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  1. We have a wall around house about 7ft high, no wire or glass on it..............yet Back wall area I have planted lots of thorny bourganvillia to grow up and over, lots of thorns about an inch long it. Once established will be both decorative, practical and very thorny! Front wall is across the irrigation deep which is 3ft wide and have a wall with decorative open stainless on. Will see how it goes when the time comes. 8 CCTV cameras covering external house from each corner, drive way, gate etc.
  2. i do love the more Southern islands as much more scenic than the north by far, both landscape and ermmm.... But am now glad we will settle and home will be North Luzon..........still have some nice landscape, scenery and beaches and does feel somewhat more relaxed, laid back and slower, oh and cheaper. Stay safe Jack and all others down south. As people always say it pays to try and keep a low profile.
  3. Happy to have a PM chat about our house build. Originally quoted 2.6m for what looks like a bungalow but has a high roof so actually 2 full floors. It is about 350m2 and ended up all in costing cP4m, with landscaping, CCTV, nice stainless wall panels, lights, marble, granite etc. Send me a PM if you like and can send the plans, also have plans for a friends place.
  4. I asked the wife which one was her mother...........she didnt answer and I didnt ask her again.
  5. I have a good friend with a couple of small ones in Cebu, not sure where located but will PM you his details..............
  6. oh c'mon, anything is possible with a pair of flip flops on, we have all seen the miracles that can happen when welding, demolishing high rise, digging 5m deep trenches, climbing electric poles, laying tarmac................ nuclear power plant............no problem as long as flip flops have a radiation symbol they will be fine.
  7. I also have deeds to my condo. Foreigners can own an apartment/condo
  8. In uk lived c10 miles from a power station fueled entirely by chicken poo pellets and never saw smoke or smelly anything there, was about 12 years ago.
  9. I have been in the Middle East 10 years now and never faced any problems back home when/if needed. Have a c/o address at parents for any bank/mail etc. If needed NHS or dentist have just gone along, no questions asked at all. Tax..........havent filled in a tax form now for about 7 years as no assets in uk, everything off shore. Do I miss home (UK) no not at all, just the greenery after sand sand and more sand
  10. Have stayed in Manilla and Cebu citys, not for me. Too much noise, traffic, pollution, beggars, slums and generally dirty. Opted for the Province life in Pangasinan out in the country side having been raised in east of England.......... Life is slower, cleaner, not so busy and every day feels like a Sunday. P20 on trike to village wet market and dry market and about 15 minutes in car to bigger village or they say city with mall. Oh and everything is much cheaper than the big citys and I find no one trys to rip you off with Kano tax.........
  11. In so many countrys where power has scheduled brown outs, throughout the day, year round I think every little helps. The added benefit it is cheap in comparison to many alternative fuels and environmentally friendly.
  12. Too late now as budget changed it for everyone this year, BUT prior to April you could have moved your Pensions off shore, drawn them from age 55, taken % lump sum, upon death 100% to spouse/kids. Assume you pension pot would have made 7% on the capital sum, you draw that down each month and capital sum remains invested adinfanitum Roll on 55 thats what I say .
  13. I think Solar is the way to go............. India apparently now has the biggest covering 10km/2 http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/slideshows/nation-world/india-owns-worlds-largest-solar-power-plant/worlds-largest-power-plant-is-here/slideshow/55704319.cms
  14. Maybe as we are in the province......pangasinan. Finished 2-3 months ago, we managed it, all be it remotely with BIL daily updates and pictures, 2 so called masons and 1 labour, 450 and 300 respectively per day. I have a friend building in Bacolod and his material prices in some instances are 50% higher than mine in the North. Good luck and my recommendation, manage it your self.
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