12. Good idea to keep the receipts, I have to leave soon so keep us up to date and your return experience would be interested if you have any problems on re entry.
  13. Feel for you Jack, just had a dose myself and chicken was the culprit, hope you're on the up and up.
  14. I used to get a really bad smell in my kitchen, I bought some draino type chemical from the local supermarket in a 250 ml bottle about 70 pesos from memory, every month I just pour a bottle down the sink at night time and let it work it's magic, no more smells and the drainage is also much better, sorry can't remember the name, next time shopping will look and post the product name here.
  15. Hi Geoff, the same as you, I went for my first 2 months extension, they gave me a receipt stapled into my passport along with the previous 1 month receipt/visa ( new passport, last time had 3years of stickers.) What bothers me, is your passport is a legal document, should they be using staples, also I have heard some countries refuse you entry if you have any rips or tears in your passport as 2 recent cases in Bali showed. I suppose if you leave they will be only be using the receipt/visa the same as an exit visa, when you return you just start the process all over again and the I could be completely wrong on all counts. MFIT P.I.
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